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How smart are you? Probably not smart enough to turn your great idea for an iOS app into reality. I know I’m not.

Well guess what, dum-dum? Stanford University is offering free online video classes in app-making. According to the Stanford Report, computer programming professor Paul Hegarty’s classes are available for free on iTunes U, where you can follow along with his course lectures and slides. The latest course added to the service is called, aptly, “iPhone Application Development,” though you could (and probably should) take the prerequisite courses “Programming Methodology” and “Programming Abstractions,” both also free.

The classes will teach students how to use and create programs in Objective-C, which is the building blocks responsible for mobile applications. And while it’s certainly no guarantee of fame and riches in the app store, learning a new skill is definitely a good way to diversify yourself in this totally shitty economy. Guess what I’ll be doing in my spare time now that I know about this?

Says Hegarty of the free online offerings: “You really feel like as an instructor that the work gets leveraged. It’s really rewarding.”

Go and learn, people! And come back here with some awesome games and apps that we can write about. Go now!

Via Stanford University News

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