Doctor Who Game Gets a New Trailer and Daleks

This new trailer for the forthcoming Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock for the PS3 and Vita starts to answer some important questions about what form the game’s going to take—while raising some new ones. For one, as you can see, the Doctor and River Song are running and jumping, a core aspect to what makes the show so frequently exciting.

You know—they run a lot. This is far more important than you’d think. Now that I’m going through all the episodes of Star Trek  I can find, those guys rarely ever run, which is strange considering how life-threatening some of the situations they’re in seem to be. The Doctor runs, though—and it’s nice to see that they’ll be running in what looks like an adventurous platformer.

Of course, the game itself doesn’t seem to be showing off any interesting, innovative time-travel elements, as has been promised up until now. I’m still hopeful that it’ll have some really cool gameplay hook that takes advantage of the time travel aspect of the show and character, but the trailer doesn’t do much to show off that supposed aspect.

The trailer itself was posted on the PlayStation blog a little earlier today. If you head over there, you can read a post by Simon Harris, BBC Worldwide’s executive producer on the game, who discusses the process of deciding which four alien monsters would be included in the game:

“Choosing the monsters for the game turned out to be a more of a complicated process than you would imagine. Initially, when Supermassive put in their design pitch for the game, they had chosen the four monsters they would like to see, both as Doctor Who fans and from a gameplay point of view. However, at that time they weren’t aware of the new monsters that were going to be shown in the new series, which was just about to start on the BBC. Given the high level of security we place on information about the show, there were some great discussions where we had to talk very cryptically about a specific monster. We had to balance this with trying to understand what the design team at Supermassive wanted to achieve – we didn’t want to include new monster if it completely broke the gameplay plans. Thankfully the design change felt good and The Silence was added to the monster line up. I’m not going to tell you which one got cut, but I can promise it will make appearance in a future game.”

Get ready to get exterminated (wheeee!) in March. Allons-y!

Via PlayStation Blog

  1. And everything of value was lost.. except the vocals, the vocals are nice.

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