Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Review

Developer: Tripwire Interactive / Publisher: 1C Company / Played on: PC / Price: $39.99 / ESRB: Mature [Blood and Gore, Strong Language, Violence]


I need to establish some points before I talk about Red Orchestra 2. First, I have the utmost respect for mod teams that move on to make full games. I feel there’s no greater measure of talent and perseverance than to cross that finish line on your first game. Second, I personally have enjoyed many ultra realistic shooters. I spent hours with Day of Defeat and the original Operation Flashpoint and loved them both.

Now that I’ve established that, I’ve rarely had less fun playing a game than with Red Orchestra 2. It has nothing to offer a gamer that hasn’t spent the last five years playing the original Red Orchestra and makes virtually no attempt to accommodate new players. On top of being merely unapproachable, severe gameplay and technical problems mean that this game in no way justifies its surprisingly high price.


Gameplay and Mutiplayer

I can appreciate RO2’s goal of recreating realistic World War II combat, but regardless of how realistic it may be, it’s simply not fun unless you’re willing to invest an inordinate amount of time both learning the game and excusing its numerous shortcomings. Red Orchestra 2’s single-player campaign  focuses on the Battle of Stalingrad in Russia, but is really just a series of repurposed multiplayer maps with unimpressive AI, multiplayer is the game’s only real substance. Go by the numbers and Red Orchestra 2’s content appears substantial enough: three modes (excluding the campaign), around a dozen maps, nine player classes, and realistically modeled tanks with all the complexity of a full-on tank simulator. Despite that list of content, you’re most likely to find servers running Territory Control on one of three open, sniper-haven maps.

Territory Control is the game’s de facto main mode and basically breaks down like this: everyone snaps up all the sniper classes and camps out overlooking the main paths of travel down the map. If you poke your head out for just a second, you will die (maybe two seconds if you’re lucky). Most players are content to sit still in one spot for the entire round and wait for more aggressive players to wander into their field of view where they are easy pickings. This means that matches in RO2 devolve into duels of patience, or to put it another way, who can play the game less. I admit there’s a certain tension to slowly and safely working your way across a map, but that tension has no payoff when you get sniped instantly after crawling through shrubs for five minutes. On rare occasions you might win one of these duels of patience, but they are never worth the time invested. On top of that, there’s no effective anti-sniper solution in the game. Depending on the server’s realism settings, the game’s camera will pan to show you the direction from which you’ve been shot, but more often than not I’d be staring at view-obstructing level geometry like hills or walls than seeing who actually killed me… and that’s only if the server has that feature turned on.


I had slightly more fun in Team Deathmatch, which is more close-quarters action on smaller maps. Snipers are still a problem here, but at least you feel moderately empowered to maneuver behind them or use functional cover. Even when not plagued by snipers, basic gameplay issues permeate. Multiple times I spawned right in front of enemies, which of course led to immediate death. There’s a laundry list of other problems: sometimes you spawn staring directly at a wall, kills take three-to-four seconds to show up in the kill list (which causes you to second guess if you hit anyone or not), when you crawl in prone position you clip through walls so much you can see right through them… I could go on and on.

The game employs a progression/unlock system that grants you new weapons and minor stat buffs as you play. However, the game does a terrible job communicating what these unlocks are, how to get them, or why you should care. Pop-ups during gameplay will tell you if you have leveled up during a match, but it doesn’t say in what, how, or why. In fact, I didn’t know that leveling did anything for the first three or four hours until I dug through the pages of my profile. Here it shows you the equipment you could unlock, but only refers to it by text. Unlike the players I encountered who had adopted Russian names for the sake of role playing, I don’t have an intimate knowledge of WWII weaponry. Is the AX-24 (I just made that up) a pistol? Is it better than what I have? It could be a tank I guess? I suppose I could tab out of the game and read about it on Wikipedia, but I was already long past the giving-a-shit cutoff.



While I know that apologists will excuse Red Orchestra 2’s controls as complicated for the sake of realism, they’re straight up bad. The first of many problems is that there are simply too many states to toggle. You can crouch, snap to cover, bring up the iron sights, and even hold a button to steady your aim. That’s four buttons in sequence you have to hit to aim optimally, and four MORE you have to hit just to return to a basic stance. Say you’re hunkered in cover and a grenade drops at your feet — you can’t just bolt out of there, which is just absurd. I died several times because I was crouching or aiming or some bullcrap and I just couldn’t move.

