Go to Subway to Get in an Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Mode

Go to Subway right now, buy a soda with Nathan Drake’s super sexy man-face on the side, and punch in the code sitting on the side of the cup, and you’ll enter into something all sorts of…weird. It’s a multiplayer game mode for Uncharted 3 good for the month of October that lets players play the game with some Subway-branded merchandise. Things like pins, hats, shirts, and other exclusive items that only Subway consumers will have once the game launches in November.There are even paid consumables that will grant players assistance in matches, and don’t worry, it’s in-game currency, not real cash.

Looking at the video above from the PlayStation blog, players will even be able to hold onto Subway sandwiches and soda cups, and even earn the ability to perform the “five-dollar footlong” taunt. I think I can’t be the only one who things this is utterly bizarre, but hey, for the price of a soda players can dive right in to the multiplayer for the game, and have all of the stats swing over to the main game. Nothing too wrong with that.

Source PlayStation Blog

  1. I hope this applies to Canada. Love Uncharted!

  2. This has to be the best (and weirdest) product placement of all time.

  3. but do we get to keep the multiplayer mode or does it end before the full release of uncharted?

  4. what about europe?

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