Dota 2 Open Beta…closed? UPDATED


Update Again!

The button is back, meaning that beta signups appear to be working again! Y U NO PRESS BUTAN?!


Joystiq has given a brief update to their post from last night regarding the Dota 2 open beta. According to the post, Valve has said that testing of the game should start a few weeks after the current GamesCom finishes up, so any gamer who was lucky enough to have signed up during the brief window should expect to see beta keys arriving around then. It wasn’t said whether or not they’d be re-opening sign-ups soon…sorry, y’all.

The new post also reveals that the release date for the game is planned for late 2011, or early 2012. STAY TUNED.

Original article:

Last night, Joystiq reported that the open beta for Steam’s Dota 2 was available for sign up. All you had to do was head over to their page, sign in through Steam, then click “Get on the List.” Bam! You were done.

But only a few hours later, it seems as though gamers who wanted to sign up (and games journalists who wanted to report on the story) are shit out of luck: the sign-up button is gone. Poof. Vanished without a trace.

Some sample comments from Joystiq’s story:

“Am I the only one that can’t see/find the sign in/up button?”

“nah its happening to me too. all i can get to is that tournament page now. does anyone have a direct link to the beta stuff”

“Yeah, no apply to beta button. Was like that for me last night too.”

And, of course, my favorite:

“Thanks for giving me beta blue balls, Joystiq :(“

I think the frowny emoticon really sells it.

It’s probable that Steam had a major influx of sign-ups, and probably took down the link to avoid disappointing too many gamers who didn’t get in on the action in time. Alas. However, if we find out that the beta sign up goes back online, we’ll let you know.

Watch out for those beta blue balls in the meantime.

Via Joystiq

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