Minecraft Creator “Notch” Drops The Hammer on Community Members


Early this afternoon, there was a kerfuffle about on Twitter. Markus Persson, otherwise known as Notch and famous creator of Minecraft, recently tweeted about a pair of community members and their behavior at Minecon, last weekend’s Minecraft celebratory convention.

These community members are better known as The Yogscast, a group on YouTube that create videos based in and around Minecraft and its community. They’ve had unprecedented success in their pursuits over the past two years. Notch has stated that he will no longer be working with the group.

In the aforementioned tweets, Notch mentions that he’s received multiple pairings of hate mail, threats, and harsh words from Yogscast fans, to which he replied, “I’ll stop biting my tongue now.” He went on to state that the members of Yogscast were repeatedly insulting people, talking behind their backs, and acting like “total spoiled divas nonstop” during the entirety of Minecon.

Additionally, Notch infers that the same individuals called him and his team at Mojang “a bunch of nerds who don’t know how to run a company”, and demanded that they be paid. According to Notch, no one else was paid.

He went on to mention that Yogscast members claimed that they’re the reason behind the success of Minecraft, and that they should be thanked more than anyone else. Notch also mentioned that the group “dropped the f-bomb” on a kid who wanted a signature and wrote “fuck you” on the page the kid wanted signed.

To quote Notch directly:

“They’re total dicks.”

Coming straight out of Minecon, this is not exactly good PR for Mojang or The Yogscast. At this point, The Yogscast has yet to fire back with either a public statement, apology, or explanation on their end, except for one lone facebook post. Though, we have no idea if these accusations are entirely truthful.

However, a user has come about on Reddit discussing his experience with The Yogscast members.

Whatever the case may be, it certainly dampens what was otherwise considered a successful launch for Minecraft, and a celebration for its ever growing community.

We’ll update you more here as it happens.

  1. Yogscast have no doubt influenced the Minecraft community and the word of mouth.Even though it isn’t apparent,they are very business oriented guys.However they haven’t done anything different than what many others have tried,or even done better.
    The reason why they’re so popular (1st UK channel with 1 mil subs) is their presentation,Simon and Lewis’ personalities mix very well and they compel many people and kids.
    Hannah on the other hand is something like a separate party that has its own dedicated channel to let’s plays,she doesn’t involve herself with Simon and Lewis’ activities online.

    I myself watch them from time to time,but I haven’t subscribed to them and don’t plan to either.Simon just annoys the hell out of me when I hear some of his interpretations.Is that a deal braker?Absolutely yes,when there’s so much higher quality stuff on the internets.

  2. I’ve never heard of these so called Yogscast, and actually I don’t care who they are. Everyone did, does and will do Minecraft, they’re not the only ones, and they haven’t been the largest impact of success the game has had. Even if these are just half-truths of misunderstandings, these are things that Notch, as the chief of staff, must reply to, and if these are real then even better that he has. All that hate that Notch is getting is pure fanboy driven blind hate and obeying the so called masters of all Mincraftz, either way this sickens me. I side Notch on this one.

  3. I like both sides, but I love fights with internet celebrities.

  4. I do love watching the yogscast videos and i am subscribed to them on youtube, this whole thing will hopefully blow over, although yogscast may never get a panel again at future minecon’s its hard to deny they have influenced Minecraft sales a little but i will take notch’s side when he says that they said they deserve to be paid to be there, when really they dont, nobody else did and neither should they

    • They can -ask- to be paid. You dont generally ask people to fly themselves halfway around the world to attend your event, put on a panel for your event, and publicize your event with your presence, without compensation. Now, Notch can just as easily say no, and that will be that; but its certainly reasonable to ask.

      • They Demanded to get paid they did not ask or Notch wouldn’t be this serious with that little statement. You can’t side with someone who writes “Fuck you” to a kid who just wanted a autograph. Also @BooMie if you like them because they are total dicks that’s fine but don’t expect everyone to be fine with such annoying pricks i am so damn sure they wouldn’t be so tough and demanded if they didn’t have so many fan boys. Personally he needs to find a dentist and lose some weight.

