Sony Leaves You a Tip or Nine for Your New Vita

toilet vita

Do you read the manual when you get a new toy or device? No, me neither. The PlayStation Vita, which launched outside of Asia last week, came with quick-start instructions to help let gamers know where the hell they’re supposed to put memory cards and games and such, and how to turn the thing on—but my full manual has gone pretty much un-read.

Fortunately, Sony knows what kind of idiots (me!) they’re dealing with: a few days ago they posted on the PlayStation Blog with their nine favorite Vita tips and shortcuts.

Some of these are really great—like using the PS3 to back up all your data, changing the background screen, altering brightness and other settings without having to exit to the settings menu, and taking screen-grabs.

Even better, the post-writer acknowledges the place where I do most of my mobile gaming:

“Let’s face it: electronic devices have an uncanny affinity for toilets. We can’t prevent that, but we can help ensure you don’t lose your precious saved game data. Simply connect your PS Vita to your PS3 via the USB cable, open up the Content Manager on your PS Vita, and select the the Back Up option to back up all your PS Vita’s game data and gain a little extra peace of mind.”

It’s true. Toilet gaming is truly the wave of the future. It’s really the next big gaming sensation in the time stream:

Thank you.

  1. Im reading this while on the crapper right now.

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