Microsoft Responds to FIFA 12 Hacks


Based on all the folks claiming their accounts have been hacked in the previous report, we decided to reach out to Microsoft and see if they had any official update on what’s going on. Their response isn’t exactly sexy.

We do not have any evidence the Xbox LIVE service has been compromised. We take the security of our service seriously and work on an ongoing basis to improve it against evolving threats. However, a limited number of members have contacted us regarding unauthorized access to their accounts by outside individuals. We are working with our impacted members directly to resolve any unauthorized changes to their accounts. As always, we highly recommend our members follow the Xbox LIVE Account Security guidance provided at to be protect your account.

Basically, Microsoft isn’t acknowledging that a widespread system compromise did take place, nor that there’s anything systemic in the compromise. This appears contrary to the user response we’re seeing on the previous story, but then again, we don’t have the whole picture.

Normally, I’d view this as a case of Internet busybodies making up stories just to be dramatic, but too many of these stories ring true. Plus, Activision Social Media Manager Dan “One of Swords” Amrich is a victim here, and I doubt he’s the sort to tell tales.

Here’s a collection of other stories provided by the community —

Connor Savas:

Ass holes did this to me I had 2110 map on my gtag and now there’s 30 I recovered my tag only to find that FIFA 12 was my last game played and 15g was on the game 1 was star a ultimate team. 2 Was sum outher one not no what I’m going to do ):


Looks like mine got hacked too. And I thought that my sister had played her friend’s FIFA12 when they came over. Damn.


Ive had the exact thing happen to me… but it was with fifa 11. on august 20 i went to work came home and found that my account was recovered to a different Xbox. i tried to recover but the password was changes. i change it again recovered it and reported it to Microsoft. that lock my account and said they will “look into it”. Its been 2 months now and nothing has happen. the little bastard that stole my account also stole 200 bucks from my back account. to buy 10000 Microsoft points and a family gold pack. i took notice of this story when fifa 12 was mention. but i was hacked BEFORE that game came out. with fifa 11. maybe it really is because of EAs servers. And to top it off when i finally made progress with Microsoft on the phone they told me that when they do get to my account i wont be able to log in for a month. woooo.not.


Ive had the exact thing happen to me… but it was with fifa 11. on august 20 i went to work came home and found that my account was recovered to a different Xbox. i tried to recover but the password was changes. i change it again recovered it and reported it to Microsoft. that lock my account and said they will “look into it”. Its been 2 months now and nothing has happen. the little bastard that stole my account also stole 200 bucks from my back account. to buy 10000 Microsoft points and a family gold pack. i took notice of this story when fifa 12 was mention. but i was hacked BEFORE that game came out. with fifa 11. maybe it really is because of EAs servers. And to top it off when i finally made progress with Microsoft on the phone they told me that when they do get to my account i wont be able to log in for a month. woooo.not.


I would really appreciate some word on how we are all getting are accounts hacked with this Fifa thing and Microsoft is saying nothing is going on. Its all over the net and twitter. I am locked out of my xbox live account and had money stolen for 6000 Microsoft points. So can you guys please Cowboy up and release the INFO. So people can protect them self.


I had mine hacked two days ago. They bought 10,000 MS point and seem to have spend them all (including some I already had on my account) on FIFA bundles. It was easy enough to retrieve my account but how hard it’s going to be to get my money back is another question. Microsoft support have warned me it might take a month for the investigation to finish and until it does I can’t use Xbox live, Windows live, or Games For Windows live. Not impressed!


I also was hit with this on Saturday, October 15th. I also do not use the EA servers. I also haven’t used this username or password for at least 5 years. It is outdated and irrelevant due to life changes.

I suspect that Microsoft has hackers inside their servers. Fortunately I only lost a few thousand MS points. My 4 year old son managed to purchase the highest MS points deal a few years ago because the CC was linked. That got removed very quickly.

I’d suggest to anyone, affected or not, NEVER put your bank or CC info on ANY site. PayPal, Microsoft, PSN, etc. The thieves appear to be ahead of the corporations.

I’d note that I also got two FIFA achievements. That seems to be the “fingerprint” left behind on this issue. That is actually how I figured out that I was affected by this hacking.

Microsoft still wants to say that it was either a “mix up” or that I allowed someone to Phish my account info. I don’t ever fall for phishing tactics. If I get an email suggesting that I go online, I use my trusted bookmark link or I don’t visit the page. I verify ALL emails before entering info.


Add me to the list of hacked , 3 fifa cheevos & locked out of my gamertag. worse bit is xbox support dragging their feet over sorting these accounts out & returning them to their rightful owners.


I just got my account hacked. I was at work when my friend called me to tell me that I had just logged in to play FIFA 12. He knew I was at work so thankfully he called me and I was able to get the account locked down immediately. The guy bought $75 of MS points and spent it on a Gold Premium Content pack. I’d be less annoyed if he had bought stuff for a better game (in my opinion. Obviously some people like the EA series of yearly sports titles.). Hope this gets plugged soon, I’d hate to have to dump XBL cause some hooligans are causing mayhem via EA servers (yet another reason for me to loathe EA) and it affects people who don’t play on them.


I recently found out I was hacked. I do not play FIFA12 (although I WAS going to buy it). However I DO play NHL12 and NCAA12 – both EA servers. I found out when the hackers bought 10,000 microsoft points on my credit card – I received an e-mail to my primary e-mail address. After I found out, I immediately cancelled my credit card and filed a dispute on the charges. I called microsoft – they are starting an investigation but I can’t recover my gamertag or go online for the next 25 days. Microsoft said they could permanently ban the offender’s machine from playing on xbox live. I’d rather see the person in handcuffs but if they’re overseas I guess there’s not much you can do…


Happened to me earlier this morning, if I hadn’t gotten notices by mail about the first purchase of $50 they’d have gone on draining my card I bet. Microsoft locked the account at my request and they promise a refund but if they’re still saying there’s no problem on their side then the evidence says otherwise. Also, you don’t need to own Fifa 12 for this to happen to you, my system has never even touched a sports game.


Its fucking xbox, i just got my account havked, and i have never played a fifa game in my life

I’m trying to give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt here, but it’s a little hard to accept that they “do not have any evidence the Xbox LIVE service has been compromised” after all the testimonials above. Then again, Electronic Arts appears to be tacitly connected to the issue, so we’ll follow up with them as well.

  1. One of my co-workers told me he got hacked too. He only lost around 1600 MS Points, but it was all spent on FIFA12 stuff. Don’t think he even owns that game…

  2. It is possible that these peoples emails and passwords were hacked via other intrusions of other services and they never changed their passwords… *cough cough*

  3. This also happened to me. I was logging on to AOE online and had to re-set my password, which I thought was funny at the time. Then two days latter when I was checking my bank account there was around $130 worth of points charged to my account… plus I had some Fifa2012 achievements, which I would never play. I have got microsoft investigating and my bank so I hope I get my money!

  4. MS should shut off the servers for as long as it takes to find the issue and squash it. Yeah, it costs money, but I’m willing to have some downtime if it means my account info stays secure.

  5. People actually lost money? Oh, so the “great HACK OF PSN” is now second in the “OMG HAX!!” since no one reported losing any money. Oh lol.

    • Actually in the PSN hack if you actually read alot of the information about it, thousands of bank account details were stolen. Trying to use a trgaedy for your own gain so your “thing” is better than someone elses is called being a massive dick. Stop it and start appreciating that inanimate objects aren’t worth fighting over, at any time. PERIOD.

      • thank you that is so true. Some people think that one system has to be better than the other so they will make everything sound better then the other. exige34 you are such a dumb dick.

  6. Now Now Microsoft…dont go sounding like a mac

  7. Interesting enough some have mentioned August 20th. I know that there was an issue with M$ at the time as I was affected by what they called ” a server issue ” I lost all my purchase history and points. It took a filling with the BBB to get that resolved. I wasn’t hacked though it seems oddly related due to the time frame.

  8. At about 8am this morning my friend, who quit xbl for ps3 a year ago, told me his credit card had been accessed and ms points had been bought. I didn’t think much of this because of our mutual thief of a friend…that is until at 10:30 he calls me and says HE had just lost $100 from his cc he was going to buy mw3 with, and it was spent on ms points and of course the notorius fifa2012 was recently played. Now my other friend, the earlier, has removed his cc but has not checked for fifa12 on his achievements, I’m not taking chances and I’m removing the cc info from my acc as we speak.

  9. If the EA servers are this bad right now what do you think will happen to BF3? They already banned people because they ACCIDENTLY joined a modded server by using origins server search tool. Its disgraceful and until theres some valid confirmation that they are dealing with it im not touching an EA game.

    • Very true. I already preordered BF3, but if I hear rumors surfacing of any hacking occuring again, I will trade in that game in a heartbeat.

  10. Two of my co-workers were both hacked. They found their passwords changed and $75 charged for Microsoft points. Fifa 2012 and add-ons were bought. They both changed their passwords as soon as they found out. They contacted Microsoft and Microsoft said they had already flagged the accounts when the passwords were changed. They were both refunded immediately and their accounts returned.

  11. Vincent and Daryl have the same quote. You should check that.

  12. Poor XBOX Live. Although Xbox players at my school made fun of me for owning a PS3, I pray that you guys are spared from this.

    Good luck fellow gamers.

  13. thats why i dont like microsoft–poor product with public lies.

  14. And the Moral of the Story. Become an NBA fan. but all jokes aside i feel sorry for everyone who is affected and im hoping that this gets resolved, but knowing EA i fucking wont

  15. Same thing happened to me today… Somebody logged into my account while I was at work and spent $35 worth of Microsoft Points that I had left over from a 4,000 point card I had just redeemed. Just as with every single other report of this, they purchased a bunch of FIFA 12 content with the points.

