For 3DS System Update, the “D” Stands for “Delayed”

3ds system update delay

Remember when we said there’d be a system update for the Nintendo 3DS in late-November? Well, Nintendo’s made liars out of us—turns out that the company has delayed the free system update until December 8, according to a brief news update they posted on their website.

Apparently, the update “is in the final stages of internal testing and will be available by December 8. We will provide an additional update once the system update is officially available.”


I know this isn’t a huge deal. It’s not like I had a big 3D movie shoot scheduled for December 2, and now I have to cancel the caterer. It’s just super lame considering the fact that tons of people went out and bought the 3DS as part of the Black Friday/Cyborg Monday craziness—wouldn’t it be awesome to have the system update done for them so that they can enjoy all that the 3DS has to offer?

Lest you forget, the update will allow for 3D video recording, new games in the StreetPass and Mii Plaza thing, and Hulu Plus. The eShop is also scheduled to get an update, though I’m not sure if it’s meant to coincide with the overall system update. Whenever that’s done, though, you’ll finally have the ability to download demos and DLC for games.

Move your butts, Nintendo.

  1. I find it amusing that people don’t even consider Black Friday / Cyber Monday to be for Christmas gifts anymore.

    By Nintendo’s logic, any 3DSs snapped up on those days will sit in gift wrap until the 25th, though we know that’s not really the case.

  2. Well, at least the new update isn’t keeping me from playing Mario Kart 7.

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