Grand Slam Tennis Trailer Sadly Not About Breakfast at Denny’s

Want to check out some pretty sweet tennis-ball hitting action? Then look no further than this new trailer for Grand Slam Tennis 2 from EA. It’s set to hit North America on Valentine’s Day for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3—the latter of which is compatible with the PlayStation Move, so you can really get your swing-on with this one.

Tennis games, I think, are among the best uses for the various motion-sensing technologies in games, so if you’ve been looking for a game to dust off your Move controller with, I think you’ve found the one.

Play this game enough, and you’ll be scoring four home runs at once in no time.

Wait, what?

Oh, that’s baseball.  Sorry.


  1. Is this real? I never even heard of it. and good thing i didn’t becuase it looks awful.
    I don’t wanna be an ass here but the animations and stuff look terrible. Is it just me?

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