Fix 3DS GBA Ambassador Games’ Resolution with a Quick Button Press


Those lucky ducks who shelled out an extra $80 to purchase a 3DS prior to the massive price drop should know by now that they can download 10 rather fantastic GBA titles, completely free. Unfortunately, like with the NES games earlier, Nintendo has made the decision to change the resolution of the games to fill out the bigger 3DS screen, resulting in muddy and blurry games with poor coloring.

Thankfully, there is a fix. When the game is booted up in the 3DS menu, hold down Start or Select until the game has started proper, and the game will run in the original ratio of the GBA. Those games will look better, albeit smaller, and there will be a lot of black borders around them. That said, it’s the price you pay to make your games look good. And hell, they are technically free.

Source 1UP

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