David Jaffe Talks Post Eat Sleep Play Plans

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A post on Joystiq today revealed some details about the plans of David Jaffe, the co-creator of the Twisted Metal and God of War franchises, who announced the other day that he’d be leaving the developer he helped found, Eat Sleep Play.

Through March, Jaffe will remain with ESP for the length of their “maintenance contract” with Sony in order to stay on top of any work that still needs to be done on the recently released PS3-exclusive, Twisted Metal. “That will allow us, post-launch, to stay and addres the issues that there’s no way we can know of,” he explained. “Cleaning up things in terms of balance, bugs, tuning, tweaks.”

As for what he plans on doing next with his new company, Jaffe’s got ideas, but things are very far from concrete at this point:

“There’s no corporate filings, there’s no official company name yet; 99 percent of my day is Twisted Metal right now. There’s four games I would love to do, the one I do really depends on the team I can put together and the money that I can find to make it…There’s a survival-horror genre in there, a real low-budget survival horror, kinda guerilla film making style. Not in terms of the look, but in terms of that kind of financing and that kind of production.”

The post notes that the new games Jaffe’s as-yet unformed company may produce could be on console- or browser-based platforms. Which means, I think, that Jaffe really has about as much clue as we do as to what he’ll be doing next.

Via Joystiq

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