There are countless other issues that make RO2 needlessly frustrating to play. Say you accidentally hit Y and open a chat window. You can’t just hit escape to cancel the text input, and it nullifies any keyboard input while the text chat is open. You have to hit enter to stop the text chat, which means that every five minutes some player says something similar to “wwwwwwwwaaaaadddaaaaaawwwws.” The game’s animation is extremely unpredictable as well. I can’t count the number of times I saw an enemy and clicked my mouse, only to have my gun not fire because I was in the middle of some walking animation that made my gun inoperable for some reason. Aiming over cover is a huge hassle as well, as the game attempts to dynamically shift your gun around uneven objects. That’s fine, except the gun will move drastically and create entire blind spots. Move it a pixel up, and the gun will completely change angle. One pixel down, and it will drastically pop back down. In several instances I’d try to shoot an enemy over cover but I couldn’t because the gun would just not aim where I pointed it. This game controls like a chunky, half-complete mod from 2002. That makes sense given the game’s development, but it’s inexcusable at retail price.


Graphics and Sound

Red Orchestra 2 is not a looker, though it does have some nice touches. Light rays cast from the sun and flaming barrels are particularly impressive, but everything else is drab and unimpressive. One could make the argument that the dilapidated and war-torn Russian environments depicted in Red Orchestra 2 aren’t all that impressive in real life, but from textures to geometry, the graphics are on scale with a game four or five years old. Animation is jerky and the game’s menus are filled with oddly warped text, which again, looks like a mod from years past.

Audio, on the other hand, is impressive. Gunshots and gunfights sound incredible whether you’re in the thick of battle or hearing the combat from a distance. The game’s music is fantastic as well, though it’s used extremely poorly. Sorrowful violin music plays throughout every match without interruption, which ends up being grating and aggravating. It’s also a strange betrayal of the game’s constant pursuit of realism, as I’m fairly sure mournful war anthems didn’t blanket WWII battlefields in real life.


Bottom Line

The most fun I had in Red Orchestra 2 was trolling the game’s text chat. It reminds me a lot of League of Legends, in that it has developed a cult following and is only interested in catering to that audience at the expense of legitimate improvements made to control and presentation in the years since its inception. I can appreciate the goals and gumption of the game’s small development staff, but the game is just painful to play. If you’re the target demographic for this game, odds are you already bought it and you don’t care what I have to say. If you haven’t, there are about a million better uses of your time and money.

4 / 10

  1. I don’t know, based on what I’ve read on other reviews about the game, its seems to attempt to make quite a few concessions to the run-and-gun arcade shooter crowd. I think the attempt at skill-leveling, unlocks, and auto-reloads (however poorly conceived they may be) will probably actually serve to alienate what you call this game “target crowd”.

    Although really, crawling around for five minutes and then getting shot dead is pretty common even in the original Red Orchestra. Usually in such maps you spend a lot of time bumbling around, but usually there’s a very short rewarding period of time that makes the game feel awesome and makes enduring all those sniper deaths worthwhile; I can recall several instances of crawling stealthily around a Leningrad for what seemed like ten minutes, looting a sub-machine gun and ammo from a fallen soldier, sneaking into a fortified building and going room to room clearing out a dozen unsuspecting enemy soldiers on full auto before I was brought to justice. That or just using my basic Mauser 98 to cut down like a half dozen guys 500 yards away before a sniper finally spotted me.

    It seems to me that in Red Orchestra team-work is usually paramount. I suspect that the maps in RO2 might be more open and larger, and given the setting of the game one should reasonably expect it to be a sniper’s heaven, but in Red Orchestra it wasn’t at all uncommon to see an entire team making aggressive coordinated attacks on enemy firing lines. Maybe the problem here is merely that the ‘wrong target crowd’ is merely trying out the game, and the old Ostfront 41-45 playerbase has yet to switch over?

