CES 2012: Sony and Microsoft Have Press Conferences, Announce Stuff


Thanks to a SIX. HOUR. FLIGHT. DELAY. (which I managed to survive only thanks to some complimentary french fries and a couple of gin and tonics), we weren’t able to actually attend Microsoft’s and Sony’s CES press conferences. And despite our best efforts to live in denial of their existence, they still totally happened.

As expected, the gaming news out of each presser was pretty light. Sony had some words to say about their upcoming handheld, the PS Vita. Despite reports of a shaky start in Japan, Sony has sold over 500,000 units there and a total of 6.5 million PlayStation-branded devices were sold over the “holidays” world wide. And along with the pricing options for the 3G version of the device, which they announced earlier in the day, Sony also confirmed that if you live in pretty much anywhere that’s not Japan, Netflix will be on your Vita day one (February 22).

In an effort to make sure their e-penis measures to up Sony’s, Microsoft also had plenty of numbers to share. 66 million Xbox 360 have been sold world wide since the hardware launched and 40 million Xbox Live accounts exist (they did not specify if this meant just gold subscribers or not but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t). Kinect was a big part of the presentation as Microsoft touted that the motion-based Xbox augmentation has sold over 18 million units since launch. But perhaps the coolest news was that Kinect will be coming to Windows on February 1st. This will be a totally new version of the hardware that won’t be compatible with your 360. It’ll run you $250 and also include the Kinect SDK so you can make anime boob jiggle apps from the comfort of your own home. God bless America.

  1. Wow, pretty lame stuff. I know it’s just CES, but I expected something remotely interesting from it. I’m pretty sure the Kinect for Windows thing has been known, or at least rumored, for a long time. Netflix on the Vita is neat, but I’d prefer to hear another price drop or something, heh.

  2. You failed to mention the most significant highlight: Ryan Seacrest as host. ;)

    But in all seriousness, the show was fairly lackluster, and I’m someone who’s compelled to learn more about Windows 8 and their future tablets.

  3. What the hell happened to XBL coming to Windows8?

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