Mario and Zelda 3DS Bundles Coming To US November 24th


You may have seen the special edition 3DS bundles floating around Black Friday advertisements this past week, but Nintendo has gone out and officially announced the existence and release date of these new Nintendo 3DS bundles.

You have two options to choose from:

Cosmo Black (Legend of Zelda: Special Edition): This bundle includes a glossy black 3DS decorated with some iconic zelda imagery. In addition to the fancy gold and black aesthetic, the bundle includes a free copy of the new Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.

Flame Red (Super Mario: Special Edition): Similar to the Zelda bundle, this hot red 3DS has the mario look written all over it, very similar to the Gameboy Advance SP system from 2004. This bundle includes the newly released Super Mario 3D Land.

Both of these systems will be available on November 24th, Thanksgiving Day. So once you’ve stuffed yourself full of turkey and dressing, you might consider taking a nap. After said nap, you should head out and pick up one of these shiny new handhelds.

  1. Dat Zelda 3DS….

  2. That’s my birthday! Awesome! :3

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