Mario Kart 7 Completed as an “Act of Emergency”

mario kart 7

This morning, Eurogamer offered details of a the most recent “Iwata Asks” column, in which the producer of the 3DS’s Mario Kart 7 was brought to completion as an “act of emergency.”

According to the post, producer Hideki Konno said that the game started out as a project being worked on by only eight people, but as the release date loomed, internal designers were brought in from other project—as well as Metroid Prime developer Retro Studios—to help finish the thing up in time.

From the post:

“Nintendo previously stated Retro had helped design a Donkey Kong Country-themed course. It now appears Retro worked on revamping the game’s entire 16 classic courses line-up, leaving Nintendo’s team free to create the game’s roster of 16 fresh tracks.”

The takeaway from this is that, yes, Nintendo is working their asses off to make sure that gamers get the good software titles they expect with this new piece of hardware. While it may paint the picture of a company scrambling to get things done, to my eyes it seems like a company making sure they fulfill on their promises. Instead of pushing the release date back and pissing off their customers, they’re actively pushing to make things right.

Sounds good to me. I’ll be getting my copy of Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS on December 4. Will you?

Via Eurogamer

  1. This is such an innovative formula, would needs at least 50 people. I will not get it. You enjoy your copy br1@n.

  2. Innovative formula ok BUT why not earlier!? wish to be one of those who would get it BUT 4 is too long.

  3. It can be read as Nintendo working hard for the fans, but honestly, I’d prefer the push the release date back and have a better game than rushing to get it done by the release date.

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