3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure Hits Nintendo 3DS


Following the route of bringing hits like Excite Bike and Xevious to their 3D fruitions, Nintendo has released Kirby’s Adventure onto the 3DS eShop today. Alonside other 3D Classics, Kirby’s Adventure is a lightly touched up, 3D enhanced version of its NES predecessor.

Yes, the levels, enemies, power-ups, and bonus stages are exactly the same, so no worries there. The game will run you $5.99, which, when you consider the prices of other things nowadays, isn’t a completely unfair price. Granted, it could be a bit more competively priced, but so could many other things…like a juicy steak. Regardless, I’ll pay $6 for a Kirby game ANY DAY of the week.

It’s a great game for a good price. If you want a trip down memory lane or just want to see what Nintendo’s pink puffball is all about, then I wouldn’t hesitate in dropping the coin for it.

[via EuroGamer]


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