Vita Not Able to Run a Game and Web Browser Concurrently


With the impending launch of the Vita, nitty gritty details about the new Sony handheld are coming out. Sometimes small details for a console OS can prove to be very important. Gamers still lament the lack of cross-game chat on the PS3, for example. Andriasang got some details on one small feature that will not be on the Vita: concurrent web browsing and game playing.

Reminding me of AT&T’s “feature” of letting users web browse while talking on the phone, I don’t think this is going to be a very big deal for Vita players. As it stands, while players can pause their game of, say, Persona 4 The Golden, and access music, friend’s lists, Twitter, and more, one thing they cannot do is open up the web browser and peruse Game FAQs, for example.

Honestly, if this is a missing feature you’re upset about, I don’t know what to say. Apparently you have enough of an internet connection to read this, so I don’t know how this can upset you. Move with the cheese, man.

Source Andriasang

  1. NO! How will I play games and watch porn at the same time?!

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