Razer Solicits Fight Stick Feedback


After making some damn fine mice, keyboards, and a solid gold laptop, peripheral manufacturer Razer is branching out into fight sticks — and they want your help.

Most fights sticks are decent, but a few hours with them will always expose some weird kind of problem. This button is half an inch too high, the stick is too hard to replace, so on. That’s why Razer is picking 200 applicants to test drive the stick and provide any feedback for how to improve it.

From the looks of it they’re already on to something. I dig the carbon fiber look of the stick, the width of the base, and that it has a handy flip-lid for easy wiring and button replacement.

If you want to enter yourself for consideration in the beta, click right here on this and bring up the submission form at the bottom.

Here’s another pick I stole off the website that shows the lid up:


  1. I don’t like it, on this page you’re showing us your are very biased, but well, we need some of both worlds.

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