  2. I’m sorry in so many ways you are wrong about this game every paragraph furth I got in i had to stop and face palm and go “they don’t get it” and I would like to take notice to “You can crouch, snap to cover, bring up the iron sights, and even hold a button to steady your aim. That’s four buttons in sequence you have to hit to aim optimally, and four MORE you have to hit just to return to a basic stance. Say you’re hunkered in cover and a grenade drops at your feet — you can’t just bolt out of there, which is just absurd. I died several times because I was crouching or aiming or some bullcrap and I just couldn’t move.” I haven’t had that problem all you do is release shift backup (which automaticly snaps you out of cover) quickly tap c and sprint which takes but a second also I think im going to go by pcgamers opinion on it that machinimas seriously whoever believes this dribble is retared.

  3. most cumbersome singleplayer “realistic” I think I played as well lol

  4. What a crap review of a great game. Won’t be returning to this budget site again any tme soon.

  5. I agree with this review 100%. It’s fine if you guys enjoy the game, but don’t try to cover up the many problems the game has. This is an honest review unlike all those other sites dishing out 80/100 and 90/100.

    There is no way this game deserves that score just from the bugs alone. That’s not even considering the flaws within the game such as the terrible controls. The same button to take cover is the same button to bandage your wounds. Really? How something as stupid as that was overlooked is beyond me.

    This game was released completely unfinished and it is not worth $40.

    • This game is compelete and is a perfect example of a great REALISTIC game

      not for most of the fans of machinma

    • This guy obvious doesn’t know what he is talking about if he says “I personally have enjoyed many ultra realistic shooters. I spent hours with Day of Defeat”. Are you kidding me? Day Of Defeat is about as arcade as they get.

  6. I think the reviewer should listen to the monlogue at the end of the movie by the great Peter O’Toole voicing Anton Ego…

    “In many ways, the work of a critic is easy. We risk very little, yet enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and their selves to our judgment. We thrive on negative criticism, which is fun to write and to read. But the bitter truth we critics must face, is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so. But there are times when a critic truly risks something, and that is in the discovery and defense of the new. The world is often unkind to new talents, new creations. The new needs friends.”

    I play RO2 – I’ve suffered through the bugs it had through start up and laughed at the silly stat building issue (personally feel could be done away with) – but the game is great.

    Haven’t and probably won’t play the single player version as, you know, I have friends…

  7. I stopped reading the moment the reviewer said he had played realistic games like Day of Defeat.

    That alone proves that this reviewer has no clue what he is talking about.

  8. Seriously, you have no clue what this game is really about. GO PLAY COD.

  9. This review is from the standpoint of someone that has no understanding of what a realism game is. Day of Defeat is not a realism game, and from what I’ve seen Operation Flashpoint isn’t much of one either. ARMA, and Red Orchestra are good examples of realism games. Red Orchestra 2 is quite buggy, but they have fixed a number of the bugs already. Also a number of your points you’re making are really from just the fact that you have a horrible taste for what is good cover and what isn’t.
    I wouldn’t doubt that you are the kind of player that runs to the exact same place that they were when they died who then tries to do the same thing again just like before even though they died doing so prior. Hence why you “get shot by a sniper every two seconds”. You have to find their blind spots and exploit them, make yourself more difficult to spot with the uses of smoke screens, artillery fire ahead of you, or just go behind solid walls; and/or learn to shoot and counter-snipe them.
    There are a number of things that improve your shooting besides just holding shift, by the way. You can rest your gun on cover (another reason why it’s so vital), and get steady shots without holding shift. Sometimes the game does act strange with its collision system when you try to do this, but usually you can spot what types of places that will happen at. There is also an ability to adjust your iron sights so you can hit them at farther distances. It goes by increments of 100 meters, and is operated with the use of scrolling while using iron sights.
    The movement isn’t really all that complicated: it runs like a majority of other shooters with the use of crouch and prone, as well as sprinting and jumping. Hell, it has the same number of basic movement keys as DOD:S, so I don’t understand why you’re complaining about that. The only things it has that DOD:S doesn’t have is leaning, the cover button/system, and sprinting from a prone position. The ability to go straight to sprinting when prone nullifies your statement involving the grenade problem. All you do is press shift when in prone while not using ironsights, and you go into a crouched run. When you stop running you go back to a prone stance.
    I do agree that it doesn’t have great graphics, but you need to understand the scale in which everything is being performed. Typically games that have more things occurring at once don’t have as high of a graphical quality as games that have smaller maps and players playing on average. The maps in this game are quite large, and you have up to 64 individual players running around alongside all of the entities and processes they generate in your system from the game. I do think they could have made the graphics somewhat better than they are if they really wanted to, but that biggest problem with the graphics is the engine. UE3 is a good modding engine, but it is quite a pain to optimize it well. However, graphics shouldn’t be the main focus of the game anyway, as if it’s a shitty game the pretty graphics mean nothing in the end.
    I also mainly agree with you on the following things: The game has very poor stat tracking, the music gets old fast as they only have like 3-4 music tracks, bugs can be a hindrance and they aren’t very difficult to find, the AI isn’t smart enough for the type of game it is, and the chat system can be a pain. Regardless, the core gameplay of this game is realism at heart, and it does it very well. It doesn’t make it go over the top, but it still feels rather realistic.
    Finally, I highly doubt you’ve played all that much on the PC and are predominantly a console player with your excessive whining from keys. Most active pc gamers can press up to about 3-4 buttons simultaneously while playing a game no-problem. Usually people that play consoles predominantly aren’t used to having the same finger dexterity. They focus on the use of the thumbs instead.
    Realism games are something that people either love or hate for the most part, and it seems that you don’t like them. I respect that, but I do not respect your pretentious attitude in this critique in which you believe you have played realism shooters to the point in which you’re some sort of connoisseur. So to you, the author, get off of your high horse and familiarize yourself with the genre, and platform you’re reviewing before you give more half-assed reviews like this. It discredits your publisher, and makes you look like a fool.

