More Than 1600 Players Banned From Modern Warfare 3


Two days ago it was tweeted by Creative Strategist of Infinity Ward, Robert Bowling, that they have banned more than 1600 players for cheating in Modern Warfare 3. From various exploits to unfair tactics, cheating is never something anyone wants to see in a ranked match To quote:

Any attempt to cheat, hack, or glitch in #MW3 will not be tolerated. 1600+ bans issued. Updates in works. Please cont. to report offenders

With EA and DICE tackling XP cheaters head-on, it’s good to see Activision and Infinity Ward step up and deal with some of the less savory elements of gaming. When people get competitive, plenty of people are going to turn to cheating, and they need to know that this won’t be tolerated!

Source Kotaku

  1. Now if only we can report people for being shotgun camping pansies -___-

    • Sadly, its a fighting tactic. As ridiculous as it is, its how people figured out how to get to someone close enough for the shotgun to one hit kill them. Could be worse. >.> Corner camping people with silencers, Blind Eye, Ghost, and having their guns pointed in one direction where essentially the only way to get through is through that one entrance.

    • or better yet be able to report the run and gun retards who just run out in the open and die a million times costing us the win.

  2. yeah the ppl that cheat arent worth s**t at these game there crap and thats it well at least i know im better than them

  3. Good…. Fuckin panzies gotta cheat to win im glad they banned theyr asses

    • were not cheaters were just getting double xp n guns niggah. its not like every one doin the prestige token glitch gets 10th prestige anyway.

      • your still cheating to get your guns better tho while we do it normally,,,, it still gives you more edge you fucking idiot

  4. this is a positive step in the right direction for infinity ward, after bad hacking issues in MW2 it finaly looks like their going to take an active role in stopping hackers, to this i say well done

  5. Hahahah owned!

    I’m just lmaoing at just the thought of what kindof facial expression is covering the faces of these banned guys!

    It’d be so worth seeing LOL

    Man, those stealth bomber spammers were annoying as shit, hope they’ll fix the glitch though so they don’t have to ban more shitbags.

  6. Check on BF3 Leaderboars, like the top 200 are all hackers

    • no shit! how the fuck do you get to your 4th 5th and 6th prestige after only a couple of weeks of the game being released? WTF!? It’s shitbags like this that take the fun out of the game, on the other hand, look at it this way: if it was a real war scenario then these fuckers would most likely be the first to die.

  7. now if only they could make a new game series instead of wasting our time this washed up title.

  8. Instead of patching their game they ban people, that’s freaking hilarious. EA did it too, which I think is also hilarious. Both of the publisher’s need to get their heads out of their ass and fix their games.

    • They banned people who exploited issues with the game, making other peoples gaming experience less enjoyable and unfair. Which was the RIGHT thing to do, people need to understand that the kind of pathetic behavior that takes place, in video games especially, when an exploit is discovered will not be tolerated.

      They have mentioned they are working on a patch and until then, and regardless, this was the right thing to do.

  9. PeaceBetwenPS3andXbox

    It’s about time cheaters/hackers get what they deserve. Now we need to find something for the campers.

  10. Why don’t the people at the top of the leader board that have obviously hacked get banned. If you look at the people with way over hinders kill game average, or k/d over hundred, or kill streak over hundred… That’s not even possible. There aren’t that many kills in a game right?

  11. My friend is great at all the mwf and the other day a kid said he reported him for cheating and he definatley doesn’t we room together and I watch him. How do they know what’s true and what’s false and I also saw you can report for offensive language. Everyone cuses on the game what happens if someone reports for over something dumb like that? Just curious

    • My son-in-law works for Microsoft. He says that because of all the hacking, cheating and poor sportsmanship they are really cracking down and here is how. Every game played is archived so say I report someone for using offensive language or possible cheating the case is assigned to an tech investigator. The tech goes back and watches the game play from the perspectives of the player reported and the player reporting the suspected cheating. They can in fact view the game from the view of every player. If they do find cheating or violation of the terms of agreement, i.e., cursing, offensive language, racial slurs, etc., then that player can and will be banned from play.

      If your a good, honest player then you don’t have anything to worry about.