  5. I have to say, i really couldn’t believe this when i heard it. I have been subbed to the Yogscast, and at times, they do get annoying, but all around i doubt they would do something like this. It doesn’t sound like them. However, i doubt Notch would lie either, so i really do not know who to side, considering Seananners and X really made minecraft famous, considering they were the first big youtubers to do videos on it and got so many people, including me to buy Minecraft

    All around the only explanations i can think of is that the yogscast are real dicks, notch is a real dick or there is really some BIG misuderstanding, and i really don’t know who to side with :/

  6. I think that, if it was only notch saying that, it would be ok, but, there is also that post on reddit, so I call it true. If it is, in fact, true, then the yogscast are a bunch of douches.
    My suggestion ? watch stuff from the creatures.


  7. I respect Notch and find Yogscast funny, I honestly don’t know what the hell to think. My guess as to Notch is he’s overreacting maybe because Minecon isn’t as perfect as he’d have liked it. The Yogscast aren’t total dicks, they were probably dumbfounded and nervous as hell, like the Reddit post said, it was their first panel. They didn’t know what to do, and they aren’t the most organized people in the world.

    I can easily understand the ‘insulting people’ and ‘talking behind other’s backs’. They do it all the time if you watch their videos, it’s their little running joke, they don’t mean anything by it. I can’t count on my fingers and toes the times they’ve called out Notch just during their Minecraft videos. I’m not sure what to say about the other accusations… I mean, signaturing “Fuck you”? That sounds nothing like them, sure they swear, but it’s usually just ‘shit’ and ‘hell’. Hardly ever ‘fuck’, if at all. Simon and Lewis may be goofballs or hell, idiots at times, but ‘total dicks’?

    I’m genuinely sad this has happened, no side is truly going to win… but I guess we wait while Notch builds his walls against Yogscast’s view when it’s coming in a day…

  8. Never ever heard of yogscast. Sounds like they were acting high and mighty…

  9. The Yogscast guys have done pretty much everything there is to do in Minecraft anyway. Short of killing the dragon in the End, what more could they possibly get from it?
    They’ll just move on to something else so this isn’t a huge blow to them.

    However, this whole situation should have really been kept between the Mojang staff and the Yogscast staff. Bitching on Twitter about it is only going to draw the attention of the Notch Defence Force and the Yogscast Fanboys, which due to the inevitable replies to Notch’s tweets, will probably crash Twitter by tomorrow morning.

    What SHOULD have happened was a formal letter to the Yogscast, then they write a letter back, both sides explain to the other how they feel, sort it out or go separate ways.

    The PR that some of these gaming companies and YT groups have are astonishingly bad these days, and it’s usually the face of the organisation who screws it for everyone.

    What I would like to see is Notch’s apology to his customers who expected a full game (it was a silly expectation) but got 10.0, which still feels like a beta and still needs more fixing. It’s my understanding that he is no longer on the project, which to some is a relief, I’m just waiting for the moment where Jeb does something with the game he doesn’t agree with, then he will swoop down on his broomstick and demand it be changed back to his vision.

    Calling it now.

    • Kovic?

      I agree with the PR for YT people and game devs but the problem with Mojang is that Notch is the owner and does whatever he wants. If that means venting out on twitter than it’s going to happen. Carl Manneh their CEO needs to get a hold of Notch’s twitter and delete that stuff or pre-screen his tweets if Notch continues to air out all his dirty laundry to the public.

      • Not Kovic :)

        Notch is fine to have his Twitter for posting whatever is on his mind, but when it comes to things like this, (dramas that could and are turning out to be much larger than they should be) someone needs to step in and say, “Hey, you. You’re being a massive child here, let’s talk about this like adults.”

        Alas this does not happen. Why? Well, I’m willing to bed that Notch doesn’t care about repercussions here, and since he’s the guy supposedly running the place (seriously I didn’t know Mojang had a CEO, it doesn’t show) nobody has the nads to step in.