    • Completely agree. I think your reply gave a more intelligent and balanced answer than the actual review. I don’t think I’ll get RO2, but it’s good to know there are others out there who can actually back up their arguments in a balanced way.

    • ” and from what I’ve seen Operation Flashpoint isn’t much of one either. ARMA, and Red Orchestra are good examples of realism games.” Sounds like you DKWTF. ARMA is basically OpFlash2. Not talking about the crap Codemasters put out, but the original by Bohemia Interactive, who then made ArmA after losing the OpFlash naming rights to Codemasters

  10. Hmm… Wrong on nearly all accounts
    My troll sense is tingling… but just in case, I’m throwing in my 2 cents…

    Before I start I will make a few educated assumptions:
    I assume you’re a console gamer
    I assume you didn’t play this game for an extended period of time
    I assume you didn’t play with friends
    I assume one of those “sniper-havens” you mentioned was “Fallen Fighters”
    (4 main reasons why a newbie might dislike RO2)

    First, understand this. This is a multiplayer game. The devs put in a single player to help ease new people (like you) into the game by introduce tactics & strategies that could be used online.
    (If you would like, think of it as a giant tutorial)

    Your complaint about the snipers is just…well…wrong. Most modes have a limit of, at max, 2 snipers per team. Then there are a few lmgs (usually 3-4), a couple of assault rifles (2-4), and everybody else gets rifles. You know why? Because that is what WW2 was like on the eastern front. Despite what COD tells you, not everyone had an MP 40). In fact, you where lucky if you got a rifle. Some had to wait until the person in front of them died before they got a chance to shoot. But I digress…

    Now by “poking your head out” you probably mean standing out in the open, in which case your death has nothing to do with the game being unbalanced, simply your stupidity. This game is supposed to simulate a real battle experience. If you run about all nimbly-bimbly in the middle of a real-life battle, YOU. WILL. DIE… FAST. In real life, you must plan your movements carefully, make use of your team mates, and, most importantly, stay hidden.
    These same rules apply in RO2. You have to use your head.

    Take Fallen Fighters for example. It is one of the most open infantry-based maps in the game. The only “campers” in this level are usually the ones defending the spawn point.
    Most of those “snipers” you saw in this level, were most likely using unscoped bolt-action rifles, which are, for most players, effective to about 125m (a decent player might occasionally hit 175m)
    The map is ~200m wide. So therefore if you just run headfirst into the middle of the battlefield, as you might do in COD, you are actually running right into range of the enemy “snipers”. And you end up dying every 2 seconds. But if you outflank them, and conceal your approach with smoke and suppression, you might get some kills, some captures, and stay alive for some time.

    So to get back to the point, if you want to counter these “snipers”, there is actually one, very easy, strategy… Its called Cover!

    (Your “sniper haven” comment reminds me of one a funny moment online with my cousin (In COD actually). He kept complaining that every time he ran out a door, he would get sniped… My advice to him… Stop running out the door!)

