Mojang Hires Cube World Developer, Things Get More Blocky


As if the offices at Mojang studios couldn’t get any blockier, the team has decided to hire independent Cube World developer, Wollay.

In response to questions related to his recent hiring, Notch took to twitter, jokingly stating: “Our current plan is to plug his brain directly to a keyboard and sell whatever comes out.”

He also assured observers that while Wollay himself will be working for Mojang, his game Cube World will continue and remain independently developed.

Based on Wollay’s successful implementation of RPG elements and quest lines within Cube World, it should be interesting to see how his addition to the Mojang team could affect continuing development of Minecraft.

I continue to hope for the features promised in the original 1.8 Adventure Update, so maybe this is the signal.

[via Rock Paper Shotgun]

  1. Wolfram von Funck has said he will be working on a new project with Mojang not Minecraft. While still continuing his solo project Cube World which is for now just a project name. Also the game is only related to Minecraft in that it is voxel-based, but the game does not include mining or digging.

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