Mortal Kombat Vita Footage is Awesome

Uploaded to the PlayStation blog recently was footage of Mortal Kombat running on the PlayStation Vita. The video showcases move sets, special characters, and some bone-crushing finishing moves from the game.

While it’s a relatively short showcasing of the game itself, the clips do a great job of showing what you should expect when you get the game in your hands this spring. The fights look spectacular, the finishing moves are cringe-worthy, and the frame rate is as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Maybe it was the music, or maybe it was the great gameplay. Regardless, this footage alone has certainly increased my curiosity towards the Vita, and may have pushed me over the edge towards being a launch day customer.

The only gripe I have is with the touch screen mechanic. As you’ll notice, blood splashes on the screen occasionally, hindering the view for the player. To remove said blood, you have to physically swipe the touch screen frantically, like wiping actual blood off of an actual screen.

It’s a neat idea on paper, but it could end up causing more frustration than it’s worth. It goes back to the old saying: Just because you can implement a mechanic, doesn’t mean you should.

Mortal Kombat will arrive for the PlayStation Vita sometime this spring.

  1. Isn’t this essentially the same game as the console versions, but with all the DLC characters included? None the less it looks really good, and it definitely makes me want to get a Vita. The touch screen blood thing sounds kind of frustrating though.

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