    The kill feed delay, and the lack of gun statistics (range, accuracy etc.) are both gameplay features. The kill feed is supposed to make you doubt, make you want to confirm the kill. It also prevents you from running & gunning, as any one of those bad guys you shot could just be taking cover, and may shoot you in the back if you ignore them.
    In game, you play as an average soldier. Real life 1940s soldiers wouldn’t have had neat interactive bar chart to compare their guns right before they walked onto the battlefield, so you don’t have one either. You have to try it and see (their usually pretty similar)

    And as for not knowing what weapon is what, who could blame you for not knowing what a G-41 or a PTRS-1941 is?… You know… if it didn’t tell you on the clearly marked Weapon menu RIGHT BESIDE the progress menu

    Any semi-experienced gamer should have no problems with the controls system, as it is no more complicated than any other fps, PC, Console or otherwise. For example, next time you play COD, run up to some cover and hold B, LT, and hold the Left Analog Stick… congrats, you are now doing the exact same thing you did in RO2, except you can no longer aim (as your thumb is on B) or easily move (as your clicking LS). So which is really better?
    I have personally never had, or even seen that problem with the “walking animation” or the text thing, (If it bothers you so much, you could always reassign it… This is a pc game you know)
    Oh and don’t worry about that aiming over objects thing… Cos in real life, you just noclip through objects that obstruct your FOV -.-

    The OP is just trying to pick holes in a perfectly good game… If some movement buttons were taken out for simplicity, he would have complained about that… If there was no music, he would have complained about that as well (BTW check audio settings if you don’t like the music).

    I am not a cult follower of RO, nor its target demographic, but I can appreciate a good game when I play one. If you can get past a few minor bugs and beat the initial learning curve, you would realise how great this game is.

    Please Ignore OP. You know what they say… Those who can’t do… criticise doing :)

  11. the controls are clumsy, the animation is dated and the SP bots are stupid. it’s as if the game was written about 5 years ago. i played it for 4.5 hrs – got annoyed, bored and then deleted it.

    • Some of the animations are kinda shaky but I honestly think the devs have put a lot of effort into the death animations, if someone is shot they don’t completely lose control of their body and flop down like most games ragdolls in RO2 people die clutching their wounds.

      Also if you are playing SP you are missing the point of RO it’s a MULTIPLAYER game ie: you are supposed to play with friends and communitys

  12. Perfect review of this game, spot on every point. I can’t believe people could disagree like they are, but I guess thats why they sound so defensive. They know this game sucks deep down.

    Realism doesn’t mean TERRIBLE controls and you all know it.

  13. dude you shouldnt be reviewing games you talk out your arse go play cod/battlefield with your poncy hit markers and bunny hop around trying to get kill streaks so you can fly round in a big chopper spraying ppl to death u nob

  14. If a reviewer talks about trolling being the funnest part in the game, I can say that what kind of a review is this. No wonder its a machinima blog, it’s hard to accept different games than call of duty. A giant difference when the game is not just about ADD call of duty action, shooting everything that moves.

  15. I could be called an “ole” gamer, in my late 60’s, and have been playing PC games with large learning curves, shooters, FPS, TPS, RPG, RTS, and TBS to name a few, since PC games first hit retail. I am a constant reader of gaming reviews as living on a fixed income, I choose my games carefully. In all my years of gaming, have never read a more biased review in my life. It appears the author of this review spent no more than an hour with either the beta or the game after first release. Part of this problem lies with Trip Wire, who should know that most reviewers want to be on the leading edge of publication and will jump on a game when first released to review it. Sadly, RO2, was buggy. However, many, if not most of these issues, have been corrected. This game is stellar in both realism and emotional involvement. There are lulls in the combat as there are in real fire fights and no one comes away with 20+ kills in real life, as is apparent in may current FPS, no matter how good the graphics or the sounds. The maps follow the course of the war with each side having advantages depending on the chronology of the siege itself: Germans early on and then switching to the Soviets in the latter stage in the battle for the city. I am disappointed in IGD’s handling of this review. I distinctly remember reviewers for the flight sim Falcon 4.0 and remembering that some of the reviewers were not flight sim jocks and only tried the game for a few hours before writing their review. I think we have the same situation here. This is a not a casual WWII shooter, it is a thinking man’s (person :>}) game and unfortunately, the reviewer does not fall into that category.

