Microsoft Looking to Usher in 1984 with Kinect-powered TVs?

kinect tv

According to a post on The Daily today, sources have informed them that Microsoft is in talks with TV makers (such as Vizio and PlayStation-making rival Sony) to embed Kinect-technology in televisions.

Which means that if true, yes, the TV will now watch you.

According to the article, the Kinect-enhanced television could network with Windows-PCs to allow for the kind of gesture-based control we current Kinect owners know and “love.” Says the article, “it’s also possible the system would be able to recognize individual people and automatically resume programming where it was left off.” Though the article doesn’t mention it, I’m sure that voice-based controls would also be a part of the deal should this Microsoft-powered Frankentelevision come to pass.

Now, I do greatly enjoy my Kinect for the purposes of watching Netflix and whatnot, and given Microsoft’s big push this holiday regarding the device’s TV-controlling prowess, this seems like a very logical and potentially cool move on their part.

But I do get a little squicky when I think about the implications of straight up buying a TV that watches you as one of its features. I mean, for years paranoid crazy people have thought that the government had cameras hidden in their TVs, watching us. NOW IT WOULD BE TOTALLY TRUE.

(That is, of course, if it hasn’t been true this whole time…)

Via The Daily

  1. just gotto love technology it will save as all

  2. Fuck 1984 that book scared the shit out of me and fuck that creepy turkey. Brian you’re the reason I don’t sleep at night.

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