    I was able to recover my gamertag because I caught it enough before they changed anything other than my password. I’d REALLY like to know how exactly all of these accounts are being compromised. Xbox Live support tried to tell me that it was most likely a keylogger on the Internet, which is basically the same as telling me I’m stupid and it was my fault. I’m 100% sure it was nothing I did, as I’m in the IT field and there’s no way in hell I had anything to do with leaking my own password.

    The fact that there are so many reports of this clearly indicates that it’s a large scale issue caused by some sort of compromised security. I think it’s complete trash that I’m expected to essentially lock myself out of my own account for 25 days (probably more, given the volume of affected accounts) in order to get my money back. If this was my credit card, they’d have removed the charges and sent me on my merry way already. Shame on Microsoft (and probably EA as well) for totally dropping the ball on this.

  16. Mmm. 2500 MS points, and 400 dollars off my credit card… I told them “I got on the Xbox and tried to sign in as normal, but my account was apparently not there. I had to retrieve the account and when I did, the last game I had apparently played was Fifa 12, which I have played, but I traded it in 2 days after purchasing.” (sport games not my thing)

    They say that my recent purchases included something Fifa 12 related, and acknowledged my account had been activated on another console after I gave them the serial number…

    DERP! Logically something has gone down! Refund my shit!

  17. I never got hacked, mind you I haven’t been on in a while. Saying that, I really do sympothise for all of the user’s who have been hacked, because it seems that Microsoft is just sitting on their asses doing nothing. If they want this to go away, it should be their number one priority to eliminate the problem and assist all of those who have been hacked. If it’s going to take them a month to resolve these people’s concerns, then that indicates that something much larger os going on behind the scenes. Man up Microsoft, grow a pair of balls, and admit when you did something wrong.

  18. What a joke microsoft, what a joke, Why don’t you stop posting about how users can stay safe and worry about your service & servers being safe, your games are getting hacked into & your servers are garbage that disconnects everyone, at least have the decency of holding yourselves accountable for your garbage & not punish us users for your sh%^ disconnecting servers.. . I tried to play fifa 12 UT yesterday & my first game, I could not control my players, what an awful experience for someone to go through after purchasing a game, I just about had it with their horrible carelessness about their customers/100% profit focus, it will catch up to them soon, I never imagined a game could get hacked into so easily, to add salt to the wound we now have to pay 10 dollars for an online pass just to go through all this explained above… The more you focus on profits the sh1&&ier your games are getting, but if your going to change for service anyways, please learn how to provide service bc right now your charging & giving garbage in return.

  19. Add me to the list, I got booted offline whilst I was on my 360..! Didn’t realise until I tried to reconnect and told my account not valid…usual points gone and two FIFA 12 achievements with now a 25day suspension and I’m the f ing victim..! Not happy at all…

  20. Mark me down for hacked. 6K microsft pts bought. 75$ gone. FIFA DLC and Achievements from a game Ive never touched. Account locked for 25 days pending investigation. BF3, a game ive been waiting for since before Bad company existed, now has to be played on an alternate account. So i cant even play Karkand because im saving the code for the main account when it comes back…..oh did i mention i dont get my 75$ until the investigation is over?. There goes my MW3 money too… fuck me right?

  21. Count me into this as well. Turns out I would have never had known this happened had my Raptr account not told me I just got FIFA achievements (a game I don’t own) whoever did the hack also was smart to only use my MS credits I had already purchased so I didn’t see any additional charges.

    After calling xbox support they suspended my account to ‘investigate’ for 25 days. Nothing like getting punished for something that is clearly wrong with Xbox security.

  22. I was hacked on Fifa 11 and hackers spent £250 and to finish it off my brazil squad qas hacked tonight on fifa 12 PISSS TAAKKE

  23. Me as well. I was actually on Xbox Live when I was disco’d – wasn’t sure if it was me just losing my connection through my provider. But it didn’t take long before I jumped on my computer and saw there was an alternate email address associated with changing my password, and I couldn’t remove this new email address myself. So I called MS, and the gal I talked to was nice, but hearing “20+ days” to get my Gold account back wasn’t too encouraging. Oh well. And yeah, lost 4,000 or so points. I actually watched them go down and gave the gal at MS updates as they did. Heh.

  24. I dun been goofed. A buddy of mine asked me why I was playing Fifa w/o him and I didn’t own the game. Trying to login to my account found it was unable to sign into my gamer tag. Looked all this up online, discovered the FIFA crap and gave a call to good old Microsoft. I was nothing but polite and patient given the circumstances. The customer support representative was haughty and rude the entire time. I understand they might have an increase in calls due to this OBVIOUS breach of security. But I’m a good lil gamer. Anyways, they then proceeded to tell me its 25 days of waiting just to get the account unlocked… THEN I might get my money back they took? Dunno bout the rest of you but that 200 bucks was going to go to a dentist visit (had to cancel obviously cause I don’t have the copay now.), but it was really needed. I’ve had a stolen credit card before, just the information and the fraud department of the service I used had me reimbursed within the week. I’ve had images of strangling the anonymous call representative and Bill Gates all day. Cancelling the account once I’m able is going to be a all too happy occurance. PS3 here I come.

  25. same thing has happened to me and microsoft just told me we are looking in to it its going to take 25 days but you can play offline content

  26. Yea I was recently hacked by this crap as well on the 12th of October, when the dashboard update was taken in effect… Came home from jury duty, tried to sign onto my account, said i needed to recover my profile or whatever it says when the account has been recovered onto another console, recovered it, and right then as i signed on knew that i was hacked by this crap because FIFA 12 was my last known game to be played, 2 achievements were achieved as well, “I’ll have that one – Open your first pack in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team”, and “New club in town – Create your FIFA 12 Ultimate Team Club”, I have never played a fifa game as I am not a very big fan of soccer what so ever, went to the marketplace, I had 3000 msp’s before all this, and when i checked my msp’s they were 0, signed onto hotmail and the password or any other info were not changed at all, right then and there i called up microsoft support.

    Waited about 20 minutes to talk to a representative about this, finally went through, gave him my account info and everything, told him that i had bought a 4000 msp card and bought 4 things on the marketplace that day, then 3 days later hacked and gone, he looked up the info, told me that 25 items were last purchased, each costing 120 msp, he then had told me that he was going to hand all of this over to the investigation team and once it is over I was going to be refunded my msp’s, and that i will not be able to log onto my account for 25 business days, a week later i called as I am concerned about this, gave them the reference number that the guy had given me so i can keep checking on my live account status, they said the team has not updated any information at all, makes me wonder if I am even going to get my account back or my points, along with a 12 and 3 month i had purchased back in august….

  27. I was hacked this past weekend…bastards bought over $130 worth of MS points, spent them all and then migrated my account to freaking Brazil. Now it’s locked for a month while MS “investigates” it. Something happened that we aren’t being told about.

  28. I was also hacked, they purchased items with my Microsoft points. When I called Microsoft they said it would take up to 25 days to fix and that my account was locked until then. So I cant use xbox live, or any windows live (messenger, technet) system until they fix it.

    This is absolutely unacceptable. My account was compromised, money was stolen from me.

    Microsoft is saying they wont provide any compensation, I can only imagine how EA is going to deny it.

    Someone needs to pay for this fuck up.

  29. To provide a little more details.

    I purchased FIFA 2 week or so ago. When I went to register the game and connect it to my Xbox live account it wouldn’t let me. The first clue that I saw was FIFA/EA asked me to confirm an email that wasn’t mine.

    After hours of talking to tech support I finally found out that my Xbox live account was associated to another EA Origin account. Ive never let anyone use my account, in fact I barely used my Xbox live account before this. It had been inactive for over 6 months.

    I got EA to unlink my Xbox live account and re-associate it to my new origin account. I do not believe they had made any purchases by this time because I saw that I had points when I started playing FIFA.

    A week later when I went to log in to Xbox live I got the notice saying that my profile was invalid and I had to recover it. When I logged into my Xbox live account online, I saw that my Microsoft points were gone.

    I immediately called Microsoft and they told me it was the “FIFA hack”.

    There was definitely some kind of breach, and at least from my perspective, even if EA links your account correctly, you are still vulnerable.

  30. Got my old account hacked tonight. I actually had forgotten about it. Got an email saying thanks for purchasing 6000 points for 75 bucks. Same FIFA bullshit. I don’t play any shitty ass EA games so I doubt it has anything to do with EA. Already have a call into my bank to cancel the pending charges. I will be canceling my XBOX live accounts and probably selling my XBOX and going PS3. MS can suck a dick.

    I doubt it matters what your password was because they obviously had account names and passwords…nobody can brute force that many accounts that quick. So obviously they have access to xbox live databases and are running some kind of script

  31. Mmmmm classy hate mail always fun! :D

  32. i just work up this morning before going to work and went on to see if i had any msgs from people and it said i was currently online playing fifa 12 and 3000 of my microsoft points were gone which i only put on 2 days ago! now i was late for work so i coudlnt do much about it, but i got home have recovered my account and my friends told me about this article.

    now im tempted to contact microsoft but for the looks of things its just going to mean that i cant play and the end result being they do nothing about it!

    i have to say my faith in gaming is dwindling now. especially with microsoft and EA

  33. On the 23/10 (unknown to myself) someone logged into my XBLive account purchasing 6000 points & then on the 24/10 spent them (plus my previous remaining points) on 48 purchases of PREMIUM GOLD PACK & PREMIUM GOLD JUMBO for Fifa12.When I’d discovered what was going on I rang Microsoft who said to me, very similar to others that ‘They’d suspend the account for 25 days and,pass it on to the investigation team’.
    Deciding to do some checking up I found when looking through my ‘My played Games’ list it said Fifa Soccer 12 the US version of the Fifa game had been played on the 24th despite actually residing in the UK with a UK xbox.
    Searching online about this problem it seems this fraud might be on a larger scale than Microsoft or EA are caring to admit & what they are describing as a limited number of users is appearing to be alot & getting larger as we speak.This has been happening for at least 5 weeks now & still going strong.
    They also advised me to contact my bank to tell them my details have been compromised,obviously knowing something but offering no explaination.Overtones of culpability & damage limitation speak already been put about.What the hell is going on there?

