PlayStation 3 Price Cut, Now $249



The full deets have been posted on the PlayStation blog. The 160 GB Slim is now $250, and the 320 GB Slim is $300. Additionally, the 320 GB now comes in an inFAMOUS 2 bundle that includes the game and a free 30 days to PlayStation Plus.

That’s a damn good deal. To be honest, I’m surprised they’re trotting this out in August, but it’d make for a great Christmas gift for any kiddos out there who are still PS3-less.

Original Story:

During their Gamescom 2011 press conference, Sony announced that the price of the PlayStation 3 would shed $50 to rest at at $250. Though they announced that the price cut would take immediate effect, the change has yet to be reflected on either Amazon or Gamestop’s listings.

They were also a little unclear on exactly which SKU would be priced $250, though it’s not hard to guess. The price cut was announced to an image of the 160 GB PS3 Slim, which previously retailed for $300. ┬áThe only other alternative is the $350 320 GB model, and it’s unlikely that they’d cut $100 off that price tag.

Sony also announced yet another revision of the PSP, this one costing 99 Euro and reintroducing the UMD slot nixed from the PSP Go. There’s no real firm info about this handheld yet, such as: will it come to America, what else has changed about the handheld, how big is it, why does Sony insist on putting out a new PSP every five months, etc.

This does add a little spice to the ongoing price battle between Sony and Microsoft, as the closest comparable Xbox — the 250 GB slim — is still $300. Perhaps we’ll see a price cut in response before too long.

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