New Halo 4 In-Game Screens and Footage

Did you want to see new video footage of Halo 4 fresh from GDC? Then you’re on the right page.

And over on Gamerlive, there are a couple new screenshots from 343 Industries’ Halo 4, both of which look pretty swanky. And over on the NeoGAF forums, they’ve got some more screen grabs, and even some fancy animated gifs depicting in-game footage. The developer’s assistant of photography, Paul Featherstone, even went so far as to post confirmation of the shots’ and footage’s authenticity on the forums, explaining that they were “100% untouched” and taken using a “debug cam with in-engine Depth-of-field.”

All of this looks super-detailed and very, very nice…let’s just hope it plays as good as it looks.

Take a look…and let us know how you feel in the comments.

halo 4 1

halo 4 4

halo 4 5

halo 4 6

halo 4 7

halo 4 8


Via Gamerlive and NeoGAF

  1. The first look….looked surprisingly spectacular.

  2. Sorry not playing the series since it turned X-Box exclusive.

  3. ^ Good thing you’re still commenting on it though

  4. need’s more campaign info. Glad to see the return of the BR and glad they are tweaking armour abilities which despite what the so called “MLG elite” say where a good idea.

    • They also need to throw in some more info on forge. I literally spent 100+ hours forging in Reach alone. And the campaign should be pretty epic since it’s looking to be primarily based in foreign territory.

  5. Damn. Everything so shiny and sleek… And the best part is that the game isn’t even in it’s beta form yet. I’m really excited to see how this game turns out. Maybe we’ll get to customize our weapons and player traits.

    @LimeDude – Huh? It was never not exclusive. MS took it from Apple and had since used it as their primary go-to xbox title. It was never on any system but the xbox brand.

  6. This will be for 360 right?

  7. I bet they push a halo 4 for windows 8. Now it might be a year after the launch on the xbox but i think there’s a good chance of that happening, specially with all the xbox live integration with windows 8.

    • But this could hit the xbox slim sales pretty badly. Halo was/is a big reason why people went after the xbox to begin with. This is the same reason 3, ODST, and Reach were all console only.

  8. The game looks awesome, the graphics are really good, im just hoping that the game has a stable frame rate. Now i just want the beta!!!!!!

  9. is the master chiefs new armor mark 7(VII)?

    • I doubt it. It’s possible you might get it in the multiplayer considering you’re playing a spartan IV’s

      • One hint is with the armor the Spartan 4’s were using. Their armor and MC’s look pretty damn similar. I’m getting the feeling MC really did wake up some time before the legendary ending of Halo 3 and before Halo 4.

  10. Now lets just hope it’s not one of those games that look epic but is actually total shit.

  11. Game looks great however there is two things that scare me 1 he looks like he was running does not mean armor abilities back because i don’t like that 2 he had magnum on his leg i don’t hate pistols but the one in reach was dumb everyone spawned with a sniper thats what i think anyway

  12. I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDD Sorry for looking like a total fanboy but Halo and Kingdom Hearts are my two favorite game franchises ever. Game looks amazing, can’t wait, I want beta! :DDDDDD

  13. L.R. (Screamoluvr)


  14. The only thing I disliked about this was sprint. Everything else looks amazing, the game looks beautiful and I can’t wait to no life this game when it comes out. Also I hope they bring the 1-50 true skill system back. High Hopes!

  15. Orgasm. I’m glad to see halo 4 is in good hands.

  16. wow that looks sexy.

    one thing id love to see are space battles like in star wars battlefront2. that would be AMAZING

  17. I still can’t get the continuity issue with the new armor out of my head. How did he suddenly don this new armor while in a cryo-tube? It looks very little like the old armor so it has to be new. Not really that big an issue but it just bothers me.

    • He could have been awaken once before the events of Halo 4. This could have meant that Aliens or something tried boarding the ship or Cortana simply asked him to put on the armor she found on the ship. THEN, he went back to sleep. That’s my theory.

    • master chiefs armor can upgrade itself usingnano technoligy while in cryo sleep

  18. this looks great i am looking forward 2 dis but i don’t get how he changed his armor

  19. The armour looks great, however the helmet may raise a few concerns.
    It’s just not same!

    • There was something I didn’t like about the helmet either. Not sure what it is though…

      • Multiplayer’s helmet or Master Chief’s? My main concern is the multiplayer helmet. The helmet barely seems as if it would actually pass as a used helmet, let alone the default. Past Halo default helmets had bigger visors that contained a big HUD and gave Halo players the classic ‘Halo’ look while maintaining its ‘warrior’ look. Sure I, along with many other gamers, don’t use the default helmet. Still, whenever the next game, Halo 2 or Halo: Reach came out, their helmets had a look that was purely ‘Halo’. I had no complaints. The multiplayer SPARTAN IV default, on the other hand, looks like a rather lazy design. I could make that helmet out of a cardboard box easily. Its box-ish shape, retro 80’s X-Men ‘Cyclops’ visors, and simple flat face-guard with a few holes poked into it seems like a design a 3rd-grader would create. And it’s highly unoriginal, unlike past Halo defaults.

  20. his armor is change, so personally I hope they show or tell us how it changed instead of just throwing it on

    • Again, it’s likely he woke up before Halo 4 and encountered some scenario where he put it on, like an attack or Cortana asking him to. Alternatively, Cortana put it on him while he was n cryo using mechanical arms of the ship o_0.

  21. the grafhics of halo 4 is better than uncharted 3

  22. The comments on this story are awesome. Sometimes you guys are good for something :D

  23. well i personally think there ruining the game its supposed to be bungie yes know everything that happened the new battle rifle looks like they imported the famas from call of duty and put a holographic site on it and the armor looks retarded dont add new things just continue the campaign and update the graphics allot no offence to all of you this is just an opinion the gme looks like shit

    • Are you retarded, or something?

    • I understand a bit were you are coming from, and I know it’s only an opinion, but don’t say it’s shit just from the first look. Yes, the battle rifel looks different, but that has no efect on how it works, don’t jump to conclutions. Next the armor looks good, but I agree to a point, the helmet is a little strange. I for one can’t wait for the game because I love the story, and can’t wait to see were it go’s. I’m also exited because 343 was born from the community and is still the closest I think i’ve seen a company to the populace ever. They know what we want, and I am willing to give them a chance and plan to get the game as soon as it comes out.

    • If this is your opinion of Halo 4, I’d hate to see your opinion of the CoD series…

  24. finally I can stop playing MW3 and start back to Halo Reach and practice!

  25. aww crap. i really want to let go of halo, i really dont want to care it anymore, but this just looks too awesome.
    and @ silent, lol? dont you mean FAMAS from nexter industries?

  26. Im Srry poeple but there going overboard with this halo 4 stuff and i know this cause there using forza motorsports graphic for the warthog and other things.

  27. :D HALO 4 IS AWESOME (exept for the back of the helmet…)

  28. halo 4 yea its sweet best thing ever

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