Trademark Filing Hints at New Hitman Game

hitman profession trademark

According to a post on Siliconera, Square Enix of Europe has filed a trademark for something called Hitman: Profession.

While it’s not much of a surprise that the company’s probably going to be moving ahead with another game in what’s become a pretty solid franchise (and that last bunch of gameplay footage for the forthcoming Hitman: Absolution looked pretty sick), the name itself lends itself to speculation.

Is it possible that, should Profession indeed be the next game in the series, that you might have more control over the game’s protagonist? Or, more likely, maybe it’ll play up your character’s ability to blend into crowds and whatnot through the use of different disguises?

Speculation like I’m doing is all pretty silly, really: I’ve got zero clue as to what a game like Hitman: Profession could be.

I would be pretty stoked if you, like, opened up your own Hitman agency. And you had to deal with renting out a storefront, picking a logo, hiring a secretary, trying to figure out what the cover for your business is. And you had to try and work things out with the landlord when you can’t make your rent, because the economy’s tough and people aren’t hiring assassins as often as they used to. So you have to go get a loan from the bank, call up your parents to co-sign on the money…or, you know, just kill the landlord. I guess that could work too.

Via Siliconera

  1. maybe for Vita?

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