Vita Sales in Japan Fall Through the Floor and Fall into the Sub-Basement

vita sales drop

Last week, it was reported that the PlayStation Vita sales hit an all-time low in Japan in the week ending February 12. Things were looking pretty grim—and a week later, things started looking even grimmer.

According to Andriasang, the Vita’s sales sank from just under 14,000 at the end of week nine to a dismal 12,309 sales in week ten, ending February 19. Once again, the system was outsold by the PSP by 2,500 units, while the 3DS garnered almost 100,000 sales that week, probably due to the release of Konami’s New Love Plus, reasons the Andriasang post. That game, it turns out, was the number one in sales for the week, with three other 3DS games (Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Mario Kart 7, and Super Mario 3D Land) also holding steady in the top five.

Only one Vita game made the top ten: Gravity Daze, while the only other Vita game to make the top 20 was something called Good People Die, which I’ve never heard of, but sounds creepy.

As you probably know, this week sees the worldwide release of the Vita system. I got mine yesterday, and it’s pretty cool…but I can imagine how picky consumers might turn up their noses at it. Until they get a game that’s going to drive them crazy (like the 3DS’s really tight Mario games, or, apparently, weird love simulators), the Vita is going to struggle. I want to like this thing so bad…

We should have some data on the system’s performance globally by the middle of next week, so stay tuned for that.

Via Andriasang

  1. WHAAAA?! Sony went out of their way to make sure that the Vita had reasonably priced memory, had hundreds of diverse games, and was sold worldwide day one and people still aren’t buying it?! What’s wrong with people these days? Is everyone a complete moron? GEEZ…

    • the games on the vita pale in comparison to the 3DS’s lineup. to deny that is to deny you have balls.

      • The 3DS launch lineup was pretty pitiful, and the number of truly awesome “must haves” is still pretty low.

        I have at least four games on the Vita I can’t wait to play, mostly because it’s launch lineup is pretty solid.

        Keep in mind I love my 3DS, but the only games I play are Mario Kart, Ocarina of Time, and old virtual console titles.

      • Wait, Ocarina of Time is on the 3DS?
        *Gets in car and speeds down street like a mad man*

  2. its cause it cost too much and looks too complicated. the 3ds is more simple and fun. people dont want complicated things. they want cheap, fast, and fun things.

    • can you explain how it is expensive? I mean a galaxy tab costs 75% more than a vita and does not even have 3g. An iphone or galaxy s2 cost twice as much as a vita and the vita is up to 1.5 time more powerful. If is not what you call value than I don’t what is.

  3. Would have been better as a Christmas present rather than a Black History Month present, I suppose.

  4. The Good People Die game is sort of a sequel to the DS game 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. The full name is called Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die, and is going to come out in the US on the PSVita and 3DS later this year.

  5. Vita wasn’t released globally day one, hence it has already been out in Japan for the last few months and is now coming out in the US THIS WEEK which was said in the article you posted on. Way to actually read.

  6. I want to see the sales for the US because Japan doesnt know what good games are everyone in Japan likes childish games

    • As opposed to the ‘grown-up’ games that involve mindless fragging and being led around on a leash?

    • Compared to the so called “grown-up” games that are released here? Be reasonable; Call of Duty, a supposedly grown up game, probably has half of its gamer population (or even more) underneath the ESB rating age.

      In comparison, I’d say games like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Tales, Atelier, Disgaea, etc. have wonderful stories that, although may sound redundant due to repetitive themes, contain beautifully crafted characters that allow you to immerse yourself within a world that is adventurous and mystical. It sure beats the screaming pre-pubescent boys that believe that playing Call of Duty automatically makes them cool.

      In short; I believe that Japan’s games are rather great, and not every single game have to revolve around America’s tastes. We anime-lovers have our say too.

  7. The Vita would have done well to release during the holidays. It released during a weird season where people aren’t usually shelling out for this kind of thing, which is I think one of the reasons it’s crashing. It’s also really expensive, and most people who HAD to have a handheld probably already bought the 3DS. I just feel like Sony released it at the wrong time.

    • Completely agreed. If they released it during Christmas time, then they would’ve attracted more sales. Or better yet, they should have chosen a good time where people aren’t still recooperating from mass spending on the holidays.

  8. Damn straight, they released it on a week where i have excessively high bills to pay and now cant afford a Vita! :(

  9. This is what you spend your tax return on. The timing of the release is great! I think it released to late in japan if they wanted holiday sales put it in November not December.

  10. Good People Die? isn’t that the sequel to the awesome graphic novel game of the DS 999? Hope it gets released on both the 3DS and the Vita in the US and Europe

  11. I am 48 and I have own every Sony console on day one, but not the Vita. The games are not bad, but where is God of War, Grand Theft Auto, or Infamous. The price is way to high. Didn’t they learn from the 3DS. Sorry Sony, but you dropped the ball on this one. Good luck.

    • I’m not the biggest handheld gamer in the world, but even I was having high hopes for the Vita. I don’t want to see the same IP’s rehashed on the platform as the PS3. I want to see new ideas and innovations. Uncharted for the Vita makes me very sad face :(

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