  34. This just happened to me about 2 hours ago. Somebody purchased 1600 MSP and I got an email confirmation.

    I logged into XBox live page, and saw I was online playing FIFA, and had 15/1000 AP for the game. I do not own it, and would never play it.

    I immediately changed my PW, and called XBL customer service. It took like 10 minutes to get through the stupid automated menus (they should have an emergency line for stuff like this). The person acted like he already knew it was compromised. He locked it after asking me for 12 different forms of ID, then told me I had to come home to my Xbox and call them back and provide 2 more numbers before they could “start the investigation” which would last 25 days.

    Once this is fixed and blows over, I may just be done with Xbox live. Thank god I only lose $20 before I noticed a problem…

  35. Hey guys i dont even have an X box but All my Fifa stuff has been Stolen..Like im talkin Messi, Drogba, I had insane amounts of cash on my fifa UT and somehow this person/Persons have Hacked my EA account and got my password and account details from EA…
    Used all my cas and stolen all my cards using a dummy acct then sent it to there real one i told ea and they destroyed the dummy acct but replied with it was made at 4 this morning.. so there are people/person’s hacking EA and stealing peoples Information

  36. My xbox live account got hacked 4 days ago and the same Fifa UT DLC was bought using my points. I don’t even own a Fifa game ffs. Got the usual reply from Xbox live support of my account getting looked into and it will be locked down for the best part of a month :(

    No evidence the Xbox LIVE service has been compromised my ass :(

  37. My sons account has been hacked, the account had not been used for a very long while. He has not had an xbox for well over a year possibily 2 years as its been broke and he never bothered getting it fixed. Microsoft have blamed him for putting his details into a phising website! problem is he cannot even remember the gamertag and he does not know the answer to the secret question as I set it up. So Microsoft dont have a leg to stand on but still blame my son. Who ever took it over purchased a new subscription and then purchased further 2000+ points. Considering my son no longer has an xbox he has no reason to make these purchases. Micorsoft really are a bunch of crooks

  38. I will tell you all the source of the problem, the problem is a website called DHGate, it is a chinese wholesale site which sells cheap items (straight from the factory floor apparently) on the site it has microsoft points for sale for a very small fraction of what microsoft charge you. 6000msp for 20$ < example.
    these "accounts" that they are selling are your accounts..

  39. I fell victim to this too. I would prefer not to give an amount, but they kept buying $49.99 Microsoft point bundles until MY CHECKING ACCOUNT WAS EMPTY. When it reached the limit on 49.00 bundles, they changed to smaller ammounts to finish me off. I ended up at negative $7.00 after my other pending charges cleared. Lucky for me that it was the day Before payday when the attack occurred.

    Here are the details I have been able to gleen from what happened, just in case it helps others.

    The problem is still not fixed, because this just happened.

    I think it started on Wednesday evening, Oct 24 around 6:30 PM. I was playing Forza 4 online and one of my times would not post to the leaderboard. I went back to the dashboard and my xbox helpfully informed me that there were no valid Live accounts on my xbox, though I could still see my local info. I restored my live account and then went back to play Forza and watch Netflix for the rest of the evening. I think that was when I was hacked.

    The fraudulent charges did not appear on my debit account until apx 10:30 AM on Thursday Oct 25. I was lucky enough to see them around noon while checking my bank account online while on lunch break at my job.

    From reading other stories online, the pattern seems to be that all the victims have at least one game that automatically ties your MS Gamertag to an EA account. In my case, it would be Mass Effect and/or Dragonage 2.

    It does not appear that changing your password or emai will help. I read of several people who changed their XBox LIve passwords but to no avail because the EA account automatically updates to grab the MS account info as soon as you change it.

    The best bet is to go through the process of removing you credit card info from you LIve account. I believe that requires a phone call to microsoft support, based on what I have read. I am locked out of my LIve account for the standard 25 days, so I cannot verify that.

    The phone number for Xbox Live support is 800-469-9269

    I hope my post helps people. I’m a single dad and things are hard enough already. I really didn’t need everything I had taken from me so that some kid can play FIFA. MS did confirm that the points purchased had been spent on FIFA and/or transfered out of my account.

  40. UPDATE:

    Microsoft are telling me that the theft happened on xbox.xom rather than through the consul (which was destroyed over 2 years ago!). It seems that you can log into using the email as long as you know the password. Now the account that was signed into was last used at the end of 2010 to make a very small purchase which we know about and had not been used since. So somehow the hacker has got the password which we find hard to believe as they would first have to know that the email was linked to (its our own domain name email so it would be impossible to know from that ie not hotmail or live) also they would have to know the password which was random generated and also not used on any other site/login. So would any one know how the breach was done because microsoft I believe still think we gave out the password etc which we deny 100%

  41. just checked out as mentioned in a previous post, unbelieve that this type of fraund can be carried out on such a large scale without someone doing anything about it.

    They supply a gamer tag and password which contains the points which you can then spend. But once the account has been reported as being comprimised then surely all the points and anything that has been downloaded have been lost and your consul will be banned or does anyone know any different?

  42. Same here!! My sons account was hacked into & they used my credit card to purchase 10,000 microsoft points & spent the points. I called microsoft immediately & reported it & in the mean time; my sons account is locked!! They told me that teh investigation team would be in constant contact with us but I haven’t heard a word from them since filing the report!! I am very pissed at the entire situation!!

  43. My account was hacked, I reported it about a week or two later. After a month, I got a response that the purchase was made from MY xbox, the investigation team COMPLETELY disregarded that a random email had attached to my account, reset my password and security question, etc. Then the 6000 points were purchased within 24 hours of that. After a polite reply including my dissatisfaction, all of the evidence of hacking, and how common this has been, I IMMEDIATELY received a reply that I WOULD be given the refund, and that it would take up to a month.

  44. hacked on the 15th. 10,000 ms raped from my acct xboxlive support if you wanna call them that grill me like i am defrauding them for some BS ms points make me feel like a criminal getting all my info then tell me 25 days. said i would get a email too sometime a week later. so its 25 business days and no email. call back and speak with one of thier supervisors cause they never said business days. The semi retarded sounding supervisor comes on with all the apathy in the world and doesnt reassure anything and the guy sounds like he is 15 and i am interupting him playing cod. thanks for being a douche Steve R. im a victim and your cust service skills suck ass

  45. Ok, so I found out this afternoon that my account had been hacked because I had gone onto my email which kept telling me I had an incorrect password, which was wrong. So I went through and recovered my account through an old email i still had and was able to change the password and that’s when I found the 10,000MS points bought with my card. I immediately attempted to log on to my XBox Live account where it informed me it was invalid. I then got onto my husband’s account and saw my gamertag online playing FIFA12.

    I immediately called customer service where he informed me that my account would be locked to prevent anymore useage. Now I odn’t really care that it will be locked for the next month, because I just bought some new PS3 games and will just play those until everything is resolved.

    My biggest problem is that I cannot get into my Hotmail account AGAIN now. Does anyone know if it was just rehacked by the same asshole as before or if it is locked up along with my gamertag? I don’t have an issue changing email addresses, but I am a little annoyed that I wasn’t informed of that aspect.

    • BTW, here is the email address that I found when I tried to recover my Hotmail address:

      Dunno if anyone recognizes it from their own troubles, but I have no idea who it is, and I hope they are murdered in their sleep for what they have done to so many people.

      • I had the same address linked to me account. I was charged $70 worth and caught it before it got even more. A wide scale like this means the accounts we compromised on microsofts side of things. After this shit, I am detaching my payment information and not renewing any services for online gaming any longer.

  46. I Have been hacked on fifa 12, and i wonder if you could et all my players Back He left me with only 1 bronze player and he took all my Gold Players RARE , This is fustraiting because i have spent 30 Pound on Microsoft points on the game and i was wondering if you Could help Please !!!

  47. My sons Xbox account has been hacked last week. They have managed to take nearly £200 out of my bank account and used ms points. They purchased them last week and my son was in Ireland for the whole week so the first i knew of it was when my bank phoned me to tell me about suspicious activity on my account. They have changed my sons gamertag and we have had emails through confirming the purchases on my sons email but addressed to a different gamertag!! What the hell is going on? When my son managed to get into his account after changing his password, as the little shits had changed his password also, there was another gamertag on his account!!! I telephoned Xbox/microsoft as soon as the bank had informed me and they have started an investigation into it. I was informed that this could take anything from 7 to 28 days to get sorted but was also told that it was very unusual for the xbox live accounts to be hacked. But, after looking on the internet it is a lot more common than they are admitting to. I am fuming as the money that was stolen was for christmas so cheers for that and ruining our christmas! Scumbags!!

  48. I was just hacked lastnight. Found out today Oct 31th…. Same thing Fifa 11 was the last game it says i played. My Windows live ID was changed the email added to it was The user name under my friends list who i never had any friends was “Huzzah UK”….. I had to call Xbox report it, same thing 3 week investigation will happen. The hacker used my credit card to purchase points which he then transfered over to his account. I had to file a fraud charge on my credit card as well…. This is total B.S….

