Buy MLB 12: The Show on PS3 and Vita, Save $20


Sony’s exclusive baseball sim MLB 12: The Show is now available on both PlayStation 3 and the newly released PlayStation Vita. Though the two versions are almost completely identical, the console version costs $60 and the Vita version will run you $40. However, if you’re in the market for owning both, then you can save $20 at just about any retailer and get them together for $80 instead of $100.

Why would you want both? Well aside from getting your baseball fix at your home and on the go, you’ll be able to use cross-platform features like cloud-saving. This feature will allow you to save your Franchise, Season, or Road to the Show games through the cloud on the PS3, and access them freely on the Vita. Likewise, you can start a game on the road and finish it up from the comfort of your couch.

Unfortunately, the feature only works over Wi-Fi, not 3G. Sorry 3G subscribers.

Retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop will all be offering this deal online and in-stores. However, the discount is only applicable to boxed versions of the game – meaning you won’t get the savings if you purchase the digital Vita version of MLB 12 from the PSN.

While certainly a nice deal at face value, it is a shame that it doesn’t fall under the “buy one, get the matching one free” umbrella that Sony introduced with other launch titles.

Hopefully we’ll see more deals like this going forward. Good on you Sony.

[via PS Blog]

  1. Wait, wait, wait…how and why would this feature NOT work over 3G? Isn’t it all the same internet? Or is it that you’d have to connect to the PS3 over the same network when you get home?

    • It’s basically saying that to download these saves from the cloud, you must be on a Wi-Fi connection of some sort. Not necessarily connected to the PS3 though.

      For some reason, downloading over 3G (even with the 20mb limit) just won’t work.

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