New Battlefield 3 DLC for June Announced at GDC

bf3 close quarters

New downloadable content for Battlefield 3 was announced at an EA event last night during the Game Developers Conference. Called “Close Quarters,” this new DLC pack is slated for this coming June, and will be the first new expansion for EA’s Call of Duty challenger since “Back to Karkand” was released in December.

A post on Joystiq about the DLC reveals that the pack will include four maps, 10 weapons, and will be bereft of vehicles. I imagine that zooming around on a motorcycle or a Segway or something would kind of ruin the “close quarters” effect they’re going for here.

A new addition to EA’s Battlefield 3 page also provides some more details, explaining that the DLC’s environments will feature “tight level design and many opportunities for vertical gameplay.” The new page also mentions that vehicles will be in the spotlight in this fall’s third batch of DLC, called “Armored Kill,” while this winter will see the release of the fourth DLC pack, “End Game.”

Apparently we’ll be treated to screenshots and a new gameplay trailer for “Close Quarters” next week—so just hold on to your butts, everyone.

Via Joystiq

  1. I haven’t really played this game since I got Reach, but I definitely will play it again when this is released.

  2. why june and not tomorrow. i need new maps to play this game again

  3. There is footage online already – its not official. But you can youtube it to get a taste.

  4. Shotgun!

  5. If I wanted to play shitty close combat twitch maps with no vehicles, I would have not sold MW3 two hours after I bought it. A remake of Arica Harbor would be preferred.

  6. What about the cash? Back to karkand was 15$ for me ): Close quarters + end game is too much money ):

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