  16. Outstanding review that isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. For those of you expressing almost violent reactions to his criticism, you need to consider the possibility that your optimism is exceeding your honesty when it comes to this graphically dated and poorly designed game. Terrible controls do not translate into “realistic” gaming. If it were this difficult to move, take and leave cover and shoot in a real battle, the actual Battle Of Stalingrad would have only taken about fifty lives at most!

    • Sorry what? I find the movement fluid and intuitive and also realistic and the movement been bad (even though it isn’t) isn’t a valid complaint since the most hardcore warfare sim (arma 2) is terrible to move in, what red orchestra has successfully done is to recreate the battle of Stalingrad you can easily tell that TWI are extreamly interested in this part of history and if you look closely you can see all the details they have put into it to make it as real as possible. It’s the first game where I would lie in a ditch scared to pop my head up since my friends bodys and giblets where slowly sliding down into my face, with the sound design weapon handling, game mechanics and map design you can tell they have spent a lot of time to recreate that experience, honestly if you can’t see that I don’t want you to play in the game I’d recommend call of duty or battlefield which stick to generic mechanics that they might put a few twists on instead of a game like RO that has vision

      • RO2 is trash, anyone denying that now is a complete moron.

        Have they closed their offices yet?

      • No, and as far as I know they’re not planning to, they’ve just released the mod tools and are beginning to talk about new features and maps. RO2 is not for everyone it’s obviously not for the reviewer since his only experience of realism is day of defeat and it’s obviously not for you and I couldn’t care less if you think it is “trash” from the 60 odd hours I’ve played of it I think it is an amazing game with a lot of promise that will have a thriving mod community.

  17. I think the review had some good points but overall is flawed.
    There are definately bugs and issues. For instance I have a crossfire setup using 5870 yet had problems even getthing the game to run smooth!!!
    As far as the game is concerned I feel it is one of the best team based shooters I have ever played. I find the feel when you fire the rifles and get a hit it is rewarding and the team play is amazing.

    I actually prefer this game to Battlefield 3 but the player base has been smashed it seems so I split my time between the two.

    A certain style of play is needed to really shine in this game, You must be thinking about “who can see me” and “would going there get me sluaghtered”.
    In my mind having to think about those factors creates a very tactical game and promotes teamwork.

  18. One of the worst reviews i have ever read in my whole Life, please go back to playing Wii bowling because apparently you lack the cerebral capabilities which are required to play and enjoy a game such as RO.

  19. This is quite possibly the worst review i have ever seen, maybe playing lego is more for your age.
    I almost stopped reading at “i had played realistic games like Day of Defeat.”
    That was possibly the most stupid thing i have ever heard in my life, what made it worse is you actually proceeded to make a review with your “portfolio of realistic games” consisting of OFP and DOD and MENTION IT.

    People like you need to stop playing games, your interest in games is probably COD,COD and COD. ARMA 2 is realism and DON’T YOU DARE review that game you narcissistic pig

  20. Whoever wrote this review is probably the biggest retard to ever walk this earth. “kills take three to four seconds to show up”… that is a server option you fu**ing dumb***. Terrible review.

  21. I was waiting for this game to release for a long time and to my joy it just so happens to be one of the most fun games i have played in a long time. I dont know haw many times i said “thats not true at all” when i was reading this review. The biggest thing i want to clarify for everyone that reads this is that; NO, EVERYONE DOES NOT SNIPE. I have yet to play on a server that has the limit on snipers for over 2 per team. Thats only 4 snipers out of 64 players, not much of a camping snipe fest.
    I also dont understand where all of these complaints about the controls are coming from. They are basic FPS controls, and i had absolutely no problem learing them. The only control complaint i can see that is valid is how bandage and cover is the same key; but hey this is a pc game, change the key bindings it takes 2 seconds. I think most people who are complaining about controls just dont like the mechanics of how the players’ character moves. The motions are made to be realistic; your character cant just instantly snap into any given position and niether can you. When you are prone you cant just shove the mouse to the corner of the pad real quick and turn ur guy in a 180, especially while holding a gun and burdened with a lot of equipment.
    This is an amazing game, the battles actually play out how a real battle should. There are firefights not just a bunch of people running and gunning; you have to move to take the objectives before the time runs out and the initiative is lost. The attacking team will slowly push foreward to the next objective and when everyone is close enough the assault troops will charge into the objective (usually a building) and crazy intense close quarters fighting will commence.
    The game did have a rough release with quite a few bugs but as of now almost all of them have been fixed. This is by far TWI’s biggest game so they are going to great lengths to get everything straightened out.
    One more thing i wanted to add: I have never played a game as intense as this one. I have never actually felt pinned down by enemy fire before as the player. Sometimes you wont even want to risk poping out to get off a few shots or to b-line it to a safer position.
    Just imagine the unnerving feeling as you lay prone cuddled up close to your LMG, alongside your few surviving comrades desperately holding that last objective from the enemy, staring out the wide open double doors of the building and peering throught the smoke that is billowing up outside to cover the enemys final charge. Anticipating and waiting, finger trigger itching, for those first german silhouettes to appear through the smoke.
    That is this game…

