Free Xbox Companion App for Windows Phone 7 Users


In addition to theĀ brand spanking new Xbox 360 Dashboard update that’s set to launch today, Microsoft is delivering a neat mobile application for frequent Xbox 360 users.

If you have a Windows Phone 7, then you’ll be able to download the ‘Xbox Companion App’ for the low, low cost of free on the application marketplace.

The app allows you to track friend activity, search for available Xbox Live content (movies, games, music), and even lets you use your phone as a remote for watching media. Now, you can rewind, fast-forward, and pause your music and movies right from the phone app.

Though this app was set to launch alongside the new dashboard update for the Xbox, we reported early this morning that the update had been delayed, ever so slightly.

Among the exciting new features are Bing voice support, in-depth Kinect integration, and cloud support for uploading games saves.

By the way, not enough people are excited about that. It’s cloud saving people! Think of all the problems this will solve! No more worrying about USB sticks, proprietary memory cards, or disease!

Well, we still have to worry about that, but cloud saving fixes ALMOST all of our problems!

[via EuroGamer]

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