  12. They watch recordings of the games. They can tell if you’re cheating. It’s obvious

  13. They should start banning people who suck and don’t back out of the game when playing poorly. I already sold the game because of all the noobs. They ruin the game. On the next COD put in a test that will make it harder for those people to play online. That way they are forced to get better. Who wants to play Team Deathmatch and always be the one with the high score, yet lose because you are stuck on a team with people who go 2 and 20. I’m sorry but if your that terrible then quit. Really who has fun getting beat like that? No one. So therefore they are either cheating or don’t have the capacity to be good at it and shouldn’t be allowed on. If you don’t wanna do that then start matchmaking by K/D ratios. With mine being at 2.5 I dominate, but I would like to play in a group with people that have the same because then its competitive. Also QUIT STARTING PEOPLE IN THE MIDDLE OF MATCHES! You put someone right at the end of a match on a losing team and they automatically get the loss? Nah that is why I hit the ps button and just hit quit game. That way I don’t have to take the loss or the stats and I’ll keep doing it until they get their s*** together

    • Your UB(useless bitching) to UI(useful information) ratio is at least 3:1. Play in the Advanced Playlist dumbass.

    • I concur, if you’re that good play in the advanced deathmatches. You vets are dumb asses, how do you think you got good…. Playing and getting your ass kicked. It’s where everyone starts loser!

      • I’ve never been so bad as to go -18. It’s point and shoot, that freaking simple. @RebelYell only a looser would use such a shitty excuse to explain their inability to point and shoot. Not everyone starts at the bottom of the barrel. There are those of us who excel immediately because we’re able to transition our skills from other games over to new ones. I took skills from duck hunt and applied it to FPS’s. 2.15 k/d, no hacks, no life long camping.

  14. To RunNGun

    That is ridiculous. I think people like you should be kicked off. Don’t you think it’s annoying to people like me when I get killed all the time? I don’t WANT to keep dieing! FYI stop worrying about losing, it’s not literally life or death. It’s a game; someone has to win, someone has to lose… get over it. Some people just play for entertainment… not because it is their whole freaking life. I love to play team deathmatch, but I’m still learning. Some games I kill quite a few people; some games I can’t kill anyone. Stop being a jerk and get a life. If you’re bored with how many people you kill, then maybe you should move on and start playing something that challenges you. Here you are belittling people, but who are you to say anything about anyone? Find something else to do with your life… that is, if you have the guts to try something you’re not already ‘too good at’. If you want to suggest anything, maybe it should be to make multiple levels online instead of putting everyone together… you know, maybe people could move up in groups every 20 levels or so? That would be the fair thing to suggest… not that people should quit playing ‘because they suck.’ Just stop being such a jerk and relax; you might actually be able to have fun with it.

  15. If your still learning. DONT PLAY ONLINE. I dont care what your complaint is. I hope in future games they put in a test and if you can’t pass it then you can’t play online. And until you do your forced to practice. Would make matches a lot closer and the game a lot better. Losers like you destroy the online experience because you think its ok to sit around and screw other people over. Sorry bud but I hope whoever plays on your team reports you as a booster, because ultimately that is what your doing, boosting the other teams score considerably to where the gameplay is unfair.

    • for 1 playing online is completly different to playing against ai computer they need to learn how to read people i believe camping is not so bad as in a real war u wouldnt run out into a open field and start gunning away but im on ps3 and get frustrated when the team that has the good side of the server camps spawn camps etc as the bad side of the server requires u pump half if not more rounds into the 1 player making it close to impossible to kill to people next to each other i myself will never hack but admit i have had games that i would class as really poor / close to cheating eg i shot a guy dead never went above his knees but managed a headshot go figure and being in australia we have some of the worst internet speeds in the world so playing against usa is really just a waste of time until we get the good side of the server which could be 5 -10 games of mw3 scores of 7500 -1200 etc etc but then again i can be on a winning team and have similair scores for all the money they make u think they could even it up just a lil bit

  16. First of all, I’m not ‘bud,’ I’m a girl. Secondly, I’m not ‘boosting’ anyone’s score – I could care less about my overall score… I don’t think I’ve ever even looked. I just care about game to game kills. I’m happy if I kill people and I’m mad if I don’t… end of story. Like I said, some people play for FUN and it is not their ENTIRE LIFE. I feel like I just can’t get my point across to you: “IT’S A GAME”. By the way, I’m not the one you should be calling a loser; you need to take a look in the mirror when you say that. Losers are people who replace reality with a fake life twenty-four hours a day; people who sit inside doing the only thing they’re good at. Why should people have to practice? To present a challenge for people like you? Ha! Give me a break! I could personally care less crap whether I’m the best player in the world. I’m busy maintaining a 4.0 in college and living my life. I play to relax when I’ve had a hard day; so why would I want to practice? You need to realize that not everyone plays for the same reason as you do.

