Minecraft on Xbox To Support 4 Player Splitscreen, 8 Player Online


While the in-game crafting system in the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft was innovative enough on its own, given that it didn’t require players to search internet wikis for crafting recipes, it seems that another cool feature has been implemented in the upcoming console release: Local and Online Multiplayer.

Though online multiplayer was and still is a huge part of the PC Minecraft experience, allowing eight players onto your world is certainly a welcome addition. Even better is the inclusion of up to four players on splitscreen via one console. Now, you have no reason not to include friends in your world building, zombie killing, survival focused experiences – be they online or beside you on the couch.

Probably the best surprise of the announcement is the fact that the multiplayer is “drop in, drop out”, meaning that players can leave and enter the game (either splitscreen or online) at any time during the game. Essentially, this allows players to jump in, craft and build for a few minutes, and head out to do something else without interrupting the flow of the Minecraft experience.

Also, the game is said to support outfits and skins just like the PC version, but the details haven’t been offered as of yet. Will there be a skin designer in the game, or will there be downloadable skins from the Xbox Live marketplace? If they’re shareable with players on your friends list, that’s even better.

Either way — that, my friends, is how you build proper multiplayer. We’ll be sure to offer even more details on the block building sim’s travel to console as we move closer to its supposed summer launch window.

[via IGN]

  1. That might just make it a day one purchase for me. Local multiplayer is the best.

  2. This would be good to put minecraft on xbox cause my brothers love minecraft and they are xbox kinda poeple.

  3. Can’t wait tired. Of playing total miner

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