Sony has ‘No Plans’ to Make PS2 or PS3 games playable on Vita (Updated)


While many adopters of the PlayStation Vita were anxiously awaiting word that Sony’s newest handheld would be able to play their precious PS2 and PS3 games, it seems that Sony has “no plans” to make this a reality.

In a Vita FAQ on the PlayStation Blog, Sony addressed the question:

Q: Is PS Vita compatible with other PlayStation platform games like PS3, PS2, or PSP? Do you have any plan to support other PlayStation platforms in the future?

A: PlayStation does not have plans to make PS Vita compatible with PS3 or PS2 titles at this point.

They did mention however that you can play supported digital PSP titles and Minis, just like you could on your original PSP. Sony also mentioned that they will announce further details about PSone classic titles “when they are ready.”

While this news is disappointing to hear, the Vita still has one of the strongest lineups for a handheld in quite some time, if not gaming history — so finding good games for the thing shouldn’t be an issue. Additionally, reviews are rather favorable as of recent, so be sure to check out ours if you’re on the fence for a purchase.

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Update — Buy a game on PS3, Get it Free on Vita (Vice Versa)

In a post detailed on IGN, it appears that some cross-platform games that exist on both the PS3 and Vita will be available on both platforms for just one purchase.

Simply put: buy a game on your PS3 that’s also on Vita, you get the equivalent on Vita. Conversely, buy a game on Vita, get it’s equivalent on your PS3. This tucks away the issue of rebuying already paid for content.

So, when the Vita launches officially next week, you’ll be able to download MotorStorm RC, Hustle Kings, Top Darts, WipEout HD (and it’s HD Fury DLC) as well as Capcom’s, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 DLC on the PSN that will let enable you play on both PS3 and Vita for one price.

If you already own one of those games on PlayStation 3 or Vita, the equivalent software is yours for the downloading.

Way to go Sony, good move.

  1. wait, isn’t it supposed to stream games off the ps3 with remote play? if not I’d be pissed

    • I think you’re misunderstanding the differences between remote play and cross-platform gaming.

      Specifically, no PS2 or PS3 games will be made available by default for the Vita (not counting the special few that are pretty much direct ports of their console counterparts).

      Remote play, conversely, is specifically for streaming that video to your vita and playing it. It’s like using the Vita as a controller, letting the console do all the work, and playing it all on a tinier screen.

      • Ive only seen one game allow streaming before, cant recall the name of it but it was a downloadable game from several years ago where you were basically a spec swinging around what looked to be types of plants in order to make them grow or something like that. Though it did work, there was WAY too much of a delay in response time from your action to what actually happens. I tried it both over wifi and internet and it was the same with both, just too unplayable to even bother with.

  2. The key words are “At this point”…..doesnt mean it will never happen people…

  3. HD remasters of FFX, metal gear, zone of the enders, god of war, devil may cry, sly cooper, and ico/shadow of the colossus are just some of the games already announced to be playable on the vita. I predict sony isn’t going to release the ps2 titles as simple ports, instead they’ll squeeze every last penny out of us for remastered versions at $40 instead of the $5.99 or $9.99 they get for the ps1 ports.

  4. Dragon Quest 8 anyone

  5. This is why the PSVita won’t sell very well. I decided to buy a ps3 and say “I don’t need to play BF3 while I’m driving to work, I have time at home to do that.”

    • How would you play BF3 and drive at the same time my friend, isnt that dangerous…I mean I get your point but the fact is some gamers do wish they could play games like red dead redemption or resident evil on there psp’s & vita’s…When you see the clarity of the screen on the ps vita your mind will quickly change about portable gaming on the go.Put simply I want a device that is capable of playing past present & current games streaming or not,just the capability is what makes a device better..The same thing goes for 3d capabilities on the vita.There may be those who dont care about 3d but that doesnt mean it shouldnt be added.

      • No doubt 3D will be added later on with a firmware patch, just like they did with the PS3.
        I do like the idea of only having to buy a comatible game or DLC once, i was wondering about that.

        PS1 games could be played by streaming them from the PS3 to the PSP via remote play, i used to do it all the time, it didnt even have to be a digital copy, i could play Streetfighter Alpha 3 from disc on my PSP via remote play. It does mean that you have to be using 2 consoles at once though.

        If you could have the ability to steam to the PSvita AND play something on the PS3 at the same time then that would be a great feature ;)

  6. I think they’re saying that none of the games will be ADAPTED to play cross-platform but new games might.

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