  17. For real I hate booster this at my school was 4th on thursday and prestiged the next cause he is boosting hard core non stop please do somethin about it his gamer tag is oOFREAZYOo .

  18. I just hit 10th prestige on Friday.. And honestly I didn’t boost,cheat, or hack. If u know how to level up fast and your good at killing then youll prestige fast.. Im tired of all the people who try calling me a Cheater and report me. But am I going to get banned? No! Hahaha because I’m not cheating and they can verify that. I dominate every game averaging 20-45 kills on team deathmatch.. Does that mean I don’t have a life? No! Anddoris that mean I cheat? No!I have a full time job waiting for a promotion and two kids. To run gun I agree with you. To la de da I don’t agree with you completely but u need to understand how frustrating it is when someone carries the team with 40 kills on tdm and still lose because the rest of your team are noobs. The ones calling people like me are the ones with no life. If u suck at the game and stoop as low as telling someone they are cheating and then rage quit then maybe they need to quit or actually get BETTER! Hahaha

  19. To hahaha, I totally get what you’re saying… not that I’m good enough for anyone to call me a cheater yet – but it would suck to lose when you kill that many people. It just irritated the living crap out of me when run-n-gun said people should be banned because they suck. I like playing… despite the fact that I suck. I tried playing the actual game, but I get bored playing against the computer. Team Deathmatch is the only thing I’ve ever liked (where any video game is concerned)… that being said, I have to learn somewhere. I don’t mind losing, because I know I’m getting better – but it’s annoying when other people get overly serious about it and start throwing a fit. I just want to have fun, so it would be nice if people weren’t so hostile about it.

  20. When run-n-gun complains about noobs it goes to show the level of maturity he has. I don’t care how old he is. There are hardcore modes where he should have a challenge and face hardly any noobs at all. Unless of course he is just like the majority of MW players that are too chicken shit to play barebones pro modes because he can’t live without perks and kill streaks.
    Hacks and glitches are always going to be around no matter what you do because until dev’s get off their high horses and actually fix them nothing happens. They are more concerned about selling you DLC than fixing glitches and hacks because its 100x easier to just ban people they catch cheating.

  21. I agree with you la de da.. Just practice .. I’ve been playing cod since cod4 so I started mw3 consistently getting that many kills per game.. Only true cheaters should be banned… You are totally fine in my book… It’s just those that aren’t good and then call me a cheater or call me a noob for using a pp90 that irritate me.. Obviously I’m not going to be constantly running with a sniper rifle I’m not good at quick scoping lol.. These people just need to realize that there are people out there better than them. But there are also people that hit a certain point and really can’t get better anymore why because they probably think they are so good with there 3rd prestige.. And I think these are the ones that talk all the crap..

    One guy talked so much crap calling me a cheater and aim botter in a free for all… He goes “everyone report this guy he’s cheating!” .. So irritating but I’ll stay in the game and rape them so hard .. He eventually rage quit in the middle of a game..

    Another story.. In Tdm I joined a game late and lost and the other team kept saying I suck and I hacked my 10th prestige.. Next match comes I just rape them so hard they rage quit and start sending me hate messages lmao.. Atleast have the courage to face me in the lobby and stay in the game..

    But honestly you’ll never be able to stop people from talking crap.. It empowers them and gives them an excuse for their losses… They can’t admit defeat so they harass.. Just a defense mechanism …

    La de da if your on ps3 my tag is eyobroimnasty.. Add me I can teach you some things that might help or if anyone else wants to play just add me with a message saying you are from this site

  22. This is only a game. I’m military trained with special forces, and in the game, I do get my ass handed to me. The difference? This is not real. It’s just a game. I’m sure I would dominate in a real life scenario due to you are more aware of your surroundings. In the game, you’re very limited by the size of your television.

  23. I’m on xbox 360… stupid xbox… lol. Thanks for the offer though! I’ll probably get better sooner or later…

    I think it’s mostly just that I never really played video games before… my husband always bought football games (ugh) so I was never interested in playing. Of course, once he bought black ops, it looked like too much fun to pass up, lol. Even then though, I was only playing black ops for a month before mw3 came out… no wonder I get my butt kicked. I do have to say though, I’m learning pretty fast :)

  24. Today I was playing search and stuck a guy in the head and it didn’t even phase him. I don’t even know how its possible to survive being stuck.

