Rage HD iOS App Gets 2.0 Update, Includes Melee Combat and Micro-transactions


A new update has arrived for Rage on iOS devices that brings with it melee combat, in-app purchases, and support for HDMI out.

Since the addition of melee combat is self-explanatory, it should be noted that in-app purchasing as been added to the game’s menu, allowing you to purchase new episodes like Krakan and Aqueduct – both bundled together for $0.99 in the marketplace.

Also, the game now supports HDMI out, allowing you to play the game in HD on your television set. Kind of odd, seeing as how that essentially turns your iPhone into a home gaming console…

Regardless, if you have enough storage on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, scoop up the latest update and get to punching mutants to death with your awesome new melee fist of justice.

[via Joystiq]

  1. i wish this game was for android :(

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