  49. I, too, am a victim of this. I actually discovered it after I had a confirmation email sent to my account. Ironically; I don’t even own an Xbox. I do, however, have a “Games for Windows LIVE” account. I filed a police report and called my bank within an hour of the purchase to have the transfer stopped as the purchase hadn’t gone through yet and was only “reserved” on my account.

  50. Add me to he list. FIFA hacked on 10/29. I actually caught them in the act, but they got a few thousand points before MS was able to shut them down. They were stopped before they could buy points on my credit card. This is looking like a huge problem. I wonder if EA is to blame somehow?

  51. I wash hacked today, same guy no idea how he’s done it, i’ve got all top security stuff :(

  52. Happened to me as well on the 28th, set up a Unauthorized Usage Investigation or wtf ever its called. From what I hear if your account gets migrated there isn’t any way to get it back.

  53. Today i came home from school to see 2 gay achievements unlocked on FIFA 12 and also 1200 microsoft points down the drain. Microsoft better give me those 1200 back.

  54. same fucking shit happen here……

  55. Happened Yesterday to me … Got home, account gone. Logged in to see that sumone stole my 3000 MS Points to buy Fifa 12 Ultimate Packs … Luckily I could recover my Gamertag back on my XBOX … This sucks big balls


  56. Microsoft has been absolutley cavalier and unhelpful in dealing with this situation. They are pretending like it is happening to only a small number of people and are doing nothing to prevent it from reoccurring (like preventing large FIFA purchases or limiting the number of daily transactions). Worse, they are locking users out of their accounts for months at a time in the apparent hope that they will give up and let Microsoft keep the money charged to their cards so the customer can get back on line.

    Well, in my case, they have stepped on the wrong toes. I’m a gamer, a victim of the FIFA hack, and a lawyer.

    I am looking for a class representative to begin a class action lawsuit against Microsoft, EA, and others over this issue. I need the representative to have been a victim of the hack, and had their credit card used to purchase MS points. The person needs to be a resident of the State of Alabama. At this point, I am not looking for someone whose account was migrated — that may be a subsequent lawsuit.

    If you fit the bill and would like to be a class representative, or no someone who does, please email me at

  57. Yep. Checked my email and found out they bought TONS of microsoft points. Cool. Super cool. I hope they find these guys and throw them in jail. for like 25 years.

  58. I just had a charge to my bank account from microsoft for these Fifa packs and google led me here trying to figure it out. Guess I have to call Microsoft in the morning.

  59. I also got hacked, same deal. Managed to recover my gamertag and I can play on Xbox Live, but all my menus are in Russian, can’t use Zune or the hundreds of dollars of videos I’ve purchased and the little bitch spent 10,000 microsoft points. Sure enough I have 2 achievements unlocked in Fifa 2012. What is it with that game?

  60. i just got hacked today while i was at work and i managed to get my email back but not before they spent around 5500 mp on some games. i own fifa 12 but i am not stupid with my password. they also change my region to brasil so the is all in portugese now i need to find out what the hell i need to do to get it all back, but i will swear if i get told that i will have a month with no xbox live.

  61. Yup, same here. Got up this morning, switched the xbox on and of the 1500 plus microsoft points I still had, 30 remain and I’ve gained 2 achievements.

    It first came up with some error as I couldn’t load my normal profile. It said it was corrupted. Managed to recover the profile only to find that there’s 2 achievements added and a lot less MS points.

    I don’t own Fifa 12 by the way…

  62. Just found out this happened to me too. Booted up my console to find that my account locked me out. I have to go to the website and reset my password, and then recover my account on my console. Luckily I have not received any charges on my account, just the two achievements on FIFA.

    With all the games coming out now, this would be a bad time to lose my account for a month.

  63. Add me to the list aswell,

    except i saw the little tw@ hacking the account but by the time i got through to support, he’d drained my card of £60, added a “friend” to the account (who is still there) and spent my original 1500 pts

    waiting on a UK lawyer to start proceedings against MS and EA, i’ll add my name to the action

  64. Got two emails early morning Nov 5/11 from Microsoft saying I added a phone number to my account…. BS… went in asap and got rid of stuff that was changed and reset to stronger password. Was able to recover my gamer profile back to xbox and of course saw the now infamous FIFA 12 stuff on my profile and my 2000 points gone. I didn’t have any credit card info on there but I only use a pre-paid credit card anyhow.
    Called Microsoft and let them have my account for the 25 days so maybe they can do more than ban these a-holes from xbox live…. this is theft – big time…. and they should get some jail time for stealing my money!!

  65. amanda taraszkiewicz

    My son just got hacked while playing in the middle of battlefield 3….he thought it was just a server error…recovered his gamer tag… then two minutes later…he was kicked off again… Immediatly I went online to change my password ect… only to find out 10,000 microsoft points have been charged to my credit card!! This just happened 5 minutes ago and now I am doing a quick google search only to find this is happening to numerous people. It sounds like people at xbl need to put out an alert and start being proactive!! This is totally unacceptable.. Then reading you are locked out of your account for weeks while they investigate??? My son saved his money to buy this game… and now won’t be able to play online with his friends??? WTF And the people from xbox sound all like it is no big thing..It clearly is…. .saying to call so they can start their month long investigation… I don’t know about you but I work hard for my money… Maybe instead of calling xbox I think maybe there may be enough people by now for a class action law suit… so calling a lawyer instead may be in order. This isn’t just some 39 year old guy sitting in his moms basement..randomly hacking a couple people…It’s been going on for a few months now at least from what I can tell by whole 3 minute investigation..Same thng happening..over and over..people are getting hacked, points added, (I see alot at exactly 10,000) then games are bought, or tried to before the owner becomes aware and changes his info…….This is so frustrating especially since it is happening so often.. Where was my alert??? Sounds like there has been a breach somewhere up the chain…. and they are trying to keep it quiet….. Forgive my run on sentences and spelling mistakes… I’m one ticked off mom and I am typing a hundred wpm…Think I will go post this on every message board I can find…….thanks.

  66. I JUST got hacked tonight.. I was in the middle of watching netflix and got kicked off..then i couldnt log in or recover.. then I checked my original email only to find a notification email in my inbox from saying my email address was changed… I couldnt log into with my old email login…My bank statement said I have 150$ worth of charges so far (I called to freeze my account) and I had a friend tell me what the last game my GT played was… sure enough.. FIFA 12…

    I hate soccer… def wasnt me…

    So I myself wont be as lucky as those who got to log in on time n change their stuff… I have to rely on MS now to get my GT back.. and I want that one back.. ive had it for years!! I NEED IT… but seems like they are freezing accounts? WHY? How much info is needed to prove its mine?? ugh.. not my night..

  67. I got hacked on September 1st. Samer thing- lost a crapton of XBL points and now have a dirty soccer achievement on my profile. It’s been two months- and they haven’t helped me at all.

  68. To help see when our cases might get sorted, can i propose that we do the following.

    Date Hacked – 28th Oct
    Reported – 28th Oct
    Points taken/purchased – 5000
    Date resolved – Ongoing
    Compensation – (hoping to get 6 months gold membership)

  69. I found out I was hacked. Lost a couple thousand Micro$oft pts and had to recover my GT, which took 4 tries with Support on the phone.

    Their idea was that I gave my password out to someone so they could come over to my house to play FIFA12 on MY 360 and purchase DLC on MY console for a game I’ve NEVER played any of the series and have no desire to do so.

    I’ve been told that they will block everything for 30 – 45 days to ‘investigate’. I know things like this can happen, but they are handling this very wrong IMO. The 2nd customer support I spoke to the other day had never heard of this happening…………. excuse me???? the majority of the gaming community has heard of it.

  70. Well just to add to the list I was got 3 hours ago. Think I may ditch xbox and go for a PS3

  71. I’ve been FIFA’d too. All points stolen and spent on FIFA 12 packs but they’ve also changed my linked email address so it’s impossible for me to recover my gamertag.

  72. Simple solution get rid of your crapboxes and get a PC!


  73. Well i don’t understand why everyone is surprised? Look at ps3 serves when they got hacked… they were down for months. Luckily for them the only money they have is in the store… but for xbox users u guys pay for everything.. Tough love

  74. I came across this site after googling what happened to me Saturday afternoon. $95 in ms points and all mine spent. FIFA 12 was my last game played although I’ve never played it. I also had some new friends all from the UK. Definitely something going on here.

  75. Im on the list also but not for FIFA as far as i can tell. My account was migrated overseas. i complained about it on 9/26 and here we are 11/14 and nothing has been done. Microsoft reps stated to me over the phone (that they have recorded) that there has been a rash of these happening and they will get to it when they feel like it. I am contacting the Attorney General in CT to investigate them on this issue and have it resolved. I am now starting to demand that i get restitution for the xbox, my live, my stolen microsoft points, all the games that i have downloaded that can not be played now, and every other cent that i have sunk into microsoft. I will be switching to PS3 and xbox can take a flying leap off a tall biulding.

  76. he stole all my coins. and my players . freakin ass!

  77. Date Hacked – Oct 27th
    Reported – Oct 28th
    Points taken/purchased – 2400……used to purchase PC Rift on Windows Live
    Date Xbox Account Locked – Nov 14th
    Date resolved – Ongoing
    Compensation – want my 2400 points back

  78. Date Hacked – Sept 29th
    Reported – Oct 14th
    Points taken/purchased – Unknown but $800 via cc link. All used in Fifa 12.
    Date Xbox Account Locked – Early Oct (according to tech support).
    Date resolved – Ongoing
    Compensation – No outward communication from Microsoft yet.