        He’s already made sales, millions of them, he has the money, no more fucks given by him.
        He’s on vacation again, here’s hoping he just leaves Minecraft in Jeb’s hands and doesn’t meddle.

    • Now that you brought it up,this isn’t something to be posted on twitter,this is the second time Notch has written controversial tweets.I believe this is just to show who the Yogscast really are.Like I said,it may not be obvious but they are very business orientated people,I’m not saying they’re bad,I’m just saying that they are different on microphone and camera.

      • I don’t know, their humor on camera (and perhaps them trying to be funny off camera) could very well rub some people the wrong way. Honestly, I can see the Yogscast _joking_ about wanting to get paid, calling Mojang a bunch of nerds, that they’re the reason Minecraft is so popular, etc. but all with a certain sarcasm. If people aren’t used to who they are, then yeah it’s possible to take some of their comments out of context. Maybe their British accent makes them seem snobby, who know. What I can’t see, though, is them seriously aiming to insult people or demand money (unless they have some staffer doing this?).

        If you’ve ever seen their interviews with other people, they’re awkward as hell lol. Maybe they should just stick to LPing random games…

      • that is british humor insulting people is what we find funny gags about people being told there idiots is the most classic british comedy (see monty python for more details)

  10. Fuck Yogscast, I hate yogscast.Why do they think the are somewhat better than Notch. The fat British guy and his friend should be thanking Notch and Mojang for making THEM so big on youtube.

  11. i don’t get why the yogscast would write ‘Fuck you’ on something of a child i mean why would they also why would they call Notch and his workers nerds There nerds? im on the yogscast side because i enjoy there videos so what if they said something behind someones back its happens all the time.
    if you were so bothered if they really did do it they why did u interview them then? i was wondering why it felt so arkward when you were talking.

  12. I don’t like Yogscast, they’re pretty annoying in my opinion. The Creatures are way better. Kootra smells.

  13. I think Captain Sparklez has done more for Minecraft than honestly anyone…I know that I started playing because of him. :D

  14. I love Simon and Lewis but they definitely don’t deserve to be paid to be there…Also I think this shit is funny.

  15. The fuck is a Yogcast!?

  16. I have never heard of Yogscast to be honest… But i have heard of Minecraft.. I Blame Inside Gaming Daily for that… So go f your self Yogscast :D

    • F you, learn the whole story, if you’ve watched the Yogscast, you’d see that they’re nicer and at an interview Notch acted like a dick.

  17. I just wanted to post something non related to the case.

    I really think machinima’s way of journalism is very good. They really manage to let it stay impartial, and even leave the source of all information they wright about.

    Good work. Very professional.

  18. Counterpoint, Yogscast did NOT make Minecraft famous, there were over 1 million users in Alpha release. Yogscast did not start making videos till release 1.3 BETA. I don’t know what was said by whom or done,(yes i have read what people say was said and done but I do not know personally) But minecraft was not made famous by Yogscast in the least, even if they did aid greatly in the Minecraft word of mouth.

    • PLEASE look at yogscast’s first minecraft video, it was made in the ALPHA stages. they started to make shadow of israphel during beta 1.3. i’m not a yogscast fanboy, i just want you to get your facts straight before you go badmouthing others.

  19. Hmm i wouldnt doubt they talked a bunch of crap behind others backs i mean dont get me wrong i have been subbed to them for a year but i really dont give a shit and i know i didnt buy minecraft because the yogs hypnotized me into it i did it cos it looks exilerating but alas i cant play it cos it lags like total shitfuck so yeah

  20. I’m curious if the people of the Yogscast that were associated with these acts were Simon, Lewis, and/or Hannah. I’ve seen what Pat (The guy to the furthest right during IGN’s Livestream closest to Lewis) done with the community, i.e. overtake the Israphel fan page on Facebook and turned it into a Brony page. Doesn’t sound like Simon, Lewis, or Hannah would do that but, what do I know?