  25. You cant really get mad at everyone at a high level I know half of you are but you to accept that some people are I’m in a top clan and on of our best members has been 9th prestige from about 2 weeks he hasn’t been on in awhile but he is legit and actually got banned one day in black ops just because he did really good……you guys are also saying no life but he has less than 6 days of gameplay so remember they might just be able to level up fast and kick ass

  26. I,for one,thunkthat Black Ops is better anyway. It may be just me,but I think everything was more simple when it came to Black Ops. I’m not gonna lie though, ive cheated in games before. But it does get boring. So that right there was MY punishment. So, to me, cheating is gonna happen regardless but to me if it doesn’t affect me in particular I’m okay with it. But if it does, I simply leave the room.But yeah……I like Black Ops more anyway:)

  27. I really don’t have a problem with ‘noobin’ or camping that stuff doesnt bother me no one likes dying and if they want to hide in a corner where they don’t really play I don’t care. The thing that’s driving me nuts at the minute is these guys who team up with an enemy player and hide in a corner tactically inserting I found two guys doin it earlier and spent the whole game chasing them round so they couldn’t do it. So was another member of my team. Does anything get done about this ? Coz it kinda ruins it. I like KC but this is a flaw

  28. I really like the COD games. I don’t accuse any one of cheating but it has to be happening. How can it take almost a whole clip to kill someone and they kill in just a few shots? Same gun. Anyway you can’t make everyone happy. Either run around dying your team hates you or camp an get kills the other team hates you. It is just a game

  29. my game seems really fast but i seem to die then see the enemy after im dead whats going on any ideas

  30. Lawl that run n gun guy is such a douche xD

  31. You guys slay me with all your nonsense… I’m too good – I shouldn’t have to play with people who suck, etc. Wow, get a life! You’re playing a game over the internet, IT’S NOT A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD! Latency… Lol, when I play the game, I’m having some drinks, playing for the fun of it. You folks complaining about someones skill level are utterly pathetic & you obviously take this stuff waaaay too seriously or you wouldn’t be CRYING about it. Again GET A LIFE!

    If you care about your “score or stats” you’re a loser of epic proportions! You are the best player in the world, WHO GIVES A F@#$! You do, that’s it, no-one cares! Shut-up and try to enjoy the fact that you can play the game in a warm dry home with an internet connection, not starving & homeless in an alley somewhere, you narcissistic joke… Get a hold of yourself man!

    I love you all…

  32. Does anyone have the problem with looking at someone and there name is green and then they shoot you and it is then red and they were actually an enemy………Its like they mod it so it looks like there on your team but there not.Has this happened to any one else.

    • Yeah taht usually means you had a team-mate behind him probrably way in the back of the map but it will still show his name over the enemy its just a game problem

  33. Um yeah, camping freakin rules, its so funny killing people who never see it coming haha you fools!

  34. I am glad to see these people banned when I pay 60$ for a game I should be able to have a good time and access all of its options. For the guy that thinks people that aren’t any good buy the dlc pack and play for prizes if your so good. Remember people all have to practice somewhere and there is always someone better than you and maybe they think your a noob! I play and get bitched at because I have a low K/D But I get a lot of kills but also get killed a lot because I do not camp. I think they should implement a points system for when someone camps more than 30sec they start to lose points or get a warning if you keep camping you will commite suicide and minus 100 points. Or maybe make a game where people to play that like to camp like the opposite of kill confirmed.

  35. If u can’t handle gettin beat all the time and complain about having a shitty team then learn to play and make friends that u know are good and start a party so u will have a good team. If ur not smart enough to do that then ur either an idiot or a loner. Stop complaining that ur team u get put with sucks and think smart….that’s if u have the brains anyways.

  36. @RunNGun
    So what you are saying is if someone is doing bad on your team they should quit, but joining games in progress shouldnt happen…
    You do realise the conundrum?

  37. RunNGun

    If its so easy for you..get off your ass and join the military!!! Or play with your eyes closed badass….

