Target Drops 3DS Price Early Too?



This price drop is for real and in full effect. In fact, we have a cell phone picture of our VERY OWN.

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Brian, the original author of this story and whose ghost you can see escaping from the stacks of 3DSs, even bought a handheld of his very own today. Enjoy your 20 free games, you dick.

Original Story:

Things are happening, people. For those who’ve been watching and waiting regarding the 3DS price drop debacle, pay attention. Today, Joystiq reports that many Targets are beginning to follow Walmart’s lead and drop the price of the Nintendo 3DS days before the console company’s intended date of August 12. This means that gamers who buy the system and connect the 3DS to the eShop before midnight on August 11 should be eligible to receive the 20 free games as part of the Nintendo Ambassador’s Program.

However, as with the Walmart price drop update from yesterday, the price cuts are far from universal at this point. I called the local Target in Minneapolis moments ago and spoke with the video game department asking about the drop. He said that, as of now, the price was still $250—but that the price drop was on the workload today. He was trying to be both vague and helpful at the same time, and recommended that I call back at around noon today to see if the price had dropped yet. So…yeah.

Then, of course, I called Walmart. And the guy at the video game department did not know what the 3DS was.

What I’m saying is it’s a jungle out there, people. Post on our Facebook page if you manage to see a 3DS at the lower price at one of these places, and let us know what’s up!

And in other, 3DS-related news, there will be a new color for the 3DS during the holidays! It’s red! HOLY FUCK! According to CNBC, the new color of 3DS will be released along with StarFox 64 on September 9.

Via Joystiq and CNBC

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