Capcom Announces Resident Evil Chronicles HD Selection for PS3


Over in Japan, Capcom has announced that they’ll be producing hi-definition remakes of the Nintendo Wii’s Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles titles to the PS3, reports Andriasang. According to the post, the PS3 bundle of the games, titled Resident Evil Chronicles HD Selection, will also feature PlayStation Move support–a pretty smart move considering the games’ Wii-based roots.

The announcement came last night (which was daytime to those folks) at a Resident Evil 15th anniversary event. So far, though, no announcement of the game coming to US shores has been made. But I’d be surprised if they didn’t go ahead and release it in the states later on.

Of course, Capcom did make a couple of other announcements for Resident Evil titles in the US over the weekend, so perhaps they didn’t want to dilute their message with too much RE news. If nothing else, we’ll certainly let you know if we find out anything else about a planned release date for the HD collection.

Via Andriasang

  1. Is this just a PS3 exclusive, or will we have 360 versions?

    • So far, all that’s been announced is that they’re making it for PS3…in Japan. Anything other than that would be pure guesswork on our part. It’s conceivable that if they do bring this game stateside, they would release it for the Xbox 360 as well. But at the same time, the lack of an Xbox 360 release for Japan is conspicuous by its absence.

      • And considering the 360 doesn’t do well in Japan, but maybe the US will get a release.

        When I posted earlier, I had no idea what the game was like, and now I understand why it’s a PS-Movie title. It might be hard getting that game to work with Kinect, if they want to release the collection for Xbox.

  2. And yet, they refused to make some real money making a new game… (Legends 3, anybody? )

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