Doom 4 Images Leaked


I have no idea where these came from, but when someone tells me to post images that were randomly found on the internet, I do it.

Interestingly, some of these environment images are labeled “Before Hell Wave,” which, it seems to me, points to the fact that a HORRIBLE HELL WAVE will be sweeping over Earth, and it’ll be, like, you’re job to deal with that. So, uh, good luck with that Hell Wave.

So here, without further delay, are some 35 supposedly leaked images from Doom 4….



































  1. Looking at all those pictures took about the same amount of time it took to beat Rage.
    Let’s hope Doom 4 is a tad longer.

    • Actually reading the headline is as long as it takes to beat RAGE. Ur paragraph is the coop. And the pictures the credits ( coz they were longer than the game)
      Still loved every one of the few seconds of it :P

  2. Wow, I dinin’t knew ID wanted to remake HL2!

  3. Doom 3 was OKAY, but it didn’t strike any cords with me. I think I may need to pick up Rage if I want to consider getting back into Doom anytime soon…

  4. Well, since Doom 3 got me trough about 30 pairs of disposable diapers. Im getting 60 now.

  5. so the first picture was danny trejo?

  6. Yay! another FPS! I remeber that DOOM 3 used to have mods, They sould make a system to the game to have and make mods for DOOM 4! Just like PC (I Wish!)

  7. I hope that it just goes back to action, not horror like doom 3

  8. ^@pathall
    doom is not doom when its not scary.doom is SUPPOSED to be horror otherwise it wouldn’t be called DOOM. back in the day they were plenty scary. its just that people are desensitized now.

  9. ID says that these are fake, so I’m going to go with them on that one. If these were actually pictures of the game I’d be pretty disappointed. Hopefully the actual doom 4 is more of a Doom 2 remake, not a Rage-esque game like this appears to be.

  10. those images are terrible, come on id stay horror. it was cool to have scaries from doom 3 and have awesome fun in the classic games.

  11. I remember when I first played Doom. It was for the Sega 32X. many people say that this version was incomplete because ID had a deal with sega to release it on there system first. but what ever.

    The moment I put the game in and, saw the Blood written menu with that bad ass metal music had begun to play, it sent Shivers of excitement down my 12 yr old spine. It felt as if the game Punched me in the face and grabbed my by the throat and forced me to play for hours on end. every thing was awesome about that game. the discovery of new weapons, secrets and monsters, and level design, made me want to push further and further. The most memorable moment I have of the game is my first encounter of a Baron of Hell. The bone chilling roar it gave as it look at me with murderous pixelated eye’s. man I nearly crapped my 12 yr old self.

    fast paced action, mowing down hoards of demons with an arsenal of bad ass weapons, the intense fear filled atmosphere, secrets and cool level designs. this to me is what makes a good doom game.

    • You said it all gamer. I had feel the same things when I first played it back on 90s. Except for my 13 years old problem, I had constants nightmares because of the claustrophobic corridors from Doom. Dunno if hell exist but if it do exist somehow, Doom speaks about a very bad place man. My trauma is big but funny. It was fun to find the key and kill the creatures, good game. Yeah but when I die they better bury me with a shotgun on the coffin. Just in case -_-‘

  12. If these images are not from Doom 4, what game is this??

    • I think it is no game at all. Look the black and white pictures trying to show some raw polygons without texture. I don’t know much of it but when polygons have no texture, you can barely see any trace of gradient shadows and light, most stuff are defined by light and dark grey only. Seems to me that somebody tried to cheat on us with those pics. And Bethesda shows no sign of the new Doom after quakecon.

  13. This looks alot like the art in Wolfenstein The New Order

  14. These aren’t D4 old pics. D3 was something hundreds of years in the future, and this doomed city just looks normal to me, cars and buildings. I rather go play a re-remake of Doom than with these above.

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