Ambidextrous Fight Stick for Weirdos (Lefties)

ambi fight stick

OH I’M JUST KIDDING YOU GUYS. I know lefties aren’t (necessarily) weirdos. But this fight stick from Chinese company Qanba allows players to switch the configuration from standard right-handed layout to left-handed, allowing lefties to control the buttons with their left hands.

While increasing the abilities of all players is a welcome change, I do sort of wonder whether or not this is really a necessary thing. I mean—all arcade sticks and controller layouts have movement on the left hand, buttons on the right…there’s no one out there who is more used to playing video games in reverse, is there? Or are there special lefty-only controllers floating around that I’m not aware of?

It looks like the stick, inexplicably called the Q2-PRO ‘Battle of Wits,’ is set to come out in March for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, but I’m not sure how much it’ll cost. Also, I’m not sure I’d totally be into just throwing down my credit card info on some random site in China. Maybe this thing’ll get picked up for international distribution when it’s released…

Via Shoryuken

  1. Lol.. this image is bullshit xd the 2nd fightstick is just turned around! look at the color of the buttons

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