  21. well it sounds like to me that someone got there diva on . from the inital things ive seen yogs are a bunch of douches , there content on youtube be dammed . i wont support or suscribe to ppl like this. you dont see rooster teeth or JGC saying halos success is all them . .
    its not one enity that makes a game , is the community as a whole .
    its ppl like team moongoose, Eric Fullerton , Ihazcupquake, slyfox,,Maz and a mess of others that make minecraft what it is not just yogscast

    • So, just off the first thing you hear Notch say, you’re going to believe him? The Yogscast don’t have the personality for this, they’re too gentle. They were both friends but obviously Notch got pissed at them for something and started telling lies. At the friendly interview between Notch and the Yogscast, who was the one who was the most profane? Who was a little rude? NOTCH WAS.

  22. Reading some of these comments made 10% of my brain cells die.

  23. They’re nothing but glorified nerds leaching off of minecrafts fame, mistaking it for theyr own

  24. Notch and the Yogscast most epic troll yet, I’m thinking.

  25. I don’t choose fights when it comes down to this. I’m neutral in every way possible but I really want to know the truth. Notch says that Yogscast had done some bad things like demanding payment, respect more than anyone else and planting what Notch calls “an f-bomb” on a little kid who wanted the Yogscast’s signature. There has been alot of tweets on Twitter about this, noting that I am following both Notch and the Yogscast but I wouldn’t belive that the Yogscast would do this. I have been subscribed to their channel for quite some time now and I have never seen them or heard about them doing something like this. I have come to know the Yogscast quite alot, and I now love them to bits but I would never consider anything like this happening. Although either side may be telling the truth, they also may be lying and if found out, it could ruin both the Yogscast and Notch’s reputation. I’m hoping that this fight doesn’t go on for much longer and I hope to not have to see jurastic actions being made.

  26. I watched a couple of yogs cast vids and got bored, the biggest reason for why i got into minecraft was because of X on machinima. I like notch and have heard accounts from people that i really like on the internet(that have met him) that he’s awesome and super nice. Or from the machinima livestream of minecraft. As soon as the yogscast stops doing minecraft, most people will stop watching them.

  27. The Yogscast are indeed celebrities and they deserve some respect for their work. But they should too respect the ones that gave them to opportunity to become famous in the first place.

    – Yogscast shouldn’t be so rude to fellow celebrities, it will only hurt people.
    – Notch shouldn’t care so much about little things like this and stay at their level (almighty and untouchable) instead of getting down to this.

  28. Wow.Great article, all the information given could just be deduced from the screenshot.

  29. Stopped caring about Yogs cast when they bashed League of Legends for “Being a bad copy of HoN”.

    Ignorant, and obnoxious.

  30. Seananners and CaptainSparkles were part of the first few to advertise Minecraft and should recieve the credit if anything.
    Yogscast is not really entertaining, and if I wanted to watch roleplaying i’d play Dungeons and Dragons.
    Plus this whole thing might just be a joke to get attention.
    If you want to watch actually entertaining videos, then uberhaxornova is for you.

  31. Hell, Notch invited them, He’s a multi millionaire! I would want to be paid instead of buying my own plane tickets, hotel, and then flying to the other side of the planet,temporarily forfeiting my job. Also, Notch is swedish, so english is his second language, and whats the chances of a guy like him picking up sarcasm or british humour. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if minecon has gone to his head.

    • I am danish, part swedish. I know that 90% of swedish/danish people would understand british humour since its pretty much the same kind of humour that we find funny.

  32. Wtf is a yogcast?

  33. I'm Not Telling My Name

    So some shitty youtube star is mad he didn’t get money from some shitty developer? who cares.

  34. notch be trollin

  35. Youtube as a whole is responsible for Minecraft’s success, as it is for many games now, like CoD. But to say that one channel in particular is responsible is a fairly arrogant statement. I like to watch an occasional Yogscast video, and as of late I have found them annoying. Their reactions to the Minecraft ending made me somewhat upset, but I forgave them. If all this stuff turns out to be even remotly true, I have lost any respect I had left for them. I will stand by Notch’s side for now, but I won’t start flaming the Yogscast over all of this, as I don’t see much point.