  38. I hate when it takes 2 shots from a sniper rifle across the map to kill, but the guy with a SMG hits me from all the way across the map. Or how about making people limp when you hit them in the leg instead of them pulling some matrix sh!t and shooting you. And I have been on both ends of that so not just bitching. Peopel need to also realize this has no comparison to real life. A game holding perfect sight picture 100% of the time is not realistic to real shooting situations or try running across those maps in real life for that long carrying a 70lb pack.

  39. As you all know cheaters, hackers, glitchers, and modders have ruined nearly every military game that has been released since Call Of Duty World At War so long ago. My main gripe as most of yours is the fact that cheaters make these games less enjoyable. Seriously the cheaters and hackers need to leave these games and never come back. I could care less about my K/D Ratio as it has been severely damaged because of these cheaters. I can’t even walk into a game now a days without 2-3 cheaters being in there too. I am truly getting tired of these SKILL LESS Jerks topping the leaderboards as well as game stats for individual games. I mean seriously these game companies who host these games needs to do something about these low life morons. And since there are alot of cheaters out there, you can easily assume that they were getting killed alot due to lack of skill in these type of games. So what do they do, they cheat to make themselves look like awesome gamers. Well in my honest opinion on this matter, I truly believe these people need to be banned and I am not just talking about from games either. Ban their Gamertag / and whatever the PS3 version of the GT is.And every time they make a new account and start cheating again, ban that tag to. Sooner or later they will have spent over $200.00 or more for banned tags. If Microsoft were to work with these game hosting companies I believe that the mulitplayer games would be far more enjoyable. I mean why pay $60 plus dollars for a brand new game only to have cheaters ruin it with cheats only 2-5 days after its intial release. So basically speaking hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent on these games only for it to be ruined by some sad sorry cheater or should i say skill less hacks who don’t deserve to be in the game with us. I mean seriously, these cheaters need to be gotten rid of. On most days I can finish a game of TDM on Blackops with about 12 kills and only 2-3 deaths. Yes I know that is not even remotely good for the seasoned players out there but at least I am holding my own. But when cheaters are in the game, say about 3-5 of them my KDR drops badly. And I do mean badly. When cheaters are in the game my kills are about 6 and like 15 deaths because of these skill less losers. Anyways before I end my post, I would like to say to all the legit players out there who don’t use any type of cheats, two things. The first is that I respect you for staying truly legit and for not succumbing to the cheating ways, and two that I wish people would stop reporting you for boosting / cheating when you are not. I truly believe that there are some really great players out there who don’t cheat. And to those people you have my admiration. Even though what I think is not important to others, but I still wanted to say my piece.Anyways until these games are hack free / cheating free, we will continue having to face these skill less noobs. Anyways to all you non cheaters have a good day and I hope one day we can show these cheaters a lesson.

  40. Its about time
    less noobs
    now im only 2 prestiges away from 10th
    ill be a beast

  41. i almost forgot… add me on psn OV_Revenge_VO

  42. I think some of you are missing an moorland concept, they are banning people for double xp exploits, which I doubt any of you really care is happening.

    They sell map packs for more than the game cost, made millions off double xp, but complain when people want to be able to prestige faster. Washed out game franchise, exploiting their product for millions of dollars and then banning kids because they can’t patch their game.

    They made this game to sell to middle schoolers, not the adults that played cod4. Even noob took in cod 4 wasn’t near as powerful as strikker, or ump, or the akimbo pistols. This game isn’t made for strategy anymore, it’s made so little kids can pick up a gun and still kill a professional cod player.

    People find out how to hack this game in a matter of days, and they spend a year making a copy of the last game, all they did was add new maps, so stop complaining about hackers and ask what your spending money on.

  43. If you think they catch them all, you’re retarded. If the game allows it, it isn’t cheating. Manipulating code, multiple accounts, hacking etc is cheating. Repeating an allowed game action to achieve an advantage is NOT.

  44. 1600 people have been banned. Also glitching will not be tolerated!!! WOW that is really messed up it’s their fault that they made it like that. If they don’t want people glitching patch the game. I’m really ticked off right now but if you agree eith me. Then message RIGHT NOW I will make a group on if you don’t have one get ONE!!!

  45. My friend has not been on mw3 in 5 days an today wen he checked his email it said that he was being banned. I went to check out why he got banned and in xbox it said that he was last online 21 hours ago when really he hadn’t been on in 5 days. It would be better if infinity ward and activision would put some effort into finding out why they are getting banned, if they haven’t done anything in xbox for days/ weeks then you don’t ban them. While looking up why people would randomly get banned I notice how many more people have had the same problem. If anyone has any information on this please comment.

