Killzone 3 Multiplayer Going Free-To-Play, Sort Of

killzone 3

Starting next week, you’ll be able to start playing Killzone 3’s multiplayer component for free on the PlayStation Network, no copy of the game required. There’s no restriction on how much you can play, just a level cap.

Revealed via the PlayStation Blog podcast, a stand alone multiplayer-only download will be made available on the SEN (formerly PSN) free for any account holder to download and play, up until the level cap. Upon reaching the level cap, you’ll be required to pay $14.99 if you want to continue leveling up. By that point, many will be sure if the Killzone 3 experience is worth the money and even more of their time.

This is likely in an effort to increase awareness of Killzone 3’s multiplayer community and spark an interest in considering customers.

You’ll be able to give this “preview” a shot on Tuesday, February 28.

[via PS Blog]

  1. Did Killzone 3 have online passes or something? My brother owns this game, but what would happen if I just inserted his disc in my PS3? Would they recognize me as an owner of the game or not? I’m not looking for loopholes to avoid paying $15, I’m just curious as to see how it works.

  2. I bought KZ3 day one and loved it…….untill the spawn campers came out. i havnt touched it since and i dont think a double XP weekend will change that.

    @Kenny Ngo: Im pretty sure KZ3 didnt require an online pass, so if you can get your hands on a copy of the actual game then you can play the Multiplayer for free, but only as long as you still have the disc. Once you give the game back you’ll have to download this Killzone Multiplayer thing and pay the $15 if you want to keep playing.

    • I see, thanks for the information. Hopefully the level cap isn’t too restricted. I’ll probably try this out, I have a Move as well, but no sharp shooter, but I still have MW3 and BF3.. so, who knows how much time I’ll spend on KZ3

  3. Thats because KZ3’s MP is dead as hell. They are trying to get people to try it again

  4. I was maxed out before I downloaded it.

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