Lego Star Wars Fails to Make Xbox Hard Drive Add-On More Exciting


Today, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb announced on his blog the forthcoming release of a 320 gb media hard drive add-on thing for all models of the Xbox 360, scheduled for sometime this month. The drive, which will cost $130, comes with a free download of Lego Star Wars III. You know—the one with all the Lego bits and Star Wars. Not at all like the other ones.


But not so fast, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, and United Arab Emirates! Shit just got a WHOLE LOT MORE DRAMATIC! Hope you weren’t counting on being able to download Lego Star Wars…because you CAN’T! SLAM! BOOM-SHAKALAKA!

Okay. I’m sorry. I was trying to generate excitement of even the smallest degree in this story, and I couldn’t really pull it off. I don’t really think that’s cool that they can’t get this stupid game, and there are also no hints as to why those countries can’t download it. Maybe they have weird laws against getting rehashed Lego games for free. I don’t know.

So, yeah. There’s that now. Hard drive thing. SKA-BAM.


  1. My mornings would be a much duller without your unrelenting enthusiasm Brian and for that I thank you… BAM

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