F2P Jetpack Shooter Tribes: Ascend Now Accepting Beta Applications

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So, Halo-type guns are awesome. What’s also awesome? JETPACKS.

That’s right: JETPACKS.
But until now, you’ve only ever dreamed about combining those two most delicious of things, science-fiction guns and jetpacks. Well, dream no more, little soldier person. If you head over to the website for Hi-Rez Studios’ game, Tribes: Ascend, you can apply to get into the beta test phase of this totally nutty looking game.

The gameplay trailer they show (posted above) is pretty freakin’ cool…armored soldiers just bouncing all over the battlefield, shooting the shit out of each other, throwing bombs, generally doing sci-fi types of damage.

Head over to the main page and register for an account. After that, you’ll be taken right to the page that lets you sign up for the alpha and beta testing agreement.

No word yet on if it’s a master beta.

Now that I’ve discovered that joke, I will never let it die.

Via Hi-Rez Studios

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