    Microsoft has started billing me Xbox live subscription fees again, although account is still locked.

  79. My XBOX Live account was hacked by a thief in Europe. They stole Microsoft Points (we pay for these points via credit card) and purchased additional points (which they used). I immediately was notified of this purchase and was able to recover my account. I logged into my XBOX Live account and I was able to discover who stole these points and who hacked into my account because they were still in the system playing a game called FIFA 12 Soccer. I called Microsoft and reported the incident. I gave them the email address and gamer ID of the thief. The customer service rep at Microsoft indicated my account would be suspended for 25 days while Microsoft investigated the incident. This happened on 10/12/2011. It’s been 33 days and the company still won’t tell me when my account will be unsuspended. They have not bothered to communicate anything to me indicating the status. I followed up with their customer service representative and the acknowledged that they were going to need more time. I believe these hacks are pervasive and larger than Microsoft is willing to admit. Based on the Internet research I have done, this FIFA 12 Soccer hack is widespread. My issue is we use our XBOX Live to view Netflix, play video games, do video conferencing across the US amongst our family and we view TV & purchased movie content. This account is the center of our family’s entertainment and communication with one another. Being suspended for another person hacking into my account (through no fault of my own, as best as I can tell) is simply unacceptable. The lack of communication is disappointing enough, but the feeling of being punished twice (first by the perpetrator and second by Microsoft) is simply unacceptable. I have sent Microsoft emails via their XBOX Live forum but no response. I believe these hacks are a very serious issue to Microsoft and perhaps are covering up how widespread it is. Thank you.

    • Exactly, I feel the same way. There’s got to be a way to investigate on stolen points without completely suspending an account for 25 days if not more. Bad enough we were hacked, now we’re supposed to sit for about a month for a service we pay for, and just because someone else hacked in to it. I created another gold account with a free code i had for a month of gold service. However, while youi can play online, things like online pass and your level in Call of Duty MW3, are tied to you original account, so you have to start at level 1, or buy an online pass to play on your second account.

  80. I was Xbox account was hacked also, they charged like 80 bucks On points and FIFA stuff. Now I can’t use my account for over a month this suxs.

  81. I was hacked middle to end of october do not remember off the top of my head. I was out of state and my father in law called to ask if I took my xbox with me….nope….I knew right away I had been hacked. My story is the same as the rest of you as far as microsoft goes.

    It sucks this has caused so much stress to me, the email used for my windows live can be tied to almost anything I have ever dont on the net. They seem to not care one bit. They did offer me one month free after this is resolved….. big flippin deal! Im already prepaid for 2 more years!

    Plus anything we do on a second account is for nothing if we ever get our original accounts back we have to do everything over again, and I only get a few hours a week to play as it is.

    I started out calm about all of this but when I done some research to go after these hooligans I found out this is pretty wide spread. Also that the FBI would have to handle the case and it is to petty for them. The little guy always gets the shaft!

    Best of luck to everyone going through this B.S.

  82. My account was hacked on 2nd Oct and someone bought 20’000 gamer points on my account for Fifa and im still locked out by xbox.

  83. I was playing battlefield when I got a message saying someone tried to log into my live account from another location. I just assumed it was my brother trying to get in on his friends house…..nope hacked me as soon as i got off and i only found out the next day i was charged 12000 microsft points. The SOB even took the time to change my email password as well. I only reported the day after to find out i might not be able to play for a month. So now while all my friends are off playing all the new games like MW3 and ask me if i want to play with them i tell them this and they just laugh and continue talking about it while is stand there in envy.

    Thanks for making life suck…..if only MICROSOFT would finally take a little more action, as if the Playstation hacks werent enough of a warning for them. Now excuse me while i go play with my wii……

  84. I’ve never had FIFA and my account was hacked yesterday. They bought a bunch of points and crap from live. Account now locked down for 25 days. No access to saves. No guarantee of a refund.

    MS’s hack investigation process needs to be shot. They should allow you to lock your gaming profile one xbox and suspend all gold activty (and remove the freaking credit card information). Calling support and their demanding part of my credit card as identification requirements was also a little annoying.

    Our most recent games are lego harry potter and Skyrim.

  85. I got hacked on the Nov 18th. Same MO two acheivements from FIFA 12 (never owned a FIFA game) and 800 points missing. Called MS and they lock down my entire family Gold Account so not only can I not play online but my kids are hosed too. They need to fix this now!

  86. This is the first time I turned on my 360 and wouldn’t let me log into my account, when I recovered my gamer tag a totally new gamer tag name came up, wtf is going on with microsoft

  87. Has anyone heard of any class-actions or anything on this yet? I got over a hundred bucks stolen from me, and support refuses to help. A 5+ week waiting time on an “investigation” is unacceptable.

  88. Add me to the list…hacked today and actually came home to find the b******d still at it…think I caught it just in time as he only spent 2000msp and didn’t get a chance to change e-mail so I’ve been able to recover it.
    XBox support were helpful online – bearing in mind that their phone support closes at 5…wouldn’t be difficult to have a 24hr fraud line routed to MS employees at home? These sort of issues need addressing IMMEDIATELY.
    Worried about what’s going to happen bearing in mind what I’ve heard above, but I’m going to quote how many of you are above when I speak to them, so thanks for the help there!

  89. Been giving this some more thought. Regardless of what MS are saying is causing the hacks they ARE responsible as they have been aware of the issue for some time now and have still happily hosted the live service for FIFA 12 and made the offending DLC available via whoTHEIR online marketplace. The fact that they have not publicised that there is a danger is also a massive error on their part – it is proveable that MS have been aware of this and that they have not issued a public warning to change passwords / remove cc details from XBL accounts…worried about profits dropping much..? Think we deserve compensation and a huge mea culpa statement from MS – who’s with me?!

  90. Here’s an update in my case

    Date hacked – 28th Oct
    Reported – 28th Oct
    Points taken – 5000 Purchased
    Date resolved – Still not resolved. It’s been 25 days and i’ve called to complain. Nothing they can do but add a note to the account that the customer is unhappy its taken this long.
    Compensation – Well i hope they give me something as it’s taken longer than told!

  91. Add me to that list! I’m now in damage control and they (mircosoft) is acting like they have no idea. that what makes me angry! Somebody call the press and let’s see what Mircosoft does to make this right.

  92. I just got hammered.. $200 in MS points bought from my bank card! MS shut my account down for investigation.. I’m not a happy camper! I wouldn’t be so upset if it was a few bucks but DAM $200! It’s easy for them to get your money but your pulling teeth to get it back

  93. Date hacked – 28th Oct
    Reported – 28th Oct
    Points taken – 5000 Purchased
    Date resolved – Resolved 22nd
    Compensation – 2 months Gold membership and refund to my CC for the 5000 points.

  94. Not entirely certain how my account got hijacked.

    But damned if it wasn’t a FIFA hijack.

  95. November 20th. They bought fruit ninja and a bunch of other lame crap. So angry. Reported the theft to the police. strongly recommend others do the same.

  96. phishing scam my ass! i know thats not true because i am primarily a ps3 gamer and when this happened to me i hadnt touched my xbox nor my gfwl account for nearly 4 months(in fact my xbox wasnt even hooked up!)! there was no email or site where i had to put my windows live info into.

    this happened to me a month and a half ago and i now have 2 fifa 12 achievements… ugh and microsoft told me they couldnt remove them! they hacked in and purchased 10000 ms points! microsoft did take care of it and my money has been returned, however it did take 3 weeks before that happened. after all that i had to spend about an hour on the phone with xbox support to unlock my account so i could used my xbox and gfwl accounts again(just got halo ce anniversary and i couldnt play it online)! whats really pissed me off was that in order to compensate me for the trouble i went through they gave me one whole month of xbl gold for free…. oh dear how generous…..

  97. Happened to me at 11:55 PM last night. I was playing Skyrim, got 2 emails from Microsoft that I had successfully purchased 50 dollars worth of points. I called MS and they locked the account, put me on the same 25 day “investigation” waiting period. I cancelled that credit card and won’t be linking a card to that account again. How is it that EA gets away with screwing customers even when we DON’T buy their games?

  98. We got hacked Oct.22. 10,000 points, all went to FIFA. It happened just three days after we bought an EA game (non sports related) off xbox live. We called in as soon as the notification was emailed that it had happened, but instead of blocking or immediately refunding the purchase, we were told to wait 25 business days for fraud investigation. We called back just to be told they didn’t have the proper ID numbers and had closed the investigation. We had to start all over. They (Microsoft) called last week to say they didn’t have our serial number and needed to restart the investigation.Again. That was the third time we had given it to them. Today I called, they said they did not have the serial number and couldn’t continue. This being the fourth time they have claimed not having the info, I asked for a supervisor. They refuse to escalate this despite this being their error and are sitting on $125 of ours. I called back a second time to make sure the had the info on record this time, but it will be another 25 days to investigate?! Bullsh*t. How can this be such a problem but no one is talking about it? I want to love your product, Microsoft. Quit making me hate you!

  99. Happened to me last saturday. My son wanted to play xbox but there was a error. I logged into It has me playing FIFA 12 and said i purchased 4 1600 points and used them on fifa (online team). I do not know how they got my account. I remembered the day before i joined So i dont know if it was them. I called MS they told me 2 options 1) they start investagation take 25 day or i call my bank to fight the charges. (as of today the bank refunded me the money and i guess they are talking with MS to get the money back. ) If MS says no then the bank takes the money back!!

