Diagnosis: Ubisoft Europe Claims Healthy Nintendo Recovery, Others Say “Not So Much”


Because of its woes with sluggish sales of the 3DS, right now Nintendo is kind of like an accident victim, slowly recovering in the hospital, since anytime anyone says anything about the company’s fortunes (good or bad), we all sit up and take notice.

Such was the case today, as GamesIndustry reported that Geoffrey Sardin, Ubisoft’s European marketing and sales director, claimed to have seen an “eight-fold” sales increase for 3DS software in Europe. The article also cites Ralf Wirsing, Ubisoft Germany’s managing director, who said he believed the jump in software sales directly correlated with the Nintendo 3DS price drop. Prognosis: positive.

But wait…you should always get a second opinion. And GamesIndustry did just that. It reports the grave outlook of another third party game publisher—this time, a company representative who wishes to remain anonymous—who said that “so far retail is not euphoric.” Yikes:

“It will be important to watch 3DS when the big Nintendo-titles are out there on holiday season. If the machine does not sell then, it’s definitely dead.”

Dead? Damn! What a drag that last guy is.

Via GamesIndustry

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