Portable GameCube Handheld is Awesome-Tastic

portable GC

Not too long ago, you might have seen us report on a little Super Nintendo (SNES) handheld, neatly titled the SupaBoy. Now, in even more cool hardware modding news, we have the the Envision, a portable GameCube system from modder Tchay.

The Envision hardly needs an explanation, but a brief detailing on the specifications on the device should suffice for those with their interests piqued.

Built from a Wii Classic Controller, the handheld has authentic GameCube controller buttons, LCD screen, and SD card compatibility. The Envision has no disc drive, so the SD card slot (using Wiikey Fusion) will be the only route for loading, accessing and playing GameCube games.

Additionally, N64, NES, and SNES games are supported, as seen by the video showcasing Ocarina of Time and StarFox 64. Pretty damn cool.

If these were commercially produced and available to the public, I’d buy one in a heartbeat. The GameCube still remains one of my favorite game systems to date, and having one tucked lightly in my backpack on long trips would be a dream come true.

But alas, only one of these puppies exists on this great earth of ours. BLAST IT ALL.

[via ModRetro]

  1. Okay. I want to buy one of these. Can I buy one somewhere?

  2. @Tricksterofyou “Do you even read these articles…lol…He said only one exists….I want one to though..Im sure we could convince him to compile some extra systems for a considerable amount of money.

  3. needs fine tuning looks to weird

  4. Landon if you read this,…. How much do you want for one? I want one so bad! Email me please if you are willing(:

  5. Poop! Do you know where i could get one? Like an engineer could make one.

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