  100. Hacked: 10 June 2011
    Was I the first ??? Was the link from Bioware /Xbox live accounts (through EA Download manager)

    Fecha Descripción de la transacción Detalles Tipo Importe Saldo
    10/06/2011 SOBRE DE ORO — Contenido consumible -80 —
    10/06/2011 SOBRE DE ORO PREMIUM — Contenido consumible -120 —
    10/06/2011 JUGADORES DE ORO PREMIUM — Contenido consumible -280 —
    10/06/2011 JUGADORES DE ORO PREMIUM — Contenido consumible -280 —
    10/06/2011 JUGADORES DE ORO PREMIUM — Contenido consumible -280 —
    10/06/2011 JUGADORES DE ORO PREMIUM — Contenido consumible -280 —
    10/06/2011 JUGADORES DE ORO PREMIUM — Contenido consumible -280 —
    10/06/2011 JUGADORES DE ORO PREMIUM — Contenido consumible -280 —
    10/06/2011 JUGADORES DE ORO PREMIUM — Contenido consumible -280 —
    10/06/2011 JUGADORES DE ORO PREMIUM — Contenido consumible -280 —
    10/06/2011 JUGADORES DE ORO PREMIUM — Contenido consumible -280 —
    10/06/2011 JUGADORES DE ORO PREMIUM — Contenido consumible -280 –

  101. I was recently hacked and while I was watching my mom play Skyrim my account logged on. I immediately rushed to my PC and reset the password to my account, this is the second time I’ve done so in four days. I changed it to an even more lengthy and highly characterized password, but I don’t know how long it will take for them to break this code if they’re in the servers. I’ve cancelled EVERYTHING that I had or will have with EA Sports which should have known this **** would go down as soon as Fifa 12 was released, but since they like money more than fanbase they chose not to do anything about it. I am officially taking every credit card and payment option off of XBL and cancelling my autorenew service. If they want any more money from me, they had better get off their ***es and get this problem fixed.

    Hacker Victim *takes a number*

    • Dude I just signed on to my xbox live account and found all of my points were gone! I had 2,280 now i got 0! does anyone know if we will get a refund?

  102. Date Hacked – 4th Nov
    Date reported – 5th Nov
    Date resolved – ongoing

    I have been quoted the standard 25 day live suspension (30 days on some occasions). Rang today as the 25 days are up and was told to call back on the 5th Dec if nothing is resolved by then as they can escalate it.

    Same deal – was out for a meal with family – got paypal alerts stating I had just purchased 6000 ms points, rang bank cancelled the direct debit. 3 achievements for Fifa 12 and Jumbo packs purchased. Phoned MS support who suspended my live account.

    Paypal refunded the money on the 6th Nov so really I am waiting for MS to investigate. 25-30days is ridiculous for investigations. There is no info at all available for the victim/user other than its with the fraud team. My personal opinion? MS support are being inundated with these requests and are ill equipped to deal with them.

    The problem is made worse by the fact that online passes are so popular in games these days – Gears of War 3, BF3 – no chance for me to play them even if I created another XBL GT and bought a 1 month sub…

    What a joke!

  103. My account was also hacked on 11/27/2011 while I was away with family over thanksgiving so I never had the chance to prevent it.

    I lost about 4000 MS points because of it and now my account is going to be locked for 3-6 weeks while I wait for them to return it. This is BS – now I cant play my dark souls characters.

  104. I do not now nor have I ever played one of the crappy FIFA wastes of time. I do not now nor have I ever signed up for an EA account. I use different passwords for my xbox account than any other service. Xbox servers were hacked plain and simple, no other way for them to get my information. Now thanks to some asian, not racism as my security question was changed to chinese, fucktard and microsofts poor security I get to go 25-30 buisiness days without any online features. In addition to the 5-6 weeks I lost close to $100 from my bank account which will make me short on rent which means late fees. I hope the asian shithead dies due to his xbox exploding and a piece of it getting stuck in his chest, inoperably of course, and gets infected causing a total loss of muscular control when the infection spreads to his spinal column and causes every nerve ending to fire randomly in a pain response as he slowly over the course of many weeks passes away in agonizing pain only for it to finish when Microsoft gets their shit in gear and checks the IP… should take about 10 seconds not 5-6 weeks.

  105. Logged into my credit card to verify a payment had posted and discovered multiple charges from Microsoft for points (about $120.00 worth). I immediately tried to log into my LIVE account to discover that I could not and had to recover the gamer tag. Lo and behold, what did I find? My last activity was none other than FIFA 2012.

    The only reason there weren’t more charges is because the credit card shut it down for suspicious activity. I suppose 5 charges in the course of a few minutes WOULD look suspicious. It’s a shame it doesn’t look that way to Microsoft, of course. So, I’m now waiting for the fraud departments at the two card companies that I had associated to the LIVE account to open. Disputes will be filed. Attempting to figure out how to contact Microsoft to go over this with them is another matter. It’s almost like they don’t want to be found. >.<

    For the record, I don't play FIFA. I don't own FIFA. I hate soccer. I do, however, play NCAA, Madden, and Dragon Age — all EA titles.

    So, count me among the many hacked LIVE customers, but tell me there isn't a widespread, on-going failure of the Microsoft LIVE system… Right. Obviously, it's just a coincidence, several thousand times over. *rolls eyes*

  106. I, too, had my Xbox Live account compromised.

    I, too, had Fifa 12 played on my account after I recovered it.

    No, I’ve never played Fifa 12; And though I have Xbox Live Gold, I’ve rarely used it.

    The problem seems to stem – in my experience- from a failure in security on Microsoft’s part. I think I’ve lost control of my Live email / MSN at least 6 times by now. The obvious choice would be to let us NOT use a microsoft email to associate with our Live accounts.

    But one thing’s for damn sure; At least Sony has only been compromised once. I know I’ll be switching to Playstation on that account in the next console generation.

  107. Same exact thing happened to me on 12/2/11. I got emails from my bank saying I purchased $125 XBL points (4 different withdrawals), at 01:00 am, I can assure you since I work for a living I was asleep at this time. I got to work and tried to log into my account and had to call to reset the password (since I set it up years ago and never used it I didn’t think anything of it). I then looked at the latest transactions and called to report it, since I was at work I didn’t have all the info they needed, so I had to wait until I got home to call back. I cancelled my card, had my bank re-issue a new one, and removed any other forms of cards from XBL, I also had them lock down my account. I get home get all the info together call them and they talked to me like this has never happened before, so I start googling it and came upon sites like this. That’s when I realized they had recovered my account onto a different xbox, so this is not only a cyber crime it is Identity theft, I immediately reported it to the FBI division of internet crime and reported it:
    I suggest everyone that has had this problem do the same thing maybe then XBL will take ownership of this like SONY did.

  108. I just received 3 emails saying that points were added to my account. I went onto xbox live to change my password and I saw another email address there. I think it was So I called xbox but the hacker had changed my security question. It’s been at least a year since I used the account but I downloaded the update two days ago. Because I coudn’t remember my credit card on file, the rep said they could not close or freeze the account. He said that my credit card could continue to be charged and there was nothing they could do about it. Unreal.

  109. I also got hacked just after i received FIFA12. Got stolen for 3 x 6000MS points.
    I fairly quickly got a mail from support that they confirmed unlawful activity and promised a return for the 300$.

    Two months has passed now, still no money. No compensations more then a XBOX live code that is pretty much useless since I want my gamerscore on the account that they banned during the investigation. Please note THEY BAN the fuck out of you. This includes MSN and Office365 service also. I lost a fuckload of time due to this. I must have reminded support atleast ten times. (By phone)

    I’m very doubtful I will ever see the money.

  110. I have been hit with the same thing. Again Fifa 12 has been played – I dont own it. Rang MS and they offered to look into it and my acocunt would be frozen for 25 days.

    I declined as I had only lost £8 work of points. Shame on you MS!

  111. Yup. Got me too. I haven’t even owned an Xbox for over 2 years, I just play Games for Windows. Rang MS as soon as I got the emails telling me about purchases I hadn’t made. The guy I spoke to was super helpful, but it’s the same as everyone else: no account for 3-4 weeks.

    Luckily that credit card was already pretty maxed out, but they still got about 3500 points between what was sitting on my account and what they managed to get off my card

    I also now have 55 achievement points for Fifa 12, which I have never played.

  112. Same here…Fifa 12 never played…cleaned out my ms points 8000 of them. Thank F they didn’t buy any.

  113. Sounds like a class action waiting to happen

  114. I just got hacked by some douchebag also.

    I was playing Saints Row The Third yesterday morning when I got logged out because somebody logged in with my account on a different console. I got suspicious so when I checked my purchase history, the a-hole made microsoft points purchases of 6000 and 4000 at 4 a.m. and 7 a.m. respectively, which is about $125 and spent 2200 point by the time I caught him. I frantically removed and changed e-mails and passwords and called customer service right away. The bastard even tried logging in with my gamertag while I was on the phone with the microsoft agent. I googled the e-mail that was added to my live account and I ended up at this webpage.

    I have a lot of worries ever since this happened, but my biggest one is that this thief won’t get caught. Oh, how I wish my computer skills were at the level to find this bastard…

  115. Add me to the list as well. I’ve never once put in my xbox password anywhere other than on the console itself. I suppose there is a (very) slight chance that my PSN password was the same way back when. That being said I’m almost 99% sure that I changed it afterwards.

    Either way it is frustrating to know that they are straight up banning accounts. To me that is the worst customer service imaginable. We are in a situation where user’s security is being compromised and the response to it is banning players so they can’t enjoy the service any more?

    For those of you affected: How many of you were on the PSN? I am curious to see if there is a running similarity with that and with the Xbox hacks.