  46. By the way I think if kids ages 10-19 can hack into your game then maybe you should hire new people do patch you game, maybe even hire those kids because Rey are better than the employees.

  47. I think the funniest thing is that the game is rated 18 but the best players are the kids. I’m 32 and i would say i was an average player others would say i was shit but my cousin who is like half my age absolutely dominates in every game he plays. It must be taught at school now how to quick scope and kill death ratio must be part of maths. Now don’t get me wrong i could sit and just watch any player who is good but the hackers do make all the games pants, i mean how can anyone shoot you round a corner without even looking at you. I’ll be honest i’m quite naive and at first was impressed at these kills but after a while it gets old fast.I’d never even heard of boosting till recently and when i was told about aimbots i looked on youtube and my first rection was just really!! are people that bad that they have to hack and get it all done for them(i mean it even shoots for you) Anyway to all you out there like me who just plod on and try your best i respect you, to those who need to cheat i hope you all get banned>

  48. Listen this message is for robert bowling and all of call of duty players, i no you guys dont like cheaters and hackers and boosters but were only taking advantage of mw3s flaws like why not and a big deal is people get mad at us because they dont no how to do it and thats not right and you guys report us and we get banned all this is doing is making people hate the game even more and 4 the token glitch this may be the dumbness idea yet banning some one for a mistake you did and probally 90 percent of people did it alot of people are gonna quit this game and your ratings down and that means less money in your guys pocket and i no yuo guys dont want that so stop banning people please.

  49. seriously I can’t believe some of these people are defending cheating and glitching. I’m glad there banning these guys. people like this ruins games. I remember when the first socom come out it was my first online experience and I loved it except for you had to deal with glitchers hiding in walls and when people started using code breaker on it this just ruined the game. so it makes me really happy to see video game companies taking such an active stance against it. it’s very unsportsmanlike and ruins the game for other players

  50. If anyone wants to play just add me on xbox or ps3
    Both are DazedRed Dino

  51. I just accidentally reported my friend and coworker for cheating. I 100% didn’t mean to do it. I was going to connect and check if he was online by hitting the green triangle and dropped my controller and it said i had reported him for cheating. His Id is Boogity16. I’m sorry for this. hope i have not caused him any hardship or trouble with you guys. My id is WV2KY. thanks

  52. hello my name in right there and i just wanted to tell this the the people that made mw3 and to tell you guys that my friend jona plays mw3 with me on the ps3 and he boosts or cheats with his other friend and that pisses me off i would like you guys to band his acount. this is his name on ps3 Mohawkassassin90 i would be very happy if you banned it thank you.
    PS love the game

  53. I just wanted to say that there is a HUGE lag in the game all the time. If you shoot someone it takes about a second for them to die. That dont sound like a lot but it is more then enough time for them to shoot you or shoot someone else. I mean it wouldnt be such a big deal but im tired of sniping someone and still getting shot by them after shooting them. I thought maybe it was just my wifi being slow but ive heard it is with a lot of people getting this problem. It started when you put on the ricochet on hardcore. That was an even bigger and worse mistake by the way. I would rather have the team killer every once in awhile then have a lag or some guy on my team laying in front of me being a jerk while im sniping. Im sure you have had complains about the ricochet but ill just let you know that MW3 was SOOOOO much better before. Id like to have it back the way it was.

  54. Hi. Just wanted to say fuck psn. Hacking is what i do, hacking is where i play. I am… A Hacker.

  55. “Hacking” is simply for people that can’t play the game, I mean being invincible and invisible? As if being invincible wasn’t enough? It’s pathetic and I really don’t know how they haven’t banned more than that number, I’d say I’ve come up about half of that let alone it’s just plain stupid. I’ve reported hundreds of “hackers” as they call themselves (more like people that can’t play the game) and I can bet you nothing’s been done. People think that it’s all us youngers that hack but I’m 18 and I think it’s bollocks. If you can’t play the game the way your meant too and actually have a challenge then what is even the point? What fun do you get out of ruining the game for others just because you can’t play…. All infinity ward an treyarch have to do is simply go on score and go to top and there’s way over 1600 hackers right there! Just ban them!!? Or are they just too good at hacking for you to even ban them because that’s what it looks like! Sort it out!! This is not what I paid for…

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