Grasshopper Announces Black Knight Sword


Suda51’s Grasshopper Manufacture announced their new downloadable title at GamesCom 2011 and it’s called Black Knight Sword (no relation to the awful Martin Lawrence flick). Grasshopper stated that they wanted a “picture book” look to the game with the familiar gameplay of a 2D side scroller.

“Black Knight Sword is a fully Grasshopper-developed title. It’s a blend of old meets new, classic meets fresh,” the studio said. “This is a side-scrolling action title inspired by Japanese theatre drama. It’s also a modern interpretation of a picture book-type game, with old-school action gameplay.”

The group also discussed the influence it took from its European publisher, Digital Reality:

“Even through the development is being handled by Grasshopper, the partnership with Digital Reality on the European continent has influenced the setting, tone and background,” said Grasshopper. There’s a lot of European soul injection in there.”

The game is scheduled for a digital-only release in January or February 2012.



via NeoGAF

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