    Either way, I’m having a serious debate right now as to if I let my account get banned for 25 days, or if I just say “f it” and let my points go to waste.

  116. Oh and for what its worth:

    Date Hacked: 12/14
    Date Reported: TBD
    EA Games Played: Madden 2011
    PSN User: Yes user: Never

  117. I’d think very carefully before doing so – the online support will talk through a recover / password reset process if needed. I reported mine on 21 Nov and I’m still waiting to get access back…and to say the phone are helpless is putting it mildly…

    Day 31, about to go in to day 32 and COUNTING…

  118. I got hacked too, a while back and microsoft seems to be taking their sweet time.

    Day 55 and counting….

  119. i was hacked on the 28th of oct. 2011. i ended up having to change my password 8 times and still they were able to get in. so i changed my email to a brand new email and then did a password reset. haven’t had trouble since. since i was using a yahoo email while being hacked and changed to an email after, i wonder if maybe anyone else was also using yahoo? perhaps that is where the hacking is taking place.

    when i contacted microsoft about this i was given the 30 day bs, then had my account suspended. i was told i could stgart up a new tag for the time being, but what good is that? i mean why the hell would i want to get achievments and points that isnt on my tag? then theres the idea of paying them to allow me to use something i already paid for,so i said i’ll pass. as it turns out they have a little special going that when you create a new tag you get 1 month free live service… sound to me like they are having so many accounts hacked that with out mentioning it as the reason they want to allow the hackees to be able to still log in with a new tag and play with thier friends.

    account suspended for 30 days – 30 days free on new tags = coincidence? i think not.

  120. Live support is a joke!! My account got hacked on Oct 17th someone purchased $50 worth of ms points and used all my msp left to buy madden coins an ultimate packs!! I use very secure passwords and always change it every month as I’m the only person with access to this account and am not stupid enough to ever share my information the only way anyone could have done this is to compromise xbox live or ea servers..

    Today I just got an email after almost 3 months of no account due to their investigation just to tell me this, ” We wanted to let you know that your report of unauthorized access to your Xbox LIVE account was reviewed by our fraud investigations team, and we didn’t find any evidence of unauthorized access to your account. ” and this,

    ” Our fraud investigations team also reviewed your billing history and didn’t find any fraudulent purchases. To check the charges on your Xbox LIVE account please see: Learn how to check your Xbox LIVE bill.”

    Thats funny cause I have all these charges on my card for ms points I never purchased that were used to buy coins in a game I dont play!!

  121. This looks to be an ongoing problem.

    My account was just used in the same manner. I don’t even own a console right now and the last game I played was on July 15, 2011. I haven’t used my EA account since Spring.

    10,000 Points were purchased on my account (with someone else’s credit card). This morning I received an email that my EA account password had been changed..Then my MS Live account had activity (new email added). Then 4 charges for Microsoft points.

    This is clearly not a user mistake because I haven’t logged into either of these accounts for some time now.

  122. My account just got hijacked a few hours ago. 4000 & 6000 points brought and taken and another 2000 points that existed gone/used for FIFA 12.

    First I reclaim the account but was already too late. Changed passwords and such.

    Second I contacted my bank. They closed by account so the card cannot be used for any other purchases and re-issuing me a new card after I claim fraud on it.

    Third I contacted Microsoft Live Support, talk to them and they were aware of the issue according to the representative I talked to who claims it not 25 days but rather 16 days now that I will be unable to use the account which is fine with me since I am more into PC games then my xbox for the past few months.

    They also say it a issue with EA servers and I should hopefully be credited the amount taken and the points return and a month or two of gold membership. I am a bit ok for now, going to wait till microsoft contacts me or wait 2 1/2 weeks and see what happens. If they have issues, they can go ahead and either email or call me. If they re-credit my account, it will go t my new bank account. For now, I am leaving my dead card on my account so if they try again, nothing will happen as it not usable since I am require to keep a CC or PP on file with xbox live.

  123. Mine just got hacked yesterday. Lost over 11k points i had in my account and they tried purchasing 6k more but my card was expired. They also added a friend to my account it started with xx joe but i removed it without thinking. Now MS is going to take around 30 days to fix it… should be fun. What a joke

  124. I turned on my Xbox and a message popped up telling me that my account was last played on a different console. I didn’t think anything of this and just ignored it and went on playing my game of Skyrim and then Madden 12. When I was done playing and about to turn off my Xbox, I happened to move over to the Social section of my dashboard and looked at my recent achievements and saw that I had two achievements that I didn’t remember earning. When I looked at them, they were for FIFA 12, which I have never even played. The more I thought about it, I was wondering why someone would hack my Xbox to play FIFA and get me two achievements, so I looked at my Microsoft points to be sure. I used to have 1700 Microsoft points and now I have 20. Now when I go to Manage Account on and try removing my credit card it won’t even let me do that! This is ridiculous, and Microsoft obviously doesn’t care to do anything about this. I’ve been a gold member since 2007 and I have been happy with everything Microsoft has done, but I would rather not have anything more stole from me. So please figure this out Microsoft and quit pushing this problem aside because it is real.

  125. yep, hacked xbox +1
    $130ish worth of M$ points..

    FIFA12, but my hacker only gained 3 achievements… lazy bastard.

  126. Got Hacked 12/30, lost 5000 MP, account locked. Anyone know since you can still sign in to your GT offline if you can earn achievements offline and they will count towards your tag when they allow your GT back online or is that a waste of time?

  127. I just realized I was hacked too! Over 5000 MSP’s gone! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…!

    I was checking my achievements, and saw that I had 3 FIFA 12 achievements, and I’ve never played the game! Then I check my balance, and I have 10 points left… What is this? PSN?

    Calling MS right now…

  128. I was hacked this way while on Christmas break as well. Removed my credit card and changed password. Finally got to talking to Microsoft about it today (I didn’t have my console with me on christmas break, so I had no console ID). The representative said that they freeze the account until they’ve figure out what’s happened.

    I’m sure as hell not leaving my credit card with Microsoft again until they’ve fixed this!

  129. Yep, happened to me too.
    I didnt notice the notification saying i logged on with another xbox, but i did notice i had only 10 MSP left, even though i had refilled 1500 the previous day.

    And i also got left with 2 worthless achievements, even though i have never played any FIFA game on my Xbox.

    I’m very concerned about purchasing from the market place, because i dont want my money dissapearing

  130. so the assholes did thie same to me on jan 4th 2012 got home at 7am turned on the xbox it says your gamer tag has been recovered from another console, none of my friends seem to be on because they where deleted and i try tosend microsoft an email only to find my hotmail account that was connected to my live id had the password changed. Im leaving the xbox on the whole time mind you on my account, which i find has been charged 125 dollars for ms points and get on the phone with live tech support near the end of the conversation when they are explaining the way the lock down account works while they investigate the matter i see you have been disconnected from xbox live your gamertag has been recovered on another console. the tech support person quickly hit the lock down on the account and i will be offline for at least 15 days the assholes actaully where trying to do it again. i assume tech support can see the changes in serial numbers as tags are moved from console to console it is how the tag stops people from moving dlc around for free so we’ll see where this goes

  131. Yup, also Had my account hacked in the first few days of january. I noticed the “your account was last signed in on another console” message, thought a little about it then shrugged it off. Went to purchase a game for points (as I had about 800) and there were down to 0. After searching and finding this was a widespread issue, I attempted to remove the credit card information from my account, only to get a status code error. Luckily I managed to change a few numbers in the information so if they do try to buy points, it won’t go through. Compared to what I’ve heard, I lucked out. Overall all I lost was <1000 MS points. And nothing on the 2 cards I had on my account. -sigh of relief-. However hearing that some people have been banned I'm not sure I want to report this. My biggest concern is future security. Guess we'll see how it goes.

  132. Happened to me, Friday 6th January, 2012.
    Checked my emails today and had 2 reciepts for 5000 MS points in my email, and 2 matching paypal orders, each £42.50. Having not used my xbox in a good few months, and fifa12 in even longer, something isnt addind up.

    MS/EA are brushing it off as a phishing scam but i have a brain and know what to and not to click online, and dont see any emails of the sort in my inbox to begin with.

  133. Well, my account investigation was complete on the 22 Nov. I was due a refund of £42.50 for the credits purchased. Was only supposed to take a maximum of 10 days, plus a further 30 for it to show on the statement.

    46 days later i call to complain about my refund not showing up.

    The stupid idiot put the case through again as an investigation and now my account has been locked and nothing MS can do.

    You cant talk to the investigation team, the agent cant speak to the investigation team, you can’t speak to accounts to get your refund! It’s a complete joke!

    Now my legal team with the credit card company are dealing with the case!

  134. Ok… So I don’t know if the IGD staff noticed but this “Vincent” and “Deryl32″ have the exact same hacked story down to every spelling mistake. It’s a 100% copy and pasted story…

  135. Same thing happened to me. Family Plan purchased, 10,000 MP and all transferred to a: “Bracingflipper8″. They didn’t hack my email it was directly my Xbox live account. They need to close this security hole by not makeing MP transferable, or requiring a conformation by email to add anyone to a family plan

  136. Same deal just happened 1/11/12 received 5 emails thanking me for purchasing microsoft points that I didn’t purchase. Jump on live says account was being used on another console. Same 3 FIFA 12 achievements. Get another email from EA FIFA thanking me for playing their game (Don’t Own It), and now Live Account is Locked till further notice.

    Awesome Security Microsoft Has Going On. I can appreciate hacks happen and for the most part Xbox Live has never really been compromised until this recent rash, but I’m actually a little annoyed at the hush hush stance Microsoft seems to be taking in regards to this issue.

