Carmack Releases Doom 3 Code

carmack code

According to a post on Games Industry this morning, Alpha Nerd John Carmack has released the code for Doom 3—which, surprisingly, is not the log line for a new Jerry Bruckheimer action movie.

Carmack, the brains behind the Doom and Rage franchises and plenty of other revolutionary games pumped out by id software over the years, announced he was going to release the code back in August at QuakeCon because he thought that doing so would help up and coming developers better learn the ins and outs of making games.

Interestingly, the code was ready to be released back in November, said the Games Industry post, but Bethesda’s lawyers put up some roadblocks to keep from infringing on a “shadow stenciling technique” that had been patented by Creative Labs. In order to keep Bethesda’s legal team from having a meltdown (they seem to be a jumpy bunch), Carmack changed the offending lines of code.

Interested in adding a little Doom action to your code repertoire? Download it now from GitHub.

Via Games Industry

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