  22. Wow – a legit review. Thanks Machinima.

    As far as I am concerned, I will never buy another TWI product. Hope they enjoy their one-time cash infusion. I won’t touch a project any of those douchebags has worked on.

  23. So this is where all the console-noobs I killed in-game come to complain about me killing them. Face it: you suck.

  24. Really, this is an unfair review.

    Most of the points in this review are about the writer sucking at the game and complaining about realism. If you don’t like realism, don’t review it or atleast write a fair review.

    Machinima should fire the writer of this review. It’s just bad. Badly written and just stupid (day of defeat is a simulation? really?)

  25. “Territory Control is the game’s de facto main mode and basically breaks down like this: everyone snaps up all the sniper classes and camps out overlooking the main paths of travel down the map. If you poke your head out for just a second, you will die (maybe two seconds if you’re lucky). Most players are content to sit still in one spot for the entire round and wait for more aggressive players to wander into their field of view where they are easy pickings. This means that matches in RO2 devolve into duels of patience, or to put it another way, who can play the game less.”

    Disregarding the ridiculous exaggeration, this is more of a problem with players; many play this game waaay too cautiously/campy. Having played the game in multi for a few dozen hours (and having usually landed among the top five players in my team in terms of team points) I can safely say that those who stay active, go for objectives and don’t camp ALWAYS garner the most points. The ones who are camping are ALWAYS the losers who end up at the bottom of the score table. You just have to play smart, keep your eyes open, listen carefully and know when to be cautious/take cover and when to be aggressive.

    What I think is the case is that camping in this game is deceptively alluring. It seems like a good idea at first glance but in reality it always lands you at the bottom of the score table.

    “You can crouch, snap to cover, bring up the iron sights, and even hold a button to steady your aim. That’s four buttons in sequence you have to hit to aim optimally, and four MORE you have to hit just to return to a basic stance.”

    First of all, your character automatically crouches if the cover is low. So that’s three key strokes not four. Second, you don’t always have to steady your aim, if you’re behind cover, your gun is rested against cover and is already pretty darn accurate.

    “kills take three-to-four seconds to show up in the kill list (which causes you to second guess if you hit anyone or not)”

    This is just laughable. Did the reviewer do any research beforehand? Delayed kill notifications is a feature, not a bug. It’s a realism server-side option. The delay is meant to create tension by not letting the player immediately know if he killed his target.

  26. rewievers credibility went the moment he called DOD ultrarealistic, and there are comments from both extremes so its really hard to form oipinion if i should get this game. can someone who actually play this game on daily basis tell me:
    is there still players? i dont want to waste my money on a game which is not alive anymore
    are there still bugs and glitches?
    is it simulator or fps? got spooked when i heard about unlockable weapons and CODma.. uh deathmatch

  27. I found this review by looking for a way to smooth out my mouse movement for pixel shooting. (kar98 headshots from 300 meters ftw)
    Didn’t read it tho as I always scroll down for a verdict to see if it’s even worth reading.
    I’m kinda glad tho as I’ve probably spent more time reading comments than I would’ve if I read the review and probably blacklisted this site 4life.

    1 main observation tho,whoever expressed his delight with this review did it in a very immature and childish way so that it’s not just the reviewer who ruined his credibility but also his loving fans. GJ

  28. Red Orchestra 2 is far superior to this review.

    RO2 is now the the best WWII fps out there and the early bugs were patched months ago. We have been in so many 64 player epic battles on the multi-player part of RO2. We play it almost every day. This review was poor to begin with and now completely out of date.