    At least Sony admitted they were hacked and issued statements,

  137. Got hacked today January 12, 2012. They didn’t buy points but they used almost 9000 of the points that i had received for christmas. Microsoft was very nice and got things rolling, said it was because of the EA sports software that made the loophole into xbox.

  138. I was just hack and right after words my daughter account came up with the same thing FIFA 12

  139. Same thing happened to me. I logged on in the morning it says my account was last used on another console and it wouldn’t let me sign in so I went on my brothers console and seen the message haha on my profile and that i was playing fifa 12. So I recovered the the tag and thankfully it let me and then I got the microsoft story

  140. <– Hacked. January 14, 2012. $133 stolen from card. 1000 XBOX Points used. FIFA 12 on my list. Very dissapointed.

  141. The people that are doing it sell the the points on a website called which is based in china and they sell your accounts to people, advertising them as 10000 ms point for less than £25. When people buy them they then send the buyers your login and password for them to recover on to their xbox. I only know this because I bought some points off the website (not knowing how that the point had been bought using other peoples credit cards) and a month or so later my xbox and account were banned because some frauds sold me some illegal points without letting me know how they got them, now I’ve have to go out and buy myself a new xbox and leave behind the massive amount of hours I have built up in playing time…

  142. I am a professional Halo player and my account was hacked 3 days ago. I know of 30 or so other halo players who have also had multiple accounts hacked

  143. Same here. Hacked on the 12th, lost 3200 points. Got my tag back, with a new live ID. Not my original one. Possibly, never be able to get that one attached again. Still no points. 2 FIFA12 achievements.
    I blame EA for this though. XBL is trying to clean up the mess.
    It’s like when your kid breaks shit and you have to fix it. EA is the bratty kid, XBL is the parent. EA needs a damn good spanking for this one.

  144. My account was hacked 2 weeks ago just got my account back but now I keep getting disconnected from xbox live and they charged my credit card $130 in Microsoft points that I’m still waiting to see back in my account. I got a headache and 3 achievements in FIFA 12 out of the whole ordeal. :(

  145. On Sunday morning I woke up in NYC on vacation to my phone buzzing with emails. 2 from MS confirming my purchase of 6000 and 4000 pts. I immediately called Microsoft support changed my secret question changed my password and initiated a claim. When I got home that evening from vacation it was FIFA 12 the last game played and they spent 12000 points on FIFA 12 ultimate packs. I had them locked out of the account within 20 minutes of those notification emails. The only thing I can think of is an EA leak (I may have had the same password on that account because when I used to play BF2:BC it MADE me create one to play the game). We’ll see how long it takes to get my 2000 points back and the CC charges reversed. I am pissed that Microsoft / EA haven’t tried to plug this hole up. Clearly it is because these FIFA 12 character packs are being sold on ebay for money or something or else what would be the point of downloading DLC / character content on someone else’s XBOX profile? Really annoying.

  146. Same happened to me Hacked Jan 14th found it the 17th all my points gone and 2 Achievements on Fifa 12 which I don’t own. This is the second time in 3 plus years Ive been hacked.

  147. 1st time was 3 weeks ago they took 200.000 coins then last night my whole team gose what was worth 230.000 iv spent like 150 £ on this game for this to happen what a joke

  148. Damn , got hacked last night 17/1/12.

    I dont even own fifa 12 , and i found 3 achievements on my tag! They used my paypal account which was saved on xbox and they stole 85 British pounds :( !

    I hope Microsoft will help on that!!

  149. turd bag, stole my account with fifa 12 and stole 130 dollar in microsoft point, and overdraft fees, i cant believe this is happending jesus christ, someone who doesn’t give a shit, would really go through the trouble of not careing. Believe me when i say this, “dont delete your account without deleteing all your information on it first”. Really finding hard to contact microsoft about this little problem, now i need to go down to the bank and report electronics fraud activity, and try to get my money back, so we dont lose the house. please post more if anyone else, had this problem, and fixed it. at first thought it was a microsoft scam or sheme, just to find out some little fairy fat kid stealing my shit, and yes, i know how wrong that sounds, but true.

  150. Kind of ridiculous that this is even happening, although I guess I can take some comfort in the fact that I am not alone. My account was hacked last night by some jackass that had the audacity to go into party chat with my friends (who obviously knew it was not me). At this point I was called by one of my friends, and when I got home completely redid my password etc. Had to recover my account from another xbox, had 35 achievement points in fifa 2012 (never played it before and I never play sports games to begin with). Checked my billing, which thankfully does not have a credit card or paypal attached, and noticed the hacker spent my 1800 or so MS points on Fifa card packs. Called xbox, went through the phone line. The woman was very helpful, I put in for an investigation, and my account is suspended right now while they hopefully right these wrongs. I just hope I don’t have to wait a month to use xbox live again.

  151. They stole 800 of my microsoft points that I got for my birthday, then bought 1000 more microsoft points, I have changed my password. Im so sad. :(

  152. I got hacked too, i with fifa 12 also, i hate these people, what i dont understand is HOW!!!??? how the hell can they get into your account when all they know is your gamertag??? they took 3000 msp from me and bought stuff from my bank amounting to 90 pounds, microsoft refunded the points and released my gamertag to me 3 days later, still havent got the money in my account yet though, any had experience getting a cash refund?

  153. Another hack victim here. After 5 years of happy gaming, and mocking the poor fools for having the PS3 my account is now locked ‘pending investigation.
    Whether this sours my relationship with Microsoft really depends on how long it takes to sort it out, and get me back online with my points safely back in my account.
    These things do happen I suppose, and they certainly appeared to take it seriously when I reported it last week

  154. My account got hacked on 2/7/12 for 4000 points and another for 1600 points. I need to start an investigation to get my money back. It is the only way to do so. I’m really fucking pissed right now.

  155. Ive also been hacked with FIFA 12. Got two achievements and all my 2900 points from Christmas were spent. I tried telling XBOX, but they were no help, and I don’t want my account banned for a month. Im just thankful I don’t use a credit card for anything on XBOX. But its still pisses me off that Microsoft says it’s not their fault even thougb everybody is having the same problem. Get a clue !

  156. I was just got the Fifa hack 3 weeks ago. I got an email saying they bought 10,00o microsoft points (for a total of $125) with my credit card. And since I know how shitty customer support can get at Microsft, I was really dreading having to deal with them (especially since I was having a really shitty couple of days, prior to the hack, too). Luckily they used my Paypal account to steal money from my credit card, so dealing with Microsoft wasn’t needed. I just filed an authorized purchase claim on Paypal, so they launched an “investigation” and it only took 10 days for the “investigation” to be over (and for me to get my money back). And this was all done without having to shutdown my Microsoft account for 25-75 days.

  157. Pigs, we were blaming our son for these purchases all £80 over 2 days. This was in October 11 and after 3 months of freezing our account and being told our credit card details had to be kept on account incase of any refund, we were then told there was no evidence of hacking!!! Whilst waiting for this to be investigated we have had another £25.50 taken off the card for more Gold Pack purchases on Fifa. How can this happen? Microsoft will accept no responsibility AGAIN and we’ve now reluctantly cancelled this account.

  158. I just found out today that i got hacked , my uncle saw me online today playing fifa12. but i was at work and he already thoug it was strange because i dont have fifa 12 and i always play MW or Gears of war 3. i hope some one can help met i am realy pissed just yesterday i put 2100 points on it. just now i came online to put a 1200 more because i dint had enuf to buy something then it said i only had 1200 on it (wich i just add to it) then i tried to log in om my email but they changed the password . i hope that there is someone who can help me out to get me my points and email back . kind regareds Iwan.

  159. I’ve been hacked twice once when they stole my gamer tag and i had to recover it in which they stole £55 out of my account just before christmas , xbox cut me off for a month and paid money back to me around 6 weeks later , and then they stole more money ,points and players out of my sons account through fifa 12 but we didn’t have to recover the gamer tag this time so Microsoft said we we not hacked , my son then played fifa12 on my xbox for an hour in which time i got hacked and points were bought but again i didn’t have to recover tag so xbox says it wasn’t hacked , what the hell is going on

  160. This happened to me too, i had 1600 points i put on my account, and after playing some battlefield 3 i got hacked. like 2 weeks after i started playing on that shitty ea server i was hacked and i realized this two days ago because i went to buy an addon for my game dead island, and its a zombie arena so it was going to be fun and really enjoy it, i was excited cause i usually dont have points on my account to buy stuff right away, and bam dreams crushed by this asshole. He bought some fifa 12 packages and spent 1200 points on Portal Still alive, some arcade game. Who the fuck even likes those crappy games like fifa… dam.

  161. Last night i was playing fifa when somebody wasnt playin back i thought easy win. After the game i recieved a message from this peron say 6000 coins and when i look online 6000 coins are missing. I have changed my password and removed my card details from the xbox 360 could someone help me are tell me if my acount has been hacked.

  162. Got caught by this Fifa 12 hack last night, Some lil asshole had logged into my account used my 3000+ points and I had three Fifa 12 achieverments… Never played Fifa 12, damn sure wont now.

    Microsoft have been contacted on this and have assured me this will take 2 to 3 days to complete and they will be able to track the person who done it.

  163. My son’s xbox has been hacked twice to the tune of over £600 . I contacted xbox and my bank. I had to change all my card details as well. I asked them the first time to block everything and wipe it clean. They didn’t. It happen again. They still won’t refund. My poor son has not been able to enjoy his xbox for the last month again too worried this will happen again. This was all fifa. This all proves it happens. Why won’t they help !!!!!!

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