Valve’s Portal 2 Video Hints at Half-Life 3…Maybe

Apparently, there’s this game out there, Half-Life or something, that the kids all love. That’s what I hear. And apparently again, these wacky kids have been eagerly awaiting any sign that there’s going to be a Half-Life 3 soon—and some gamers think they’ve seen that sign this weekend.

According to a post on Rock Paper Shotgun, Valve fans are speculating that the video the company prepared for this weekend’s VGAs on Spike were peppered with references to a forthcoming Half-Life 3 game. As you can see in the video above, Portal 2’s Wheatley floats in space, and starts reading his coordinates before being cut off. What numbers does he list? “One, one, one…”

Which, you know, is three.

In addition, the text at the top of the video reads “Observation Satellite ‘Lanthanum,’” which the RPS post explains means “To lie hidden” in Greek, reading “λανθανω.” Of course, that first Greek character is seen all over the place in Half-Life. Right?

So there you go. Incontrovertible proof. Or something.

Via Rock Paper Shotgun


    Iv been following this before the VGA’s since im a massive half life fan.
    But some of this things are stupid. like the stars making lamba symbols :L

    I reckon this could be something, know valves history of trolling. Hope so tho :D

  2. I bet once Portal 3 and Team Fortress 3 come out, we will have the entire picture.

  3. I’m going to be realistic and say it’s never going to happen, but my god I hope it does.

  4. It’ll probably happen some day, but I think the community is really grasping at straws on this one. If they were hinting at Half Life 3, they’d probably make it a little more obvious.

  5. and when you take those number. divide them by 3. you get 1. 1 can also be visualized as I. I as in IlumminatI. That also has three III in it. III = 3. =3 is the slogan of RayWilliamJohnson and surprisingly his name is actually 3 Names. Plus =3 can also represent balls. Balls>Ball>Round objekt> Wheatly. it all makes sense now.

  6. Your all idiots, the next game is Half-Life 2: Episode 2: Episode 1.
    PS, I wonder if they’ll still use λ when Greece gets bought by Germany.

  7. I’m sure Valve will put out another 7 games before Half-Life 3 comes out. They’ve already got Dota 2 and CS: GO coming out soon, they’ll probably find some other franchise to work on.

  8. I think at this point the old Valve fanbase is so fragmented and for lack of a better word raped with games that weren’t as amazing as the first two Half Lifes, with the exclusion of portal. If it is another year or two I think that the fans will lose intrest. Also when Half Life 3 ever gets asked about Gabe gets this serious tone. That could meen one of two things either Valve is trying to make a really big game, or Valve has failed time and time again to internally make a game that is even half as good as Half Life, Half Life 2, and its respective episodes. If the second statement is true then I belive that Valve may be ready to cancel a project. This shows a lesson to young game developers. The lesson is if you take to much time off of the series which that developer had perfected the formula for. This shows that if you want to stay true to your roots you’ll have to keep going with the game you perfected.

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