Nightwing DLC Trailer Kicks Ass, Batman Arkham Costume Created IRL

I’m almost finished with the side missions on Batman: Arkham City, so I’m jonesing for some more to do in Gotham. Fortunately, Rocksteady has my back with a brand new trailer for the Nightwing DLC pack that hits on November 1. As we reported a few weeks ago, for about seven bucks, you’ll get to download the Nightwing character and two additional challenge maps. Sadly, it doesn’t look like you’ll get any actual new missions for the game proper—which, really, is what I want most of all.

Still, it’s not bad, overall. This will tide me over until we get MORE MISSIONS AND BAD GUYS TO FIGHT. Please please please.

Of course, playing the game isn’t quite enough for some people. Today, a post on Comics Alliance has photos and information on an enterprising group of SFX and costume makers who belong to a newly formed company called XworkZ Studios. Studio representative Lisa Alvarez went onto The Effects Lab forums to show off the work she and her colleagues had put into recreating the bat-suit from the Arkham games. The results are pretty fucking amazing.

See for yourself, then be sure to check out the Comics Alliance post for more details on how it was made:







costume 7

So…how much would you pay for this thing? I’d probably wear mine around the house. Or when I go to get the mail.

  1. would have sex init

  2. i would pay around the region of fuck to all for the costume. Id steal it and see if the real batman would do anything about it

  3. I would wear it too the super market and be like oh yeah!

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