Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Not Coming to PC


Just yesterday, we let the news out that I Am Alive wouldn’t be coming to PC, mostly because of piracy issues that Ubisoft has with the PC platform.

As it turns out, yet another Ubisoft game will be skipping out on the mouse and keyboard crowd in favor of console exclusivity, for particularly the same reasons.

Ubisoft told Eurogamer recently that “Ghost Recon: Future Soldier has not been announced on PC”, and that “Ghost Recon Online is the PC equivalent”.

Sebastien Arnoult, producer on Future Soldier, explained to PC Gamer the reasoning behind this decision:

“When we started Ghost Recon Online we were thinking about Ghost Recon: Future Solider; having something ported in the classical way without any deep development, because we know that 95 per cent of our consumers will pirate the game.

So we said okay, we have to change our mind.

We have to adapt, we have to embrace this instead of pushing it away. That’s the main reflection behind Ghost Recon Online and the choice we’ve made to go in this direction.”

He went on to explain that Ubisoft is giving consumers what they’re asking for:

“We are giving away most of the content for free because there’s no barrier to entry. To the users that are traditionally playing the game by getting it through Pirate Bay, we said, ‘Okay, go ahead guys. This is what you’re asking for. We’ve listened to you – we’re giving you this experience. It’s easy to download, there’s no DRM that will pollute your experience.'”

As is typical for Ubisoft as of recent, putting games on the PC is not something high on their checklist, not paid releases anyway. Granted, Ubisoft has tried to combat piracy with heavy DRM inclusions on most titles, but in the end, the choice hurt more legitimate users than it did pirates. Consumer feedback has been nothing short of a backlash.

At this point, it’s my belief that Ubisoft will begin to slowly fade away from the PC market entirely, focusing wholly on creating content for the console gamer.

However, I’m not a fan of their suggestion to “just go play Ghost Recon: Online instead.” What does this mean for future Ghost Recon titles on PC?

  1. Are you kidding me? I was actually looking forward to this game, and now I won’t be able to play it. Fantastic news.

  2. “95 per cent of our consumers will pirate”
    Exaggerated much?
    Fine Ubi,you won’t be taking our money if you don’t want it.
    Now stand by your principles and deny the PC port for AC:Revelations,since you know that more than half the people playing will pirate it and it’s not worth the time and resources to gain a place in the Steam marketplace where your games will be sold for years years years and years to come,doesn’t matter if they’re old or new,I wouldn’t buy BG&E and PoP:Sand of Time from Steam,would you? /sarcasm

  3. PC gamers are the deviant son and Ubisoft is a neglectful parent.

  4. An online capable shooter not coming to PC? As much as it might get pirated, I’m sure they would make money on it. The ghost recon name tag alone should get sales up really.

  5. why is that for they can’t Hack Ur Fucken online Game FUCK UBISOFT they will lose PC players

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