    <3 Minecraft <3 Notch

  36. I know that yogscast is the reason I play minecraft.
    I also know that the reason I like them is BECAUSE they’re total dicks. Who gives a fuck? Don’t take shit so personally. Maybe Notch just doesn’t like their humour. No need to whine

  37. If we where to say that minecrafts success was because of you tube ide have to say it was seananners who brought more support then yogscast did. thats if you really want to point fingers. but its all youtube as a hole not just one channel and one group.

    Never heard of Yogcast before though

  39. I don’t like pompous celebs…. So I’m unsubbing from them for now.
    I like The Creatures more anyway….
    Yogscast didn’t get me into minecraft, they did.

  40. I subbed to the yogscast then
    When I releazied they r money grabbing whores I unsubbed and them make minecraft big??? Fuck no it was paulsoarousjr who inspired x which seannaner saw and made the game explode they just made a bunch of shitty things that my ass could have produced

    • Dude, your actually going to believe the first person you hear? Out of seeing the Yogscast’s videos, have you ever even had A BIT of proof that they would act like this? It’s not in their nature, and you sir were gullible enough to belive Notch.

  41. I honestly don’t even know what to think or who to believe, the yogscast are a funny pair and notch is an awesome guy for making minecraft, but I don’t expect either of them to say shit like this from out of the blue, so I won’t take a side. I’m going to see how this works itself out.. but my money is on this being a troll.

  42. DISCLAIMER: I am a Yogscast fan (Yognaught)

    I just want to say that I have loved the Yogscast for the last three years, and they have never come across that way in their videos. Second, I wonder if notch talked to them before this post. Third, I just heard that Mojang just tried to sell the rights for Yogscast. Next, I wonder the validity of this post. Note that the Yogscast said that they did not ask for money, only board. In my opinion, this is totally fair, as they did come in from England and thus had to pay for tickets and the such. Maybe they saw the invitation as a statement from notch saying: come do a show at our event. Either way, I was not their and am only trying to voice a hypothetical.

  43. Iv been watching the yogscast and listening to their podcast since they had 50 000 subscribers on YouTube , and the thing they care about the most is their fans , so i dont belive they would ever do something like that, its more likley that Notch was drunk as f..k after the deadmau5 party , so he wrote stuff thats not at all true

  44. I wouldn’t believe Notch, Simon and Lewis don’t have the type of personality for that shit. They’ve always been nice and have never insulted anyone. And I for one don’t think Notch is trustworthy.
    I bought Minecraft hours ago, wass told my account would be upgraded within one hour, and my account still isn’t premium! DAMMIT NOTCH! WHERE THE FUCK IS MY GAME?!?!

  45. Notch was under a lot of stress setting up minecon and the final release of Minecraft. maybe he was taking out his stress on them and now he can’t go back on what he said or something like that. Because I cannot imagine the Yogscast acting in the way supposedly did.

  46. I myself am a huge yogscast fan, but I can believe some of these rumors, but I’m doubtful on some of them. I really do think they have made minecraft a bit better, but not as much as notch. After all I first watched the yogscast before even playing minecraft and that was when I wanted the game. I really do hope this passes though.

    Keep up the good work notch

  47. Ya’ll know the videos are scripted so they can cone off any way they please and beloved me I’ve lived in England for 14 years what they did wouldn’t be “British humour” I’ve seen fan videos of the yogscast in real life and fankly they seem like pricks I have never met notch but I’m on his side on this one.

  48. The Yogscast are a very funny and “very friendly” people. at least between simon and luis. but i was stunned to here this. I almost think that Notch is indeed lying. Im on the Fence and hope that they can just rezolve there differences. And I AM STEVE, YAGNAUGHT, AND I HAVE THE BALLS!. lol

  49. WTF is Yogscast? lol
    I found minecraft while looking for WoW plugins. Then I looked it up on youtube.

  50. I personally hate Yogscast, so now, I like notch 50% more :D Not that I didn’t like him but now he’s super badass

  51. wow the Yogscast that does not seem like them is Notch sure he is correct on what they are saying and doing cause im not so sure?

