Borderlands 2 “Gunzerker” Class Double-Fists its Way into your Heart


A post on Joystiq yesterday offers highlights on the “Gunzerker” class in the forthcoming Borderlands 2, discussed in preview in an article on IGN from earlier this week. Apparently, despite the fact that we’ve mostly seen the character in previews wielding two guns to shoot the crap out of everyone and everything, the class will not allow players to dual-wield all the time. Instead, players will only have a limited amount of time in which they’ll be able to draw two guns at once, meaning they’ll have to choose just which guns they’ll want to use, offering an interesting kind of strategic thinking.

Anthony Bunch, head writer on the game, offers this example in terms of what kind of gameplay you can expect with this class:

“I can combine a shock machine gun and a fire shotgun and charge with my machine gun firing to drop [enemy] shields and then light them on fire with the shotgun at close range and melt their face.”

The Gunzerker will also have three possible skill trees, into which players won’t be locked, meaning they’ll be able to mix and match if they like certain abilities in different trees. The trees include skills like “Yippe Ki Yay” (a quote from that most greatest of movies, Die Hard), which offers damage and attack bonuses as you drop more enemies. Another skill that’s detailed in the article is the “Come at Me, Bro,” which has you taunt enemies to get their attention focused on  you—reducing your damage and boosting your health up to full.

“You’re in the middle of a fight, you’re not doing so well, so rather than die you just start taunting, go to full health and then proceed to kill them all as they all focus on you. It’s a fantastic moment, and a great example of something you do in the Brawn skill tree,” lead designer Jon Hemingway is quoted as saying.

Any game that successfully channels the spirit of Die Hard instantly gets in my good graces, for sure. Looking forward to this one…

Via Joystiq and IGN

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