    There is a new (completely free) “RO1 classic mode” in the final stages of development too, that has game settings in the method of the Classic first Red Orchestra Ostfront game.

    But to be fair to the reviewer there were bugs when it was first released

    It runs very smoothly on ultra now.

  29. Reading these comments makes me laugh. So many people coming to defend this game by crying “It’s a realistic game! go back to Battlefield and CoD you console gamer!”

    I have been playing RO since it was a mod, and I can say that RO2 isn’t an attempt at a realistic WW2 shooter. It just feels like a lazy CoD/Battlefield clone

  30. I agree with the reviewer…..This game sucks….. Well, it would be great, if only it wasn’t that much buggy…

    This game constantly bugs, ( yes yes, even after the new patch )


    Go back playing RO: Darkest hour, because RO2 is simply just shit.

  31. and to all of you saying day of defeat isnt a realism game…. Your thinking 2012…. Your not thinking 2003…. Of course it isnt realism anymore because of the great jump on technology we had since then. But back then, it was the most realistic world war 2 game. Because it was simply what technology had best to offer.

    Picture yourself in 2020…You think Red Orchestra will still be considered a realism ww2 shooter…No, it wont. it will be the new trend that just got out that will be considered realism.

  32. dont_like_thegame

    Only fair review I’ve seen so far. Also mirrored my grievances with the game. Even after the GOTY release the game controls remain broken. It’s actually easier to control Microsoft Excel with the keyboard than it is to navigate a map on RO2 under fire. If it wasn’t for the horrible controls, this game would actually be O.K.

    Still see 99% of the team camping and not grabbing objectives. Maps are far too open, making aggressive players (that actually win games for other people) sniper bait for the 30 same people that come onto this forum claiming that the reviewer got it all wrong.

    People who tell others to go back to COD/Battlefield or whatever don’t realise that it’s actually the one shot weapons that ruin these games because they promote poor teamplay, camping and cowardly behaviour and guess what RO2 has? More one-shot weapons than all the Battlefield games combined hence the reason the userbase is shit.

    At least they fixed the “realistic” grenade spamming/bunny hopping from RO1…

  33. Cod fans raging lol, this game is not for you fags!

  34. I’m not impressed when a bunch of fans of a game come in and bag on a negative review. You’re fans. You obviously like the game. Reading it as a third party who may or may not want to play it what the reviewer thought of the game is of far more worth to me than the opinion of someone already invested in it, unable to look at it objectively and unable to allow someone else to.

    Thanks for the review, I’ll be giving this a miss.

  35. Some points are just ridiculous (and I’m not a fan, I played it the first time today for about 2 hours): The team chat. Your aren’t serious, are you? Just bind it to another key, goddamnit! It is not the games fault if you hit the wrong key. It is not just RO2 you see things like this “wwwwaaaddddss” in chat. If you play other games online you’ll notice it from time to time.

    And a lot of other things seems to be fixed. The problems you have with the cover system is gone, because you peak out with the keyboard, your mouse movements are independend. So if you peak out you can move you mouse the way you want without get into cover again.

    Running and shooting just works fine. You do simply NOT stop shooting because of some animation. This seems to be fixed.

    Snipers: you could bring up this subject in almost any other game. Snipers were a problem since Call of Duty 1 (or even earlier but I started playing online with that title). You got those campers in Battlefield back then, and still in Battlefield nowadays. You can do the same thing in RO2 to get them out like in any other game (except for you don’t got all that fency perks like in Modern Warfare): remember his position (campers do what their name suggest, otherwise it is a clever or tactical legit camper and it is your problem to deal with it), get them flanked or get them out with granades or use smoke! Just the other round I’ve managed to get passed three guys, flanked and got behind them. They didn’t notice me. I don’t mean I’m so “l33t” to take out three guys in a row. It is more like “three guys were so blind to not notice me”. You have to use the map and its covers (like in Battlefield), this is not a CoD kind of game which is a lot faster and a open range (if there is any) is crossed way more quickly.

    So all in all it is not that bad you might think.

    … problem with the team chat key… c’mon!

  36. Who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you talking about? You are the most retard fucking idiot I have ever seen reviewing a game. Just fuck off I do not intend to visit this crappy site anymore. What a loser DBAG

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