  52. either notch is drunk or paranoid. Or the yogscast were the drunk ones, cos’ you know its freaking Vegas, nearly all the adults in minecon were drunk -.-

  53. omg i would have never thought yogs cast would do that omg

  54. Guys. This is fucking old and Notch already admitted he was being a dick.

  55. AgentX ( Yogscast forumer)

    For goodness sake people, this situation was RESOLVED. Notch overreacted when he heard some inconclusive lies, this never happened and the yogscast are all innocent. Someone update this damn article.


    • Well, without him Minecraft wouldn’t have existed and without Minecraft, Yogscast wouldn’t have become famous. So.. Notch made Yogscast famous.. And for additional information: Noone cares about your opinion nimrod.

      • actually, the yogscast firstly got famous from there World of warcraft how to videos
        just thought id let you know

      • And without world of warcraft they still wouldn’t have become famous. These are talentless youtube hacks who use video games, created by people with talent, and talk all over them. Sure, that takes loads of skill..LOL!!

      • Might not take any skill whatsoever, but just look how many tried and how little succeeded on the same field.

  57. Guys calm down. This is from a loooong time ago. Notch and the yogscast has since forgotten about it and Notch apologized. These were all rumors that Notch blasted the yogscast for, and when the Lewis and Simon responded to it by claiming it all false and tell their side Notch apologized.

    If you want to see the yogscast side, go here. http://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/mnau9/yogscast_response_to_notchs_twitterings/

  58. This Has Been Resolved But if it was real i would stick with the yogscast because nobody knew who Mojang were untill Seananners and the yogscast started making minecraft

  59. Ok why the the hack is notch thinging!? He took off play mindcraft for free what does that make him think “Oh if i take of the website poeple will be so sad thell by the game this is going to work!” Well if thats what Notch is thinking its not working 1.What about the poeple hoo cant aford it right now and now mindcraft witch is huge you play any more guess how many poeple play play mindcraft for free? over 30% so i dont think new that.

    • my god man use some grammar I didn’t understand half of that and also minecraft is a highly advanced piece of programming genius and THIS POST IS LIKE 2-3 YEARS OLD !!!

  60. MinecraftPersssson

    You know what,Notch is right. I hate the YogsCast as much as he does. They’re idiots.

  61. Everyone has his own taste
    Some like the creatures some like the yogscast
    Notch clearly doesn’t like the yogscast
    So why all the drama?
    Don’t be silly
    I even think a part of this is fake! Don’t take it too serious
    Srry for my english i am dutch :D
    P.S. I am a yognauth

  62. Respect notch biotches, he is the reason why there is minecraft. It all started with him. and the yogscast was famous for making wow tutorials but got more famous when minecraft was in sight.

  63. ppl PLS this issue has been solved long ago notch was mis informed and aggitated healready was tired and annoyed when he wrote this ..and appoligized for it this was just a big misunderstanding between the yogscast and notch ..half of the things notch says here were told by yogscast haters …but the issue is settled and yogscast and notch made up so dun makea big deal outta somethin thats resolved

    oh and tto the ppl who got this link from meganspeaks……..megan is an absolute attention girl and will bad mouth everyone she can badmouth to make sure she keeps stading in youtube …only reason she gave this links is cause the yogcast told her off..(wich she deserves) just look at her tags er etc in every vidoe …she uses all the famous tags for no reason and she just goes onabout crazy ass things hell look at her twitter page there is nothin but fights and ppl always complaining that she got “him” and “her ” etc off youtube ..why ?? cause she cant handle the fact ppl are startingto get tired of her ..so she digs up old shit like this …starts it again and hopes the yogscast will get enough hate so she can continu her meaningless lil youtube channel she doesnt care about anyone and will work ppl outa the way faster then actually lissen

  64. In someways there good in other ways there bad, there not allowing any other youtubers to get a good seris going beacuse most watch the yogscast and when ever people join a server they allways ask about yogscast, yogscast this yogscast that gets on my nerves Notch is the true reason minecraft is so popular not the dumbass yogscast.


