Asphyx – A Game to Kill Yourself With


If you’ve ever held your breath while your video game character dipped underwater, this will come naturally to you. Asphyx is a simple platformer with a simple twist — when your little pixel guy is underwater, you should hold your breath as well.

Of course there’s nothing making you play along, but you’re only ruining your own fun if you try to cheat. I have to say some parts of the game are fairly panic-inducing, especially when the floor gives way and you’re dumped two or three screens down.

The game is here, and as the first screen says, you have to press “down” to start playing.

  1. Sweet. Definitely give it a go tonight.

  2. This game almost made me pass out… Totally worth it though :)

  3. A good idea for a simple game. I like it. :-)

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