Battlefield 2143 Hinted at in Battlefield 3?


Back in 2006, EA and DICE released Battlefield 2142, their first and only attempt at future warfare. While both fans and developers have indicated a desire to return to this branch of the Battlefield family, there has been no indication that EA is working on such a game. That said, Battlefield 3 fansite bf3blog has found potentially a very subtle hint at the future of the franchise, which you can see above. “What’s that?” you say? Well, apparently it’s “2143” plastered on a wall on the new Wake Island map. Some are speculating this could be hints at a possible Battlefield 2143.

  1. Looks more like a little easter egg to me.

  2. I’m hungry! Can’t wait for this one.
    I hate gaming because i hate to fail but i think this one is awesome.

  3. I really need to start playing battlefield again. But its so hard when theres skyrim

  4. its called crysis


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