  65. EDIT:

    The yogscast would not be as big as they are now if not for notch and minecraft


  66. This is very old, it was resolved soon after. i think notch heard rumours about what peva and tinman had been doing (tinman stole over £20,000 and peva threatened many members of yogscast after which he also threatened to release passwords and other personal info) both tinman and peva were fired

  67. Shut up docks. The yogscast would never do stuff like that. Especially not Simon. Sips, on the other hand…..

  68. Ebby one in minecraft community is about “respecting and caring” bullshit, ya’ll are a bunch of dicks, Notch too. fuck you all!

  69. It love Yogscast and Minecraft/Notch this fight is so big so I’m not taking sides on this

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  71. Well notch doesnt do much if i had a friend who could code (Jeb) the game would be a lot better notch is probly jelious cuz what does notch do anyway he does a little bit of coding its probly stuff like hello world but jeb does all the work so jeb is actually the one to like who cares about notch hes not that important anyway people think he does all the work and jeb just does little coding if you know what codings like then you will know why im saying this, notch just said these things cuz yogscast actually means is saying if they came up with all the ideas instead of notch it will be better so its insulting notch it just makes no sense and if notch quit mojang but jeb stayed then if yogscast joined mojang the game would probly have much better updates like why is it so awesome having this new redstone update come on notch could think of something better but yogscast probly would have a better memory and be more creative so if you think this is true then say and spread the word if u like

  72. Minecraftneedsbetterupdates

    Yeah i have to agree with the fact how if the yogscast joined the mojang company the game would have alot better updates, well think about it, they could add drawfs and new NPCs and diffrent villages and new modes (Adventure for example but this time it’s a real adventure and not just some mode were you can’t mine) and they could have israphel as a new boss, and maybe even a mode were you can play the entire story and everything (from seasons 1-3) because if this all happend, minecraft would bloody kick ASS!, imagine going to survial island and fighting israphel and actually playing alongside the yogscast (but as NPCs) because that would just blow me away P.S If notch is reading this, you should definnitly write these ideas down on a notepad and then add them to minecraft, you’d have more fans and minecraft would be flying off the shelf (Just saying but this would be a great idea for minecraft)

  73. Not true

  74. Me and many of my friends played Minecraft well before yogscast even made a video about it. Not to mention, around over one MILLION copies had sold by the time yogscast published their first video about Minecraft. Meaning minecraft was already well on it’s way. It goes both way people. I had never heard of Yogscast, the only reason I ever heard of them, was because, I was watching minecraft videos on youtube. Minecraft gave Yogscast more fame, which in turn gave Minecraft more fame. However Notch is the hen that laid the egg so to speak, and Yogscast would have never had Minecraft to make videos about, without notch.

    Note: As some have mentioned, Yogscast made vids for WoW, I played WoW for years and have seen many WoW vids, I never heard anyone mention anything about yogscast, It wasn’t until minecraft that I heard about them, and only thanks to minecraft, did I hear about them.

  75. I seriously think that the yogscast are a bunch of shitheads.I DO appreciate minecraft and i often watch their videos but they don’t give a fuck about their viewers and thats the truth all they do is care abut the money, do crappy animations, and all that other shits, and as t3h sourcey quoted “Simon just annoys the hell out of me when I hear some of his interpretations” and it’s completely true i do watch their videos and i do like some of them minecraft videos but the guys behind the screen are just a bunch of nerds who don’t even care about the viewers.

    Now i require to calm a bit down but it’s strange ya’know because…CHECK IT pewdiepie wich has nothing to do with this is thanking the viewers like once a month and he barely played minecraft, there is a colossal dissimilarity between these two, but the biggest dissimilarity is that PEWDS IS FUNNY, i mean the last time the yogscast made me laugh was when they played with another guy that wasn’t even from the yogscast, and besides their enormous stupidity even makes me feel bad.
    Oh…And if anyone got offended with this MY BAD I SHOULD HAVE DONE IT WORSE!!!

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