Top Four Best Skyrim Mods So Far

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This Skyrim thing has only been out since Friday—FRIDAY—and there already heaps and heaps of mods for the game floating around the internets. The top resource for said mods seems to be on Skyrim Nexus, which plays host to the many different tweaks and changes that users have been coming up with to maximize their Skyrim experience. Most mods range from making more realistic looking blood, textures, or faces, for example, while others make the game more challenging by removing enemies from your compass—things like that.

In fact, there’s already been one mod in particular, unofficially dubbed the “Street View” mod, that’s been getting plenty of press around the interwebs. Like Google Street View, the mod lets you zip and zoom around the entire game map and explore every nook and cranny. Check out this video and see for yourself…

Pretty useful stuff. Very useful indeed–but is it actually fun? Heck no! That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top four best (meaning stupidest/craziest/mentally disturbed) Skyrim mods that super-nerds have come up with so far.

4. Super-hero Executioner Hoods

User Jstonecipher created a pretty bad-ass looking hood modification to bring Spider-Man into the world of dragon slaying and elf-humping. Which makes sense, considering that Peter Parker’s pretty much a huge nerd himself, and would probably lose tons of crimefighting time to Skyrim. Jstonecipher’s official description is pretty awesome:

“Many years ago, in the forgotten depths of Tamriel, a hero was born. He lived among the Frostbite Spiders of Skyrim, and learned stealth tactics and spider things. Like biting people. This was his hood.”



Then, of course, there’s the also cool (but not quite as cool) Rorschach hood made by nickoli002, who writes under the description that Deadpool and Venom hoods are soon-to-follow.

rorschach hood 1

With all this nerd sauce mixed in with your geek flakes, you’ll be shitting comic books and +2 dwarf daggers in no time.

Yeah, I said it.

3. Juggalo Children

Are you sad you missed the annual Gathering of the Juggalos? Fear not—now you can recreate all the fun of weirdos in clown makeup for no good reason with this ClownChildren mod by Derrax.

juggalo kids 1

juggalo kids 2

Probably creepier than all’nem spiders you gotta kill.

2. My Little Ponies

People really seem to like that new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show. So much so, that these are but two of the several MLP mods I found. First, there’s the pony-themed Canterlot Blanket Bed made by user PaulHoffman.


But far superior to that is the My Little Pony horse skin-mod created by jeffs14, which features the skins of six of the televised pony-friends that you can slap on your horse.




1. Obligatory Nude Mod

You know, it wasn’t that terribly long ago when the most amazing thing any nerdboy could hope for was truth behind the long-rumored “nude code” for Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft, which even in its ideal form would create an extremely shitty looking render of a naked lady.

But these days, everything’s going naked-style. Case in point, this, like the Ponies before it, was but one of many nude mods I came across in searching for this post. But this one, simply titled “Nude Females” by Thepal has my favorite description of anything EVER:

“I decided to accept I am a nude modder and finished the job. This mod removes the underwear from female characters, and adds what should be under the underwear.”

Is it me, or does the description sound somewhat unsure? What should be under the underwear?

Well, despite the lack of definitiveness, yes, Thepal, you figured it out.

But, I’ll admit it—these nude mods always strike me as somewhat unfair and disrespectful to the dignity of the ladies in the game. That’s why I’ve gone a step further and modded the mods.

Take a look:



That’ll teach you some respect, you creep.

Found anything more bizarre (or awesome) than what’s on our list?

  1. Oh boy…
    I should’ve a nude mod sooner or later.The beauty of moddable games…

  2. 6 days and already theres a nude mod. This is concerning.

  3. The game has only been out for 2 days Onix068

  4. The guys at Bethesda probably didn’t add the proper, em, physical features on their models that can be seen normally on naked humans (nipples, for example) as the models were never supposed to be without their underwear. Thepal probably meant that he added said features where they were missing, that is, where they should’ve been in the first place had Bethesda went for realism.

  5. MLP: FiM get here … i approve this blog post

  6. Get me the Creation Kit and I’ll make you mod like you’ve never seen before!

    I love modding, it’s so enjoyable. However don’t try it until you’ve completed the main story of a game at least once. I started modding Oblivion as soon as I got it, and it ruined the story and feel for the game for me. For instance, I have never worn Ebony armour in all my 5 years of playing it… that’s how bad it is.

    I’m glad I didn’t make the same mistake in Skyrim, but now that I have finished the story twice, I’m getting desperate for the Kit, BRING IT OUT ALREADY!!!!!

  7. I want a Gatsu mod! with hes whole armor+dragonslayer greatsword!
    I gonna learn to use the tool only for make that up! xD

  8. make a fallout mod please!

  9. MLP YES! lol

  10. There was a nudemod on the second day after release….

  11. [With the exception of the zoom in map mod…]

    You got the name of your article wrong. It should be called. “The most pointless, stupid, worthless mods to date for Skyrim, but if you are a 13 year old juvenile you might like them…”

  12. Just thought I would mention the reason the nude mod guy was a little hesitant. He originally only removed the underware, but left flat skin underneath. He said in the description for that one that he had just wanted to see if it could be done, and was leaving real nude modding to others.

  13. Umm.. Where can I download this? Especially, the nude mod, I really like it. But don’t get me wrong, I respect girls but I like to see them nude, makes my dick rock-hard for a reason but I don’t want to hurt them. Thanks!

    Mr. Lee
    CEO of Industrial Revolution Inc.

  14. By far, one of the best mods I’ve found is macho dragons. All the dragons are replaced with macho man randy savage the professional wrestler. Nothing makes skyrim quite as good as having macho man randy save you at the start by flying around screaming YEAH! and International heavy weight championship winner randy savage!



  17. i think you should